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SBox Recommends: Spider-Man — Homecoming (Movie Review)

Note: SBR never spoils. You are safe. Enjoy!

Welcome back to SBox Recommends, where our motto is “Every film has its fans”. Here I review a movie and then determine who will like it best and who will like it the least.

This was far and away my most anticipated film of 2017. I’ve loved Spider-Man with a passion ever since Tobey Maguire first played him when I was 4 years old. I’ve seen every movie and loved them all (yes, even the bad ones), and few people were as excited as me when Spidey was finally announced to join the MCU. This excitement was further solidified by the fact that the character stole the show in Civil War last year, and making us all wish this movie would just come already. And come it finally did. Was it worth the wait? Continue reading SBox Recommends: Spider-Man — Homecoming (Movie Review)

SBox Soapbox: Spider-Man Won’t Leave the MCU… I Hope (My Theory)


So this is where we’re at, huh? I mean, we had a good thing going this week with the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer looking amazing and showing us a lot more of what we want to see; perhaps a bit too much of it in my opinion. Still, I can’t deny how excited I continue to be for this movie to come out. It still remains my most anticipated movie of the year, so much so that I’m begging for Guardians of the Galaxy and Wonder Woman to just come and go already so that we can be in July. And then comes the troubling news. Continue reading SBox Soapbox: Spider-Man Won’t Leave the MCU… I Hope (My Theory)