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Mini-Update (7/14/16): Thank You! (The Ranting SBox’s 2 Year Anniversary)

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Greetings peeps!

Today is July 14, 2016, a day above any other at least for me. As of today, I have been blogging with WordPress for two whole years. Holy shit! I guess my blog isn’t as new as I thought, at least not anymore. Had this blog been a baby, it would be walking and talking by now, pointing at crap, and apparently starting to grow molars. My blog has molars! I’m the happiest blogger alive! Continue reading Mini-Update (7/14/16): Thank You! (The Ranting SBox’s 2 Year Anniversary)

SBox Soapbox: Bohemian Rhapsody (October 31, 1975-2015)

On this very day 40 years ago, the British band known as Queen released one of the best rock songs ever created, “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Though the album A Night at the Opera, where the song originates, released a couple weeks later, this song was released as a single on Halloween 1975. The result was critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic.

Lead singer and writer of the song, Freddie Mercury, had apparently been working on this track years before he joined Queen. The song contains bits and pieces of random songs he was writing since the late 60’s, one of which was named “The Cowboy Song”. (This bit of song is the origin of the line “Mama… just killed a man.”). Mercury presented the song idea to the band in the mid-70’s during production of their fifth album.

Recorded between six recording studios containing as many as 180 overdubs, the song took three weeks to complete. At 5 minutes 55 seconds long, the song is one of Queen’s longest singles released (second only to “Innuendo” in 1991). Hits aren’t usually this long, leading everyone to believe that “Bohemian Rhapsody” had no chance for mainstream success.

It’s success is mainly due to the workings of DJ Kenny Everett of Capital Radio. He received a copy of the song early and teased bits of it during airplay. The demand for the whole song was sky-high, leading him to play the entire song 14 times in two days. Everyone loved it, and the rest is history. Queen’s record labels in Europe and North America had no choice but to release the single ASAP.

The song enjoyed mainstream success for its time and several times afterwards. Today it is considered a classic, one of the best rock songs ever created, and one of the best songs of all-time. Though not their first hit, this is easily Queen’s magnum opus and the work they’re most known for. It stands the test of time almost half a century later, and it probably always will.

To this day we acknowledge the music video as one of the best (not to mention one of the first). We are also still pondering what in the hell this song means. Freddie Mercury has stated that the lyrics are just gibberish. Still, that isn’t stopping people from trying to figure it out. If he was lying, then that’s unfortunately a secret he took to the grave. Nonetheless, the song is enjoyable whether it has a meaning or not.

To get personal for a moment, this is my second favorite song ever. It was my favorite for many years, but was surpassed by yet another Queen song four years after first hearing “Bohemian Rhapsody”. I often consider this my first Queen song. That’s, of course, bullshit. Anyone my age and even a bit older was introduced to Queen through other means whether they knew it or not. I consider it my first because this was the song that made me a Queen fan. Had I never experienced this song, I would’ve never gained the curiosity to check out the Queen library. Today I stand by the fact that Queen is my favorite band of all-time.

It’s for that reason I thank this song for changing my attitude toward music and introducing me to the rock genre. Therefore, I invite those who either don’t know this song, or haven’t seen the video in a long time, to enjoy the above video along with me and the billions of other who can now do the fandango.

God save the Queen!

On a slightly separate note. I’ve been meaning to make a Top 5 Queen Songs post for a while. That post is still in “the works” (if you know what I mean). I’ll try and get it done as soon as I can, especially since there’s no better time than now to give it a go. If all goes well, you’ll see it within the week.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

Why I’m No Longer Making an Anniversary Post

Greetings peeps!

So, if you’ve been following my posts as of late, you’d know I recently celebrated the 1 year anniversary of this blog. I wasn’t able to give a proper, special post at the time since I just came back from a vacation at the time, but I did make a post simply to thank everyone for reading for the past year. If you wish to see that post, here it is.

Anyway, in that post I promised to make a special post in honor of the occasion. I threw three ideas at the wall and told you to wait until the end of the week to see said post. Unfortunately, not only was that post a no-show, I fell off the face of the earth the next week (yes, I went to Disney World again). So, yeah, it’s been over two weeks since then and I have nothing to show for it. Continue reading Why I’m No Longer Making an Anniversary Post

Thank You! (The Ranting SBox’s 1 Year Anniversary)

Greetings peeps!

I just got back from my vacation to Disney World. I’m a bit exhausted, and I don’t have a proper post for you all yet. But I couldn’t finish the day off without writing something in acknowledgement of this day. It wouldn’t be right. Even if it’s short and sweet I have to get this out.

Today is July 12, 2015. My first post was made exactly one year go today. That’s right, The Ranting SBox blog is officially one year old!

I want to take this time to thank each and every one of you for your support of this blog and me. I started this blog as a hobby, acting as an outlet for my random diatribes and thoughts. I had no clue I’d get this far in 365 days. If it wasn’t for this blog and the people who happen to read and enjoy it, I’d still be doing this stuff on forums with character limits and moderation. Blogging has proven to be a much more fun experience. I’ve been able to say exactly what I want to say and do things the way I want to do things. So I thank you for giving me that privilege.

Since July 12, 2014, I’ve garnered an impressive amount of stats. As of this post, The Ranting SBox and its 137 posts have been viewed 2,309 times, been liked 192 times and been followed by 49 people; all of which come from nearly 50 countries around the world. They may not be impressive numbers to some, but it’s a lot to me. The fact that anyone is reading anything I write is amazing!

As far as celebration, I have a couple ideas to commemorate this properly. I’m not certain which one(s) I’ll go for, but I’ll try my best to get them posted within the week. I have an old draft I’ve been saving for a while that tells you guys more about myself. Another idea is to make follow-up post to my most viewed article ever (the Power Ranger movie analysis). I could also do a similar thing for my first real post ever (Smash Bros Newcomer Probability). These are just things I’m throwing out there.

In any event, stay tuned for the proper anniversary post. Again, I thank every single person who has given this blog the time of day. Whether you’ve liked a post, reblogged something, followed, commented, or just viewed it in passing, you helped me out and gave me joy. To close this out, I’d like to thank the following people in particular:

Here’s to another year, peeps!

I’m SBox180. (From the bottom of my heart) Thanks for reading!

My Quick Thoughts on PlayStation 4’s 20th Anniversary Edition

Yesterday marked 20 years since the PlayStation 1 was released in Japan. Since then, the little gray box from the creators of the walk-man has come a long way. 20 years later and we have that PS1’s great-grandson, the PlayStation 4, on the market, as well as its portable relative, the PlayStation Vita. Sony has proven themselves as a force to be reckoned with as it now places first place in modern hardware sales.

To commemorate this occasion, Sony is releasing a limited edition PS4 console paying homage to the one that started it all.

This PS4 is colored “original gray” to match that of the PS1. On the hard plastic section of the PS4, you’ll see the PlayStation’s signature button symbols (Triangle, Square, Circle, and X) accompanied by a 2 before each circle to represent 20. On the gloss-finished section of the console, the PlayStation logo exists in its multicolored variant. This PS4 also comes with a gray stand in case you prefer an upright position for your PS4. Lastly is the DualShock 4 controller which also alludes back to the original DualShock Controller. Like the console it comes in gray, and the touch-pad has the same button patterns found on the console.

Basically, its a gray PlayStation 4. Simple but nostalgic. It’s made all the more special by how limited edition it will be. Only 12,300 of these gray boxes will be made. These no doubt will be highly collectible and valuable in the future. It is currently available for pre-order and costs $500 in North America. Official details of exactly when we’ll see these released will be announced during the PlayStation Experience event on December 6.

Normally, I wouldn’t comment much on these kinds of things, because special edition consoles is nothing new. Eventually, you’ll start to see every console in every color imaginable. I have also always been of the ideology that the original, default design of any console is the definitive and preferred version of a console. I was even offered a Destiny edition (white) PS4 when I bought the system and said no. Color palettes have always been frivolous to me.

I now denounce that ideology. I finally understand. I want this gray PS4 in my house NOW!

Maybe it’s purely sentimental and nostalgia-based. (After all, my first game console was the PS1). We’ve all been suckers to nostalgia before, so that’s probably my reasoning. Nonetheless, I can’t get over how much I love this design. Almost everything to the ‘T’ is perfect. I know all they did was make the dang thing gray and throw some symbols on there, but who cares.

Tell me I’m not the only one who’s all over this thing. This is the first time I’m looking at a console I own and wishing I waited a little longer. Granted, I probably wouldn’t have bought it even with its rarity because $500 is a little too high for just a color change. I’m a cheapskate and that’s how I roll. But had I the ability and the timing, I would’ve pre-ordered the thing already.

I’m really glad that Sony made this decision, but I do have one little gripe: the price.

Rare or not, you should at least put a couple PSone classics downloads in there for that price. Had I been in charge, I’d make it interesting by placing a different download voucher for a different game in each box. You know what I mean? Like 100 of them include Crash Bandicoot, another hundred have Spyro, another 100 have Resident Evil, and so on. At least give us something more than just a gray box to encourage that extra $100. It wouldn’t kill you since each PSone classic costs between $6 and $10.

Other than that, what’s not to like? This was a great way to celebrate 20 strong years of the PlayStation brand. I would understand if you feel differently than I do. There’s that part of me that’s saying this isn’t that big a deal. However, for what it’s worth, I think it looks beautiful. I feel jealous of the person who gets their hands on that box.

As for Sony, thank you for the life-time of fun you’ve given me… Now, tell Naughty Dog to make a new Crash Bandicoot game already!

What are you guys’ thoughts on this limited edition PS4? Would you/will you buy it if you can? What are some fond memories you have with PlayStation throughout the years? Lastly, would you buy an anniversary console for Wii U and Xbox One? I honestly would love to see a NES looking Wii U or a Xbox One with that big green X on the top. Let me know in the comments so we can start a discussion.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!