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Intro to 2015 Movie Countdown

Update: Added 2 movie to the list. The number is now 33.

Update 2: In early March, I realized I forgot one movie. The number is now 34.

Here we stand at the end of another year. As we look forward to a new and exciting year of new soon to be hits, we also look back fondly at the impressive year in cinema that was 2015. We remember it for both its incredible contributions and for its equally numerous failings.

Many big name movie blogs are doing their Top whatever number films of the year right about now, and I’d like to do one of my own. However, I haven’t seen nearly as many as those sites have. I have seen 34 movies in 2015, give or take a couple. So, I decided to tackle this topic a different way. Throughout the month of January and leaking into the month of February, I will be discussing all the movies I saw this year one by one, starting with the worst and leading up to my personal best. Continue reading Intro to 2015 Movie Countdown

My 2014 Movies: Behaving Badly (#32)

Let’s get the worst out the way and work up to my favorite. It was not a difficult choice to put Behaving Badly at the bottom of my list this year. Fortunately, this is the only film I saw this year that I consider truly bad.

I actually reviewed Behaving Badly months back. If you’re looking for a more detailed and in-depth description of the movie, click here.

Behaving Badly stars Nat Wolff as a teenage boy named Rick. He has a dysfunctional life from his alcoholic mother to his perverted principal and everything in between. One day he makes a $1,000 deal with the son of a notorious mob boss. Rick must ask out and have sex with the girl of her dreams named Nina, played by Selena Gomez, within two weeks time. In attempting to do so forces Rick in some sticky and disturbing situations until his already screwed up world starts going in a downward spiral.

This movie is not good at all. Even if you’re into really dark, dirty humor mixed with slapstick, the film is less entertaining than it is uncomfortable. It’s like that one friend who has no filter and no means of knowing when enough is enough.

What makes a gross-out movie work is when jokes are paced just right. This film offers no breathing room to let a joke sink in. Instead it throws everything it has at you in a never-ending onslaught. This makes the film lose its charm way too fast.

While I agree with the majority in thinking that the movie is bad, I don’t agree with it’s infamous 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. That’s an extreme case when you consider way worse films got at least 1%. This is not worst movie material. Production values alone save the film from that title, as well as it’s decent third act. It looks professional, it’s acted well, and the film still has a few funny scenes.

The truth is that there is an audience for this kind of movie. I’m just not in that audience.

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