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My 2015 Movies: Ant-Man (#13)


Ant-Man, that superhero most people knew existed, but only knew him because the concept sounds incredibly stupid. He was the character everyone including some comic fans made fun of for obvious reasons, and by far the oddest candidate for a standalone Marvel film. Yeah we all laughed about it even up to opening day while in the face of all the positive buzz. But deep down we all knew we were going to see it. If Marvel could sell us on talking raccoons and trees the previous year, we had to see how they would sell us on Ant-Man. Continue reading My 2015 Movies: Ant-Man (#13)

SBox Recommends: Ant-Man (Movie Review)

Note: SBox Recomends never spoils!

Let’s face it! Even if you’re a big Marvel movie fan like me, you were immediately skeptical of this film. Why? Because this is easily Marvel’s most ridiculous movie concept (which is really saying something). However, comic book fans will agree that this character is important to the Marvel Universe, and therefore the time has come for the character to grace the big screen.

Either way, you have no choice. It’s a Marvel film. If you’re a fan, you pretty much have to see it. But allow me to explain why you should see it.

Continue reading SBox Recommends: Ant-Man (Movie Review)