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SBox Quickie: A Deadpool Animated TV Show Is Coming!


Last year saw the release of Deadpool, one of the most unique superhero films in recent memory and an instantaneous hit for the house of X-Men. Through its unique blend of raunchy comedy, exciting violence, fourth-wall breaks, and chimichangas, Deadpool has won over the hearts of untold millions worldwide. It propelled Deadpool from a moderately known comic book character to a pop culture icon.

Nowadays, it’s commonplace to see Deadpool on shirts, games, hats, memes, and other memorabilia, along with a modest and somewhat watered-down presence on TV. Lately, Deadpool’s TV presence has been limited to Disney XD shows like Ultimate Spider-Man, which is nice other than it being a cameo on a G-rated show. If only there were a way to make Deadpool’s TV presence a little more… how would Deadpool put this?… Sexier. Yeah, let’s go with that!

Enter Donald Glover Continue reading SBox Quickie: A Deadpool Animated TV Show Is Coming!

SBox Recommends: Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll (Season 1 Review)

Note: SBR never spoils.

I’ve made it a habit to try and pick up a new show every year. Sometimes it’s not the easiest thing to do, but someone has to be first witness to what could be the next TV sensation. One day, while watching South Park a commercial for a new FX show caught my eye. For one, I recognized one of the main stars from another show. And as a guy into rock music, the theme and musical choice was compelling. Empire satisfies my love of R&B, so maybe this will do the same for my love of rock. Continue reading SBox Recommends: Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll (Season 1 Review)