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My Quick Thoughts on Mewtwo DLC (Super Smash Bros)

Wednesday saw the launch of Mewtwo’s long awaited return to Super Smash Bros. For those of us who took advantage of Club Nintebdo’s promotion, we got a CD in the mail last month as well as two codes of Mewtwo for both our versions of Smash Bros. before it went on mass sale. I was one of these fortunate individuals, and since I’ve been playing as him the past two days, I want to give you my quick impressions.
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My Quick Thoughts on Nintendo Direct (April 2015): Smash Bros News

Yesterday during the late afternoon, Nintendo surprised fans with a Nintendo Direct just in time for April Fools Day. However, as Nintendo has stated before the show began, there aren’t many fools to be made here. In fact, there were only a few big surprises this time around. That’s what you expect from 48 minutes. Good thing those few big shockers are well worth getting excited for. Continue reading My Quick Thoughts on Nintendo Direct (April 2015): Smash Bros News

My Top 5 Most Wanted Super Smash Bros DLC Characters (700 View Special)

This week saw the release of Super Smash Bros for Wii U, the Wii U’s most anticipated game release to date. Whether you’re a Smash fan or not, whether you love Nintendo or hate their guts, whether you have the Wii U or never wanted one, whether you dig fighting games or prefer other genres, you most likely had your eye on this game and its 3DS counterpart for a while now.

The Smash Bros series is kind of like the “Nintendo Olympics”. Fighters from a plethora of franchises come together to compete in one massive fighting game. Therefore, when a new installment comes out once every console generation it is celebrated. And if you haven’t experienced any of the now (technically) 5 Smash Bros games, I’m not sure what your waiting for, nor do I see a better time to try the series out.

With this new iteration comes a lot of firsts for the series, one standing out most of all. Sure 8-player co-op was a pretty big new thing, but I find a lot of intrigue in the introduction of DLC. Of course I’m referring to Mewtwo’s announcement not too long ago. Mewtwo being the game’s first downloadable character has officially opened the door for other characters to join the fray in the future.

But who could be next? More so, who do you want to be next? Well I have 5 choices who I would personally want as future DLC.

I understand that it’s not confirmed that there will be any more DLC characters after Mewtwo, but that’s not stopping me from dreaming. No matter if Mewtwo is the only downloadable character or not, I will love this game reguardless. These are just characters I feel would make the experience even better for me personally.

Remember, as I always say, this is not my┬ápersonal top 5 characters; not everyone’s top 5, and not the top 5 characters that will be DLC. My choices may vary from yours, so please feel free to disagree. Let me know in the comments who you would want as DLC.

#1: Lucas



Believe me when I say how disappointed and surprised I was when Lucas was cut in Wii U and 3DS. He was my main fighter in Brawl, and I personally felt he should’ve been in from the get-go. Especially considering the number of self-admitted clone characters that made their way into the game like Dr Mario, Dark Pit, and Lucina, Lucas seemed like a likely candidate. And even for a clone, he still had a good deal of differences from Ness.

I still think Lucas has a good shot at being in the new game. Like I said, he fits right in with the clones, he would continue to give Earthbound representation, and he has a good base to build upon. With some tweaking, you could probably even make him a bit more different than Ness. Maybe downplay his physical ability while buffing up his psychic ability. I dunno. At least his inclusion would make me happy.

#2: Paper Mario

The idea of this character was being tossed about the Smash Bros community so much that I was surprised they opted not to include Paper Mario. I honestly expected him before Bowser Jr. It’s such a genius idea. Not only is he Mario, but he would play almost entirely different from Mario if done correctly. His paper quality also fits in when you place his flat self next to Game & Watch. I see nothing but potential with this character.

In my previous posts, I supported this character by saying that, as far as Mario clones go, Paper Mario would be the most preferred over Dr Mario. Apparently, Nintendo saw it the other way around. That’s why I’m not really holding my breath for Paper Mario to make it. At least in this iteration of Smash, people would probably draw the line at one clone per every character. Even I will admit that three versions of Mario would be hard to swallow. At that point you might as well throw Metal Mario in, too.

In my world Paper Mario could coexist with Dr Mario based on how different he would be from Mario already.

#3: Crash Bandicoot

Yes, I know it’s not happening. I still want him in the game!

I really commend the choice of third party characters this time around. It’s clear that Nintendo went with the most iconic characters they could all representing a major part of Nintendo history in one way or the other. To pick another third party character would have to be on the same level of nostalgia as Pac-Man, Mega Man, and Sonic. I believe Crash is one of the closest to fitting the bill.

This is clearly a biased pick on my part since I have a huge soft spot for Crash Bandicoot games. But tell me he wouldn’t fit in the roster. standing next to Fox or Sonic he looks natural. As the former representative mascot for Sony in the 90’s, he has a similar relevance to Nintendo history as Sonic does. Besides, Crash was multiplatform for the majority of his career and has exckusive handheld games on the GameBoy and DS. Not to mention how much moveset potential he has.

I realize that Crash would be one of the last characters Nintendo would consider for Smash Bros, especially with rumors of a new Crash game coming to PS4. For me, an announcement of Crash in Smash Bros would do nothing short of make my head explode. Besides, Snake got in, so why not Crash?

#4: Wonder Red

He’s absolutely perfect for Super Smash Bros. Think of the possibilities. It’s not that hard. He’s a brawler who can morph into a giant gun, an anvil, and a sword among other things. You can also play him up as a little powerhouse in terms of strength. Maybe not Little Mac strong, but perhaps Captain Falcon level strong.

I will concede that Wonderful 101 didn’t sell well and Nintendo may not see much reason to put him in. But since when has sales dictated inclusion? Ness got in after all. Even if it did, sales for Wonderful 101 could only benefit from extra exposure. Besides, he had a pretty good campaign going for him before the game came out. I still think he’d be an awesome character.

#5: Ryu Hayabusa

In terms of third party candidates, even ones from the 8-bit era, I feel Hayabusa isn’t as popular of a choice as characters like Simon Belmont. He still is an awesome contender though. Ryu is a master of swordplay and ninja skills. In fact, Smash Bros can use another ninja since we only have two. There is a ton of possibilities for his Ninpo powers as well.

Ninja Gaiden was a big part of Nintendo’s history which is why he has a good shot. While he would stand out in Nintendo’s cleverly chosen third party mascots, Ryu still has nostalgia on his side, not to mention relevance. I have faith that Ryu would be an awesome fighter.

Runners Up

Bayonneta: Not sure I need to explain why she’d fit in, but she would.
Rayman: Rayman is another one of those characters who would blend in with the other third-party characters. Plus, he’s already a trophy.
Toad: A dull choice, but I feel Toad could provide an interesting style to the roster. Whether regular Toad or Captain Toad, he’ll be cool.
Simon Belmont or Solid Snake: Konami should have a character in again. These are my top choices for nostalgia (Belmont) and familiarity (Snake).
Isaac: Fans have convinced me even though I never played Golden Sun before. Besides, I find it peculiar that he isn’t even an assist trophy.

There are plenty of characters I would want for the newest Super Smash Bros games. While I’m not saying everyone here is a shoe-in for entry, these are characters I’d love to see.

How about you guys? What characters remain on your dream roster? Let me know in the comments and continue the speculation together.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

Analysis: Super Smash Bros for Wii U Nintendo Direct

I’ve been itching to talk about Smash Bros again for a while now. I was hesitant to address the rumors that have been surrounding the Wii U version considering how fantastic I have been at predicting Sakurai’s plans so far (that’s sarcasm by the way). Now that we have concrete facts surrounding this game thanks to Thursday’s Nintendo Direct, I think it’s safe to open my mouth again.

I come bearing much great news to all of you waiting to get your Smash on when the game hits Wii U. We have a lot of good news and some subjectively bad news. All around, I’ve personally come away from the event smiling. I’ll be covering Nintendo’s 53 “facts” by number range. I’ll be skimming over some points, so if you want more details watch the direct for yourself here.

Holy Multiple Players, Batman! (Facts #1-4)

I love how the direct tried to start slow with things we already knew like the unlockable characters and HD, then immediately drop a bombshell. The multiplayer of Super Smash Bros will be made even crazier by upping the ante from 4 players to 8. On top of that, certain stages have been made bigger to compensate the 4+ player matches. Suddenly the monstrous scope of Palutena’s Temple makes sense.

Only Super Smash Bros could pull 8 character battles off. It’s interesting since this series was the first series to really do 4 player battles correctly. When you look at it that way, this is next level stuff! I’m all over it. Now your big, at-home Smash Bros tournaments can be made that huge deal more exciting. I’m actually surprised this wasn’t in the 3DS version, but I expect it to get to there eventually.

The one downside I have is that this seems to be local multiplayer only. It was clearly stated that the chance of having 8 players online is slim at best. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but when it does it’ll make your online battles plenty interesting.

Name Your Place! (Facts 4-9)



There will be a crap ton of stages exclusive to the Wii U version whether by structure or by its own merit. But that’s not the big news. Some of these stages provide new ways to play, some are exclusive to certain modes, and all of them look awesome.

The 2 main ones detailed were Great Cave Offensive from Kirby and Jungle Hijinx from Donkey Kong Returns. The Kirby stage implements “Danger Zones” which will instantly kill you when you hit them with 100% damage or more. The DKC stage includes foreground and background areas with the use of Donkey Kong’s iconic barrels. If you jump in them too soon after you use a barrel, it’ll explode and give you damage.

Among the many stages includes Miiverse, which will not be available at launch. It is a Battlefield type stage where Miiverse posts submitted by everyone will appear in the background. It’s a pretty cool way to get your posts in the eyes of millions.

Some stages even have dialogue mid stage. The ones shown were of the Star Fox stages where you can hear intercom conversations. You can also activate dialogue by means of Pit’s downward taunt.

I love the idea of the danger zones and barrels. They add some strategy to the stages and allow for some creative possibilities for battles. I especially like that special care was made to make it fair. The Miiverse stage looks decent enough. Not too many bells and whistles, but that’s good depending on who you are. The dialogue is interesting, too. Quite a callback to Melee’s Adventure mode.

Like a Boss (Facts 10-11)


The Wii U version will include stage bosses that will shake up your battles. There were 2 shown: Metal Face on the Gaur Plain and Ridley in Pyroshere.

It appears that, in the case of Ridley, the defense officially rests on that debate. I feel bad for the die-hard advocates of a playable Ridley who had their dream crushed, but I think Ridley makes quite an interesting stage boss. You get a lot more for defeating fighting him since he joins your side, and his defeat gives you an extra KO point. Metal Face also looks intimidating. The fact that he can destroy entire platforms already has me intimidated.

Comeback Kids and a Smashing Playlist (Facts 12-21 & 40)

Here we see the returning Smash modes such as Coin battles, Stamina battles, and Special smash. Masterpieces also return from Bralw, but with a bigger library than before and a direct link to buy the full versions. We also get a little insight on the music which will be included with the game. There are about 3 times the amount of songs as there were in the 3DS version coming from a plethora of composers.

Not too much to note here, but I do commend the amount of music available for fights. You can tell they’re really passionate of the selection, too. The Masterpieces get a lot of slack for justifiable reasons, but it’s a great way for younger kids to advertize these games to those too young to have played those classics.

Back With a Vengeance (Facts 22-25; 27-28)

We also see some more familiar favorites with some new changes. Classic mode remains similar enough, but now focuses on how well you survive the trials rather than just completing them. There’s also a greater risk-reward system for difficulty level. All-Star mode is similar to the 3DS version but in reverse order. Event mode has seen little to no changes. The Stadium mode is also the same, but also supports multiplayer now. The Target Blast mode is also similar to the 3DS, but also supplies a bigger bomb after the second round.

Again not much to comment on here. The one with the greatest change is the Classic mode, and I actually like the new intensity scale.

All a Board (Fact 26)

So, this is the mode from Amazon’s leak that’s been causing a stir. The newest mode is Smash Tour, a board game mode that has you spinning a wheel to collect items and fighters on the board. When you run into opponents, you fight with what you have, and the winner can take a character from the loser’s roster to use.

When this was being talked about weeks before, I was skeptical. Compared to Smash Run on 3DS, I didn’t see how a Mario Party type mode would be like. With gameplay footage and a little more insight, I am now shedding those worries. It’s really cool looking in execution.

Hand Me Another Mode (Fact 29-30)

Then we have Sakuria’s Master/Crazy Hand tease. These 2 new modes are Master Orders and Crazy Orders. Master Orders allows you the chance to gain prizes but with only one shot to complete the trail until you reach Master Hand. Crazy Orders takes this a step further by making you pay for entry with gold until you reach Crazy Hand. Like the casino, you must gamble carefully or lose it all.

I’ll admit that when I saw the image tease, I originally thought that they made Master Hand and Crazy Hand playable. I’m quite the idealist that way. However, I do like the alternative. I’ll admit that there’s a part of me that likes to play my luck, so I have to be careful with Crazy Orders.

Additionally, Crazy Hand has a new form called Master Fortress that comes after Master Core when playing at higher difficulties. This is a really cool form, acting like a stage in and of itself.

Have it Your Way (Fact 31-34; 47-48)

As we all know by now, there will be no one way to play Smash Bros on the Wii U. There are 7 controller types available for the game including the Nintendo 3DS. With the 3DS, you can also transfer custom character info and weapons. But you already knew that didn’t you?

The Wii U gamepad’s features were also elaborated on, but the only thing new involves screen shots which I’ll get to next.

Trophy Terror and Amiibos (Fact 35-39 & 41)

Nintendo also showcased the new trophies for this addition of Smash. They also show new ways to display them, new ways to get them, and new ways to use them. The Photography mode stands out to me since the Wii U gamepad provides new opportunities than that of the Snapshots from Brawl. They also detailed the Amiibo figures that were showcased at E3. I’m certainly getting at least 1.

Insta-Smash (Fact 42-46 & 49)

Here we recieved details of the game’s online features. Obviously there is online multiplayer, but there’s also the cool new addition of having a local player join you in “With Anyone” mode. You also get notifications that appear on the main menu. In the future, you can even create online tournaments that allow for up to 64 players. Use of the built-in mic on the Wii U gamepad can be utilized before and after online battles. Nintendo also recommended using a wired connection when playing online.

Everything looks good as far as I see. Having 2 local players fight online is also a nice addition in case I decide to team up with a friend and conquer the world together. The one thing I don’t like is the limited ability of the chat. Hopefully a patch will fix this so that I can have the battle and the banter that comes with it.

My Ring’s Inside! (Fact 50-51)

One of the downsides to Brawl’s new Stage Builder mode was the limited options for what could’ve been a really cool feature. The Wii U plans to change all of that. Thanks to the Wii U gamepad, building stages provides a good ton more possibilities. By drawing obstacles and platforms on the gamepad, you can make crazy stages. Better yet, you’ll be able to share your creations online soon after the game’s release.

I definitely plan to use the Stage Builder on the Wii U. Looks like I can make the ultimate deathtrap after all

And Now, The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For… (Fact 52-53)

The event ends with the announcement trailer of a newcomer of high request. I’m sure you know exactly who it is. You know him, you love him, you’ve been raving about him for way too long. The trailer’s newcomer is… Bowser Jr!… Wait, what?

As a surprise to no one, the newcomer trailer for Bowser Jr and the Koopalings was shown here. However, this was just the disguise to something much bigger: the announcement of Mewtwo as future DLC. He will be available sometime in Spring 2015 for all players who bought both versions of Super Smash Bros 4.

Once again, Sakurai continues to surprise me. I’m not sure which was the bigger shock: the fact that he wasn’t in when Smash for 3DS released or his reveal as DLC. Either way, I am ecstatic for this announcement. What makes me even more intrigued is what this means for other characters who weren’t placed in yet. Could we see characters like the Ice Climbers appear as DLC, too? Only time will tell, but for now I’m glad to see many Pokemon fans rejoice in such unison.

Overall, the Wii U version of Smash Bros is looking extremely promising. I’m glad we got some new details on the game and for the announcement of DLC. I’m happy, but what about you guys? Let me know in the comments what you thought of the Direct.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!