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SBox Soapbox: Supernatural Season 10 Predictions

Supernatural is going on 10 seasons already. Feels like only half of that at this time, but we’re about to go on our 10th year with the Winchester brothers October 7. I’m absolutely excited to see where the hell they go from that crazy cliffhanger back in Season 9. We have a lot to look forward to from the answers to questions, to the 200th episode, to the debut of a new character.

I feel it necessary to look at what we know now and make some predictions as to what Season 10 will provide. With the recent reveals shown especially at Comic Con, I think there’s plenty to discuss.

Just as a word of warning: This contains spoilers. I implore you that if you have not watched up to Season 9’s finale, start catching up as soon as possible, and don’t come back to this post until you do. And get on the show if you haven’t already! This is a show I’d recommend to anybody. But just to be clear, there will be spoilers in this discussion. You’ve been warned.

The way we’ll go about this is to dissect plot-points we are currently left pondering over, one-by-one.

Sam’s new bounty

It’s a Supernatural tradition for one of the brothers to be left searching for the other, saving the other, worrying about the other, or avenging the other. This season is Dean’s turn, who we’ll get to later. There is a major difference this time around, because from what we know so far, we’re going to not be seeing the two together for a long-while. I’m guessing it’ll take up half the season, perhaps even 3/4.

A lot of the season is going to be just Sam trying to change Dean back to normal, while also having to fight against him; he is a demon now after all. This will probably be the most difficult rescue ever. The status quo for taking care of demons is to exorcise them. That’s kind of hard to do now when Dean now IS the demon. We only once saw proof that you can cure a demon when in Season 8 they almost made Crowley human. That’s why we had Crowley addicted to human blood last season. But even that wasn’t easy.

That’s why this time we are going to find Sam in a position of lonely obsession. We saw last season that Sam took a very harsh stance on their relationship, practically even saying they now work as partners and not brothers. It will be an interesting turn in character to see Sam eat his words and swallow his pride as he goes all out to save his borther (again).

Actually when you think about it, Dean has saved Sam more than a dozen times, but Sam would only try to do so. Dean would get himself out of his own situations with the exception of when Castiel plucked him out of hell. Sam tried to save Dean out of hell, but no one would deal with him. And once Dean went to Purgatory, Sam kind of gave up and retired. You can make the argument that in the Season 5 finale, Sam managed to take control of himself while possessed by Lucifer, and saved Dean before Lucifer can make the killing blow. You can also argue that the 2 saved each other plenty of times just on the job.

However, in terms of end of season experiences, this will be the first time Sam saves Dean, if he can even do that.

Despicable Dean

This was the most shocking part of the season finale. Dean Winchester, one of the most notorious demon hunters in the world, now is a demon converted by the mark of Cain.

According to what we’re told, the Dean we’ll be seeing is pretty much similar to soulless Sam. The only differences are that Dean’s more powerful, more evil, and more angry. Jensen Ackles (who plays Dean) has stated in an interview that in the first few days of shooting the season, he had already been in four fist-fights. Dean ain’t playing around this season. It’s also established that Dean will naturally develop a stronger relationship with Crowley. For the most part, though, he’s flying solo.

What will he be doing. Well Jeremy Carver specifically pointed out karaoke. His character this season was basically summed up by Ackles asĀ “a lot of physicality, a lot of booze, a lot of babes”. You know, basically Dean in a nutshell. I suspect there will be some alternate purpose for Dean. I’m not too sure what he’ll be doing on Earth as hell ain’t a good place to be even for demons. Will he take up a hobby? I hear tormenting the innocent is quite a popular activity among demons. It would be interesting and disturbing to see Dean become the very thing he hunted.

The only catch to my theory lies on how they handle the demonic Dean. Is it a case where Dean’s human side is killed entirely and he pretty much is full demon, or is the human side resurrected with the demon side? I’m going with the prior option, because of the description given.

It’s a theory that Dean may never be fully human again. He’ll probably reunite with Sam and the team with his new demon powers. In fact this is a theory made by some members of the cast. I do kinda like that idea, but doubt at this point that that’s the direction they’ll end up going with.

Amazing Grace

Last we saw of Castiel he just overthrew Metatron, stopped his ploy of becoming the new God, recovered the angel tablet, and regained a position as leader of the angels. Now all Cas has to do is reopen the gates of heaven and restore peace in heaven. This will solve the problem of the excess amount of angels and ghosts on Earth. Simple right?

Even if he can manage this feat, he still may not live to tell the tale. Cas has been lacking his grace since Metatron stole it in the Season 8 finale. Apparently when angels use another angel’s grace, you’ll slowly die. The only options he has is to cooperate with Metatron in order to find his original grace, find his grace himself when he doesn’t know where to start looking, or to steal another angel’s grace again. If not, he may just die.

From what we know, that’s not going to be Castiel’s priority this season. His priority is fixing Metatron’s mess. Though, the probability that Castiel won’t get his grace back is very slim if you ask me. Killing Castiel off entirely is just not going to work. He’s the Winchesters’ link to heaven, and a bit too popular to just let go.

I’m not too sure on when in the season he’ll accomplish this, but I am going to say it happens this season. It’s possible that he just kills another angel and takes their grace to allow Cas to live longer, too. That would be a very interesting conflict of character in that case.

There will be song

The 200th episode is occurring early in the season. And it was already announced that the episode will be musical-ish. They say it’s basically going to be the Supernatural version of a musical. Plus, there will be appearances from almost every character from all 10 years of the season, which is interesting. They call it a love letter to the fans.

I think the musical concept is brilliant. I only recall 2 or 3 times I heard Sam and Dean sing. I can’t wait to see them have like some singing duel or something.

What gets me is the concept of every character from the show being in it. That’s not only a tall order, but difficult to pull off. I mean, most of the main-stays from seasons’ past are dead. So will the concept involve the ghosts of all those characters? Even that wouldn’t include everybody because angel and demon characters don’t become ghosts when they die. Maybe this episode will occur in one of the brother’s head.

The new character

Yes, a new character will be introduced this season. The only hint given was that this character was mentioned since the beginning, but never actually seen. They also give the detail that he or she will take an interest in Dean’s future.

Maybe I have too little recollection of Season 1, but it beats me. There’s no clear answer to this one to me. However, my guess: God.

Come on, it’s about time! We’ve been talking about a God cameo since Season 5. And I guess he’s been discussed multiple times even before Castiel was introduced, but the first time I heard them discuss God was in Season 2’s finale. Far fetched I know, but it could happen.

Another guess is Jesus, because he is also notably absent even in mentioning.


And those are my predictions for Supernatural’s 10th season. Let me know in the comments if you agree or not, or if you have you’re own thoughts on what can happen in the show.

Supernatural come back on Tuesday, October 7.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!