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SBox Soapbox: Predicting the Nintendo Switch’s Games (S-Z)


For those joining in for the first time, this is a continuation of a previous post where I run through Nintendo’s list of third-party developers and predict which games they will either develop or port to the upcoming Nintendo Switch. If you’d like to start from the beginning or are looking for a specific developer that on the list, please refer to the bottom of this post for links. Otherwise, welcome back!

My apologies for the final part taking much longer than the other parts. College decided to take over my life this week. Though after all the hard work, tears, and bloodshed (mostly bloodshed), I have returned to finish what I’ve started. We’ve already covered 29 of the companies on the list, which leads us to the final 8 developers: Starbreeze Studios through Warner Bros Interactive. Continue reading SBox Soapbox: Predicting the Nintendo Switch’s Games (S-Z)