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My Top 5 Favorite Burgers (600 View Special)

There are certain little things in this world that make this life worth living. One of those little things is food. Food takes on many different forms, sizes, flavors, and combinations. Many have their theory as to which food is the best in the world, but only I have the truth. The truth is, there is no greater or more important invention ever created on this plain of existence then… chocolate. Seriously, chocolate is life. But while chocolate (in my opinion) is the king of all snacks, cheeseburgers are godly.

Okay, so my personal favorite food is a cheeseburger. I had my first burger at White Castle when I was six years old. After that, there was no going back. In 11 years, I’ve eaten burgers probably 3,000 times. It’s my go to meal when eating out, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Today, I wish to give tribute to a food that has given me so much joy. Especially since I hit 600 views recently.

This is something different from what I usually cover, but no matter. There’s always tomorrow to talk about media, but for right now, burger enthusiasts unite! Here are my Top 5 Favorite Cheeseburgers ever.

Like I always say, this is not THE top 5, it is MY top 5. My personal tastes may differ from yours. Feel free to disagree and let me know in the comments what your favorite burgers are whether local or world-famous.

Just to give you guys some background, here is my particular ideals for a burger:

SBox’s Perfect Burger

Gourmet or Fast-Food: Depends

Cheese: American

Toppings: Pickles, Raw Onions, Ketchup, Mustard, Barbecue Sauce, Bacon, Shredded Lettuce, Pineapple (occasionally)

Cooked: Medium-Well

Bun: Plain or Sesame Seeds

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s chow down on my favorite burgers!


#5: Duffy’s Cheeseburger (with bacon)

This started becoming a favorite of mine when I moved down to Florida. It has the option of adding pepper-crusted bacon and a variety of cheeses. The initial toppings are the standard lettuce and tomato, but with all Duffy burgers you have plenty of options for toppings.

This is a standard burger. No major bells and whistles to it, no gimmicks and not even as heavy as other burgers. For some reason, Duffy’s prepares it in such a way that it sticks with me. I personally eat it with barbecue sauce and ketchup. Nothing fancy, but it still tastes great.

#4: McDonald’s McDouble

This here beauty needs no introduction, but I’ll give you one anyway. The McDouble has very few customization options off the bat. While its not initially filling, it’s a fast-food burger; so you trade supplement for speed.

This was my second cheeseburger I ever had. When I visited my grandparents that one summer and had my first burger at White Castle, we relocated to the McDonald’s a couple days later. That was the day I switched my regular order of McNuggets with McDoubles.

I know this is also a dull choice, but I placed this on the list because no matter how many trips to MickeyD’s I take I never get tired of this burger. And it really does taste great when its made right. Every ingredient complements each other. I never realized it before, but the first things I taste with a McDouble are the pickles, the onions, and the cheese. Once all those flavors set, the patty enhances each ingredient’s flavor.

I also tend to prefer burgers with softer buns and patties than when the buns are toasted and the burger is thick and near-burnt. (I know what you’re thinking…). I’m not too keen on large burgers either. The McDouble is small enough to not break.

To some this may be a rather vanilla choice, but that’s just how I feel.

#3: Da Big Kahuna Burger

“Now that is a tasy burger!” ~Samuel L. Jackson,¬†Pulp Fiction

This burger, like any burger in Da Big Kahuna, comes with pineapple (in this case grilled), lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions. Sides cost extra. Da Big Kahuna Burger is a half pounder with both Swiss and cheddar cheese, bacon, and oddly grilled ham topped with their specialty “Kahuna sauce” on the side.

Any Quentin Tarantino fan will recognize the burger’s name. I personally know it best from Pulp Fiction and that alone made me pick this off the menu.

I’ll be honest in telling you it has been a while since I’ve had this particular burger and I can’t be as specific with the taste as I want to. However the one thing about this burger that caught me off-guard was the pineapple. At first glance that’s totally off-putting. Then you bite into it. Pineapple is now one of my favorite burger toppings because of this burger. Believe me, its great! I also remember liking their Kahuna sauce.

#2: Smokey Bones Smokehouse Burger

Smokey Bones’ burgers have toasted buns and usually come with a side of your choice for additional cost. They even come paper wrapped for an extra touch. This particular burger is another half-pounder and comes with cheddar, barbecued onions, peppered bacon, and onion tanglers (aka onion straws).

This burger I’ve had probably twice in my life. Only until my most recent visit did I realize exactly how good this burger actually is. Best Halloween ever!

I ordered my burger with barbecue sause because that’s my personal taste. It goes so well with the barbecued onions especially. I know I said earlier that I don’t like my buns toasted, but Smokey Bones does the genius thing of not overdoing the toasting. It’s crispy and not crunchy. It is pretty big if I had to make one criticism. This burger perfectly captivates a home-made barbecued burger, which is incredibly delicious let me tell you.

#1: Red Robin’s Bacon Cheeseburger

Red Robin’s burgers some wrapped in paper just like Smokey Bones and McDonald’s, and offers sides for extra. Their bancon cheeseburger is as simplistic as it sounds. Burger+Cheese+Bancon+Gourmet Topping Essentials. Like Duffy’s, no major bells or whistles to it.

I’ve only been to a Red Robin once in September. I was picked up from school for my usual now shorter school days and brought to lunch at a local mall. I remember always wanting to try Red Robin because of their mouth-watering commercials from when I was younger. That was my opportunity, and I loved every second of that freaking burger. This is the most amazing burger I have ever eaten.

I’m not even sure what exactly it is about it. I guess one defining idiosyncrasy is that it breaks down the borders between a gourmet burger and a fast-food burger. It seems to be in a category all its own. It’s technically gourmet because of its size, none-proccessed nature and customization, but it also has fast-food qualities such as the mediate size and presentation.

Not to mention, it tastes SO good! Whatever they do with that burger, don’t change a thing. I put barbecue on it because that’s how I roll, but its great with or without. My guess is that unlike the other burgers on this list minus one or two, Red Robin’s Bacon Cheeseburger is fresh. I never thought burgers could be fresh, but its the best adjective to give to it.

Maybe one day I’ll have another cheeseburger from their large list of different burgers and this will be replaced. That is, if this freshness thing is a standard for ALL Red Robin burgers instead of just this one. For now, this is my favorite all-time burger!

Runners Up:¬†Cracker Barrel’s Half-Pound Bacon Cheeseburger, White Castle Cheeseburger Sliders, Cheddar’s Three-Cheese Burger


I know my choices may be a bit odd or they may not be everyone’s favorite burgers in the world. That’s just the nature of the topic. If entertainment and media is subjective, food is even more subjective. You have to account for everyone’s literal tastes and consider everyone’s biological, environmental, and even psychological responses of food. So I’m almost certain that your list will differ from mine.

So please let me know what your favorite burgers are in the comments below. I’m always looking for the next tasty burger hiding among a million chains and restaurants in the world. I also hope that I have introduced you to new burgers you’re willing to try out for yourselves.

So to all my burger enthusiasts of the world, remember to always stick together and much away!

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

My Top 5 Favorite Movies (500 View Special)

For almost a century, the motion picture has become a powerhouse of the entertainment industry. For all, a movie is an extremely popular and respected form of art. For some, watching a movie is a fun little pastime. For others, a film is an experience. For others still, its an activity they do every so often to pass the time. For me, it’s much more.

People watch their first movie in near instants after we exit the hospital from birth. What starts out as an enigma in a big black box that we can stare into would become a go-to activity for me. In my family, gathering around and watching a movie is our version of family bonding time. It’s always common to see movies where we are. Hell, we have 3 large bookshelves filled to the brim with DVD’s, Blu-Rays and VHS’s. It’s never exactly been just a hobby with us or for me. It’s the glue that brings us together. That’s why I have such a passion for film and owe a lot to the artform.

I’ve seen a lot of movies in my time. So many films of so many genres, eras, and qualities. And that’s why I want to count down my personal top 5 favorite films of all-time. This will be in commemoration of my 500th view which occurred Sunday afternoon. This will be a hard list to make, but I’ll try. So sit back and enjoy as I list them off. Continue reading My Top 5 Favorite Movies (500 View Special)

My Top 5 Favorite TV Shows (300 View Special)

I recently have received my 300th view for my blog. It amazes me that I got that far in such a short period of time. It’s unreal to me that in not even 2 months, a blog I produced could have reached that many views. I have gained much more than I feel I could have ever obtained, and I would like to take a moment and say thank you. Even if you have just clicked on a article and then clicked away, you have given me a wonderful gift.

To celebrate, like I mentioned on my last update post, for now on every 100 views this blog gets I will in some way give you guys a little bit of myself. Because you guys have taken an interest in me, I want to give you guys a little more insight on the person who is writing these posts.

And with that said, I come from a generation of television. TV played a pretty good part in my development. We’re all raised with cartoons and educational shows, and then move on to major series. Today, I would like to give you my top 5 favorite shows. While this list may no doubt change one day, these are 5 shows that are my current favorites of all-time.

Note: this is not THE top 5 shows. This is MY top 5 favorite shows. Please feel free to disagree.

#5: Kyle XY

This is a very personal show to me. I will forever know this show as the first TV show I sought out personally and watched on my own. Before, I used to always watch shows that my family watched. For the first year or so, it was just me waiting every Monday night for the next episode.

Most people remember this show as the one with the boy without a bellybutton. This is a great sci-fi mystery story about a boy with amnesia who appears suddenly from the woods. He has these extraordinary mathematical, scientific and physical abilities, but no concept of society or basic functions (and of course no bellybutton). The central question is “Who is Kyle XY”, which a Seattle family who takes Kyle in is ready to find out. The result is that Kyle may be a byproduct of something a little bigger than what he hoped.

What I like about this show is the plot, more so the build-up that leads to our answer. Aside from the central mystery, the show starts by just fleshing out the character of Kyle. I like how Kyle had to first learn how to coexist in the world before he is able to know exactly who or what he is. Even by season 2 when he becomes more in-tune with society, the show is still based mostly on him learning basic concepts. Those lessons ranges from simple to extreme; from accepting who you to protecting the ones you love. This makes Kyle into a much more likable character. You feel so alien when stepping into his world.

You’ll be doing yourself a favor by seeing this show. I will warn you that the show ended with a pretty big cliffhanger, but don’t let that stop you from witnessing such a gem of television.

#4: South Park



As I grew older, there was this sort of right of passage I went through in terms of TV shows. Every year in my teens, I was given a bit more freedom with what I watched on TV. It started when I was first allowed to watch The Simpsons. Soon I moved up to Family Guy. The next step to me was a show my close friend loved to death: South Park. I was 15 when I was finally given the okay to watch the show. It changed my life.

Of course you know South Park. It’s one of the most controversial and vulgar cartoons in all of television. However, it is also one of the most clever shows on TV. You may argue that the show is extremely immature, but that is inconsequential to the show’s wit. This is quite a powerful social commentary when viewed the right way. The show is analogous to a mad genius. Like in Good Will Hunting’s protagonist, all the swearing and toilet humor can disguise the fact that there’s a genius within him.

South Park doesn’t hide like other shows and even people will. And because it’s rated TV-MA, they’re given the liberty to be as outspoken as they want in whatever odd, disgusting, or immature way they want. The show has also tackled a great variety of things in it’s long lifespan- big things like 9/11 and the election of Obama, or insignificant things like the PS4/Xbox One debate. You can respect a show that takes a firm stand the way they do, while above all else remaining entertaining.

The show if nothing else is among the satire greats. It’s just a very funny show. Holding no punches makes the impact so large, because they dare to say things that maybe you and I wouldn’t. It’s a pretty harsh show, but that makes the joke more powerful. Depending on your humor style, you’ll probably be on the floor a good bunch of the time while watching the show. I haven’t even mentioned that the 4 boys are some of the funniest cartoon characters ever.

I’m sure you’ve seen the show already and have made your decision as to whether you like it or not. If you’ve put the show off for some reason, give it a go. I won’t guarantee you’ll like the show, but I certainly do.

#3: Supernatural

This is a show I watched with my family all the time. At first it was just a show my mother watched on her own, telling us it was a bit too scary for us. But around Season 2, she finally brought us into the show. 10 years later I treasure this show. It’s one of the first full series I ever saw.

Supernatural has a cult following that subtly got bigger with age. Before, I was one of the only people I knew who watched the show. Today… kind of similar, but at least people know what I’m talking about when I say the show’s name. If you don’t know, this show follows 2 brothers: Dean and Sam Winchester. They come from a long line of demon hunters. They travel various parts of the United States from motel room to motel room via stolen credit cards and fake names. Their goals change every so often, but what was originally a case of revenge turns into something much bigger.

That is me being as basic as I can with the storyline. (I didn’t even get to religion yet). What I like most about the show is the tone. This show covers a lot of ground in terms of story, from demon lore to religious lore to folk tales. Through it all Supernatural always had this tone that remained constant. The show is able to be serious or dramatic, but also quite humorous. This show will make you laugh, guaranteed.

Not to mention the chemistry that the brothers have. Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles manage to have the best chemistry ever. They really sell those emotional scenes, and they also happen to be a great comedy duo.

This is show I would recommend to anyone. This probably doesn’t sound all that great on paper, but in execution it’s a phenomenal show. I mean if it hit 10 seasons it has to be doing something right.

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#2: The Big Bang Theory

I remember seeing commercials for this show for years and never getting around to it. The first time I saw part of an episode was through my friend. I revisited the show a few months later with my sister. We were on the floor laughing. Today, the whole family is in on the show.

The Big Bang Theory follows a quartet of scientists: 2 physicists, 1 engineer, and 1 astrophysicists. One day, a beautiful young lady named Penny moves across the hall from the 2 physicists. Penny soon becomes part of their group with Leonard determined to one day make her his girlfriend.

That’s the central plot in a nutshell. Sitcoms don’t have the most amazing plot to begin with. What makes a sitcom is less the story and more the characters.

That is what makes the show so great. These are some of my favorite characters in any comedy ever. Even the added characters like Bernadette, Amy and Stewart are hilarious. Being a nerd myself, I can relate to the characters in one way or another. The show dealing heavily with geek culture makes the show more accessible to me personally. Even if you aren’t into that stuff, it’s still funny on its own. When they aren’t making Star Wars references, they can tell a great sex joke. This makes the show so broad even in its focus.

Don;t miss out on one of the best sitcoms on TV today. If you like to laugh there’s something here for you. Don’t knock the show too early like me.

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#1: Friends

This show has always been there for me (pun not intended). It’s number 1 mostly for what it means to me personally. This is my family’s primary show, and still kind of is. I can’t even remember a point past 8 without the show in my life, nor do I want to.

Friends follows a group of 6 friends that live in New York: Ross, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel and Monica. That’s pretty much the entire storyline. Like I said, sitcoms rely very little on plot and more on the characters.

But that’s all the show needs to be as great of a show as it is. The show’s main appeal is the six, hilarious, relatable, dynamic, and fun people you meet in this show. To me, picking a favorite Friend is like picking a favorite organ. You shouldn’t think of the characters individually, because together they make a powerhouse unit. The characters simply bounce off each other in the perfect way almost as if they complete each other. Like a puzzle, you need every last piece to get the true, whole picture.

I simply never get tired of these episodes. Every time is a good time for a Friends episode. I understand it may not be everyone’s favorite show ever, but I don’t know too many people who outright hate the show. If you for any reason haven’t seen the show yet, what are you waiting for? I highly recommend it. Smelly cat FTW!

Oh and if you need an episode to start with, “The One Where No One is Ready”. You’re welcome!

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Those are my top 5 shows of all-time. Thank you all again for getting me this far. Let me know in the comments if you like any of these shows I mentioned. And let me know you’re own top 5 favorite shows, too!

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!