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SBox Recommends: Entourage (Movie Review)

Note: SBR never spoils.

Off the bat I’ll admit one thing: I didn’t watch Entourage when it was still on. I wasn’t of age to see the show and maintain childhood innocence. The show started when I was in first grade and ended when I was in eighth. So, I wasn’t allowed to watch the show at the time. Besides, the only Entourage fan in the house was my dad. The rest of us had never seen an episode…Then the movie was announced.

My dad convinced us to watch the show in the hopes of us all seeing the movie when it came out. We started in mid-May with the first episode, then marathoned the show for a couple weeks. The week after the film came out, we were ready. Our hopes were high and patience low. We walked into a packed theater on a Tuesday night prepared to see the, little did I know, love-or-hate film of the summer.

Our thoughts were pretty much the same exiting the theater. This was an okay movie. Could’ve been better, but we were satisfied all the same. Continue reading SBox Recommends: Entourage (Movie Review)

My Ideas for Nintendo Attractions at Universal Theme Parks

Recently, Universal Studios announced that they have secured a partnership with Nintendo. Joining the likes of Dreamworks, Marvel and Warner Bros, we will soon be seeing Nintendo themed rides at Universal Studios Orlando. While this isn’t the first time Universal has dealt with video game companies for attractions- they’ve partnered with Capcom and Konami in the past- this will be the first line of mainstay video game attractions at the park. Continue reading My Ideas for Nintendo Attractions at Universal Theme Parks