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SBox Soapbox: Nintendo at E3 2016 | Was it a Good Idea?


As many of you probably already know, Nintendo took a different route to E3 this year. Not only have they opted out of a traditional live press conference, but they even opted out of their newest tradition of a Nintendo Direct presentation. Instead, they stuck to their other recent, albeit less popular, E3 tradition of a two day live Treehouse event. The first day of the event was about 25% Pokemon and 75% Zelda. The second day was a little mix of everything, mostly things we already knew about, though. The presentation clocked in at about 10 hours for both days. They also had a booth on the showfloor, where the attendees were able to play all one of Nintendo’s upcoming games.

This decision was rather polarizing when it was announced last month. Some called it cool, more people called it stupid, but most people would prefer the word “odd”. Honestly, it’s something only Nintendo would do, but why do it? What were they thinking? Was this whole approach even a good idea? This year, instead of doing a recap post like I did for Microsoft and Sony this year, I’d like to spend some time discussing Nintendo’s E3 2016 performance, analyzing the show’s concept and execution rather than the actual contents of the show. Hopefully then we can gain an understanding of Nintendo’s thought process this year. Continue reading SBox Soapbox: Nintendo at E3 2016 | Was it a Good Idea?