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SBox Quickie: Predicting the SNES Classic’s Games


Last week we were all shocked, confused and filled with rage following the premature cancellation of the NES Classic Edition. It was a move so uncalled for, and fans were not silent about how the already rare novelty microconsole will be made even more rare despite the demand still being sky high. However, in the mist of this news came one fascinating rumor about what could succeed the NES Classic. A supposed SNES Classic is rumored to be released this Holiday season in the same vain as the NES Classic.

Of course, as it is a rumor, little is actually known about this system which may or may not exist. We don’t know if it will cost the same as the NES Classic, whether supply will be better, or, more importantly, what games will be included. Considering how good the library of the NES Classic is, we can assume the supposed SNES Classic wouldn’t be a slouch either. It’s fun to think about which games Nintendo will choose, which is why I thought I’d make my list of predictions while we wait for it to be confirmed. Continue reading SBox Quickie: Predicting the SNES Classic’s Games

SBox Soapbox: Are the GameStop Retro Game Prices Fair?

Early last week, GameStop launched their retro games program exclusively on their website. This has been something we knew was coming for months, but after months of speculation, worry and anticipation we finally get an answer to one pivotal question: how’s the pricing?

Everyone seems to have a different opinion on these prices. Some say it’s too high and that GameStop is nickel-and-diming gamers, while others call the prices fair for the most part.

Based on a quick skim of the different sections, the opinion I hold is that pricing tends to be relative to platform, with your occasional “WTF level” price scattered in between. To test this, let’s make an experiment to prove my theory. Continue reading SBox Soapbox: Are the GameStop Retro Game Prices Fair?