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SBox Soapbox: That Guy With the Scandal (Will Channel Awesome Survive?)


I’ve gone back and forth about whether or not I was going to comment on the recent fallout involving Channel Awesome. On the one hand, there really isn’t much more I can add to the discussion that the outrage of millions of fans and the “Not So Awesome” document doesn’t already cover. Being just some nerd blogger fan with no connection to the site professionally, all I can reasonably do is look at the situation in utter awe and disgust while waiting to see just how much crazier this story gets from here. On the other hand… that “apology” the site used to try and weasel their way out of serious allegations was so bafflingly horrible and stupifyingly idiotic that if I don’t take the opportunity to rip it apart, I’d regret it later. Plus, it allows me to answer a very interesting query I believe very few are talking about: Is Channel Awesome dead and is it possible for the people involved to recover? Continue reading SBox Soapbox: That Guy With the Scandal (Will Channel Awesome Survive?)

My Top 5 Favorite Internet Series

It’s September, and you know what that means. The Fall 2015 TV season is here. It’s a wonderful time of year where you’re most excited to turn on your cable boxes. For many of us, we’ll have one season premiere after another after another. Maybe you’ll try to pick up a brand new show which may become the next big thing. Whatever the case, it’s a good time to be be a TV surfer.

With that said, I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about a different kind of show: web shows. And no, I’m not talking about Netflix or Hulu. I’m talking about independent programs mainly found on YouTube. Continue reading My Top 5 Favorite Internet Series