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2016 Movie Countdown: The Mediocre (#49-30)

Welcome to the (new and improved) 2016 Movie Countdown. This is my third annual countdown where I run through every film I saw the previous year, giving my brief thoughts on each as we go from worst to best. There are 44 films being covered throughout this miniseries, with Part 1 covering my 5 least favorite films of the year. With the worst behind us, it’s my honor in Part 2 to move up a peg.

Apologies for the big gap in installments. I’ll try my best to provide the remaining parts much quicker. For those who haven’t seen Part 1, I’m separating the Countdown into 5 categories, each varying in quality and number of movies. Today we will be covering 10 films that make up the Mediocre category. These movies are far from the worst 2016 had to offer, but are simply okay. What keeps them from being in the upcoming Good category is a general sense of forgetability or perhaps one glaring flaw that holds it back from being something special. The following films are enjoyable, but not that good. Continue reading 2016 Movie Countdown: The Mediocre (#49-30)

2016 Movie Countdown: Bottom of the Barrel (#44-40)

Welcome, one and all, to the new and revised 2016 Movie Countdown. For those who didn’t see my recent update post click here for the full details of this change. Basically, the original format I started this series on was hard to maintain in a timely fashion. That’s why I decided to change things up, so I can complete the countdown just a bit easier. Hopefully, this new format will also be more easily digestible to you guys, too, so you won’t have to keep up with 44 separate posts.

As you can see, I’ve restarted the countdown back to #44 to demonstrate how future installments will go. For those joining us for the first time, this series is an annual tradition where I rank every film I saw in the previous year from least favorite to favorite. It’s not a best and worst list per se. It’s just my personal favorite films of 2016. This year I will be discussing 44 movies (see the full list here) across 5 posts separated by categories: The Bottom of the Barrel, The Mediocre, The Good, The Great, and finally the Top 10. Continue reading 2016 Movie Countdown: Bottom of the Barrel (#44-40)

2016 Movie Countdown: Central Intelligence (#39)


I got a plan. Might get us both killed, but if it works it’ll make a totally boss story. Cool?

Central Intelligence is an action-comedy film starring Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Calvin Joyner was the most popular guy in high school, even being voted “Most Likely to Succeed”. Twenty years later, Joyner is merely a forensic accountant longing for his glory days and too ashamed to even attend his upcoming high school reunion. Suddenly, Calvin gets a Facebook friend request from a guy named Bob Stone, who he soon finds out is an old high school classmate formerly named Robbie Wierdicht. The two meet up and Calvin is shocked to see Stone is no longer the uncool, fat kid who was always picked on. He’s even more surprised when Stone asks Calvin to decipher some very high end accounting records. Though it all comes together the next day when the CIA knocks on his door searching for Stone, who is actually a CIA agent with a warrant against him. Stone explains to Calvin that he’s innocent and needs Calvin’s help to trace those accounting records and clear his name by finding a highbrow criminal called Black Badger. Continue reading 2016 Movie Countdown: Central Intelligence (#39)

2016 Movie Countdown: Ride Along 2 (#41)


Oh my God, he a zombie! Headshot! Walking Dead shit, James!

Ride Along 2 is the sequel to the 2014 comedy film starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.

After the events of the first film, Ben Barber has graduated from the police academy and is now an officer alongside Detective James Payton, his future brother-in-law. Ben is committed to becoming a detective like James, but his impulsion and clumsiness makes everyone doubt that he’s ready. He decides to prove his abilities once more by joining an assignment James has in Miami involving drug suppliers. James refuses at first, but ultimately agrees both as a favor to his sister Angela and to prove that Ben doesn’t have what it takes to be a detective. Continue reading 2016 Movie Countdown: Ride Along 2 (#41)

SBox Recommends: Kevin Hart – What Now (Movie Review)


If there was anyone in this world who can turn a bad week into a good one, it’s Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart is one of my all-time favorite stand-up comics, definitely up there with the rest of my top five. (In no particular order, it goes Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Louie CK, DL Hughley, and the fifth one changes from day to day). I started watching his stand-up about 4 or 5 years ago, and have mad respect for his comedic timing, edge, fast-paced delivery, and relatable material. Plus, he just so happens to be from my hometown of Philadelphia, which I find really inspiring. And so I always look forward to the next time Kevin Hart takes the stage for another comedy tour. It’s something I wouldn’t want to miss, but does it live up to his other shows. Continue reading SBox Recommends: Kevin Hart – What Now (Movie Review)

My 2015 Movies: The Wedding Ringer (#14)


January gets a bad rep, rightfully so, of housing some of the crappiest films of the year. So, while others look to January with contempt, I welcome it gladly. That’s because in mid-January of every year for the past couple of years a new Kevin Hart film releases. I’m actually a huge Kevin Hart fan, so I along with my family made it a point to make Wedding Ringer our first film of the year. And what a way to start 2015! Continue reading My 2015 Movies: The Wedding Ringer (#14)

My 2015 Movies: Get Hard (#32)


As I said last time, the rest of these movies won’t be too much on the negative side. There are three phases to this countdown: movies I wouldn’t see again, movies I would see again, and the few in the middle-ground. Middle-ground films aren’t bad, but my chances of watching them again are slim. We’re in that period as of right now.

Get Hard stars Will Ferrell as a wealthy, snobby businessman. Everything was working out for him until he is falsely accused of fraud. He is sentenced to jail with just a couple weeks to get his affairs in order. He meets Kevin Hart, a common-man who washes Ferrell’s car. Convinced that Hart has been to jail previously, Ferrell is prepared to pay him for “jail training”. Once Ferrell goes to jail, he wants to be ready. Despite not being an ex con, Hart agrees for the money and attempts to train him.

This movie does have a great concept, and even the story is competent. Ferrell and Hart have great comedic chemistry, and both have a good amount of time to shine here. As for humor, the movie has its moments. The method of which they simulate prison life for Ferrell is humorous. I remember laughing a lot throughout the movie. This of course has to do with me being a fan of these two actors.

My problem with Get Hard is very simple: I don’t remember much about it. As I was writing the synopsis above, my memory was slowly being jogged. Even then I still don’t recall much of what was said or the majority of its jokes. This movie simply didn’t stick with me. This doesn’t mean the movie is bad. It just means that it’s only funny in the moment. The absence of a stand-out joke can sink a good comedy unfortunately. That’s why the film is ranked a bit on the low side.

Had I seen more bad movies this year, this movie wouldn’t appear as low as it does. It’s not your fault, Get Hard. It’s just that you are one of a lot of decent and good films I saw this year.

This was one of two 2015 films for both of these two actors, and I think this was the lesser film for both of them. Ferrell is doing fine with Daddy’s Home, which I hear good things about. Can’t speak for that film unfortunately, but I can speak for Hart’s other 2015 film. We’ll discuss that another time.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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My Most Anticipated Movies of 2016

I can’t believe it’s time to leave 2015 officially behind. Hard to believe that last year I didn’t see Avengers 2 or Star Wars Episode VII. I can’t believe there was a time I was looking forward to Fantastic Four. Anyway, as is customary at the beginning of a new year, let’s take some time to look toward the future.

Here’s a list of movies I’m looking forward to seeing in the next 12 months of life. Continue reading My Most Anticipated Movies of 2016

My 2014 Movies: Ride Along (#8)

I’ve been waiting to talk about this movie. This was the first movie I saw in 2014. It was January, my mother’s birthday, and she chose to watch the latest movie starring one of my favorite stand-up comedians. January seems to be the month of the Kevin Hart film, and this is one of the first movies I’ve seen with him. I also happen to be a sucker for buddy-buddy cop movies, and Ice Cube has earned my respect as a comedic actor in his past movies. When you place these elements together, you get Ride Along, one of the funniest films of the year. Continue reading My 2014 Movies: Ride Along (#8)

My 2014 Movies: Top Five (#22)

This was the last movie I saw in the theater in 2014. I was in New York, and there were two parties: one group saw Into the Woods and the other saw Top Five. I was in category B. Now I know a lot of people will have a problem with my placement of this movie on the list. I’ll get into why in a moment.

Chris Rock directs and stars in Top Five. He plays a very famous comedian (stand-up and film) named Andre Allan, who after dealing with alcoholism and controversy sets out to rebrand himself. Before the release of his new, more serious movie about the Haitian Revolution and his big wedding with a reality TV star, he takes part in an interview with a New York Times journalist named Chelsea, played by Rosario Dawson. Andre isn’t too thrilled with the interview, and jaded by his fans’ disinterest in his new work and constant requests for returning to comedy. He soon concedes with Chelsea to be rigorously honest throughout the interview.

The film is basically a day in the life of a transitioning, typecast celebrity. It highlights the revelations he goes through with the help of this reporter as well as the struggle to be more than what you’re known for. Can you do other things in a way people can understand and accept, and does branching out mean leaving the one thing you’re known for behind? These are two of many themes the story of Top Five tackles.

That’s the first and primary thing you can praise the movie for. Of all the films I discussed so far on this countdown this is probably the most cleverly written and directed. Again, the movie delves into many themes, both of which speak to celebrities and people in general.

Top Five is ingeniously and cleverly written and directed. As Chris Rock’s directorial debut, he couldn’t have done better with this story. On the surface a lot of the film’s issues seem to only apply to celebrities. It really can apply to anyone, though. Many of us try to take on other roles and are boxed-in by the expectations and stereotypes of others. You can tell he really knew what he was doing and what he was trying to get across.

The movie is also well acted by every last individual actor. You will see that the movie wields a lengthy all-star cast. Any fan of comedy will recognize at least one person in the film, but most likely a lot more. As a high-budget production, the film also has high production value, great camerawork and a high-brow soundtrack.

Then we get to the comedy of the movie. This may be where I get the most flack, but hear me out. I am not saying the film is not funny. It’s hilarious and anyone will tell you that. I recall three or five instances in the film where I busted a gut laughing. I won’t be the one to spoil it for you, though. Honestly, the movie’s place on the list is to no fault of the film itself. The problem is with me.

This movie is different from other comedies. The modern-day format of comedy has jaded me with what is usually a never-ending onslaught of jokes. This movie is mostly about its story than its jokes. My issue is one of expectations and hype. Both were through the roof before I saw the film and before I had a chance to come back to earth. The result was unfounded disappointment.

This is an incredibly selfish reason to underrate a movie, but at least I have the sense to concede and tell you what a great film it is. Had this list been based on quality, this would be a lot higher than it is. This list, however, is based on my enjoyment of the film. I do plan to see the movie again, knowing what I’m getting into, and most likely coming out with a much higher opinion than I do now. As it stands currently I thought the movie was good where it is.

It may seem low to some, but understand that I saw a lot of good movies this year, this is one of them

I would recommend the film without a shadow of a doubt to any and all fans of comedy. You will enjoy the film just fine as long as your expectations are in the right place. Do not overestimate to a ridiculous standard like I did. I got overexcited, but I can almost guarantee you will enjoy the film. Even if you’re not big on comedy, the story is surprisingly good. Take my thoughts for what their worth. I found it good, but you may find it great.

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