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2016 Movie Countdown: Independence Day – Resurgence (#42)


That is definitely…much bigger than the last one.

Independence Day: Resurgence is the sequel to the 1996 action film Independence Day.

It’s been twenty years since the aliens first attacked Earth. Merging Earth technology with that of the aliens has led to huge technical advancements, from space travel to advanced weaponry. As the world prepares for their twenty year memorial celebration of the event, the same alien species has returned for round two, sporting a ship the size of Earth itself and much deadlier than before. It’s now up to our many, MANY heroes to save the planet once more. Continue reading 2016 Movie Countdown: Independence Day – Resurgence (#42)

SBox Recommends: Captain America – Civil War (Movie Review)

Note: SBR never spoils. You are safe. Enjoy!


It’s strange how far we have come in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Can you believe we have reached the point where we’re talking about the final Captain America movie? So strange. Though I have to admit, this particular Captain America movie goes a bit beyond being just a Captain America movie. This is the rising action of the Marvel story arc; the point where we’re no longer setting up the world and are now introducing the conflict. And what better way to introduce that conflict than with war? Continue reading SBox Recommends: Captain America – Civil War (Movie Review)

My 2015 Movies: Star Wars – The Force Awakens (#5)


Star Wars Episode VII, by far the most anticipated film of 2015 and one of the most discussed films of the past few years. With Star Wars comes a lot of hype, debate, speculation and worry. The worry stems from the widely held belief that the prequel films failed to impress upon release. There was a lot riding on this movie to not only surpass the prequels in quality, but also live up to fans’ expectations. Now that the dust has settled since its initial release, hopefully we can now see the film through calmer eyes. Continue reading My 2015 Movies: Star Wars – The Force Awakens (#5)

My 2015 Movies: Jurassic World (#7)


Jurassic Park 4 was a concept old as dirt in Hollywood, but was never acted upon for understandable reasons. Several rewrites, a total casting change and around 11 years later, we finally had our movie: Jurassic World. Oh, how we all worried about the film’s quality from the first second we heard the idea. Then the trailers started to hit. We were still worried, but at least we were also a bit excited. And it’s hard to say if Jurassic World’s unexpectedly huge success was the product of hype or from word of mouth. Whatever the case, everybody saw it and was simultaneously relieved by how great it ended up being. Continue reading My 2015 Movies: Jurassic World (#7)

My 2015 Movies: Furious 7 (#8)


How ironic that Furious 7 was just one good movie away from reaching #7 on my list. Alas, some puns are just not meant to be.

At the start of the Top 10 portion of this countdown, I said that a film must have at least one of two qualities to reach this high point: be incredibly well-made or extremely awesome. The Big Short and Steve Jobs represent those of the first category. So the next couple films will represent the latter category of awesomeness. Continue reading My 2015 Movies: Furious 7 (#8)

My 2015 Movies: The Maze Runner – The Scorch Trails (#11)


(Warning: Before reading this post, watch the first movie because I’ll be spoiling that film’s ending).

I spoke at length last year about how much I enjoyed the first Maze Runner movie. I found it every bit fascinating, fun and intense, worthy of becoming the next big teen novel phenomenon alongside Divergent. After seeing in 2014, I couldn’t wait to enter that same world again the following year. Just where could this franchise go when you… um, don’t have a maze to run through anymore? Somehow they found a way. Continue reading My 2015 Movies: The Maze Runner – The Scorch Trails (#11)

My 2015 Movies: Kingsman – The Secret Service (#12)


So, for those who don’t know, I forgot to add this movie to the list at the start of the countdown. I originally thought this was a 2014 film, but was reminded during the Oscars last week that this film was in fact a 2015 release. Luckily, I couldn’t have caught the mistake at a better time, as when I went to evaluate this film’s place on this Countdown, it ended up fitting perfectly on the list without me having to go out of order. That’s a testament to how good this movie was. Continue reading My 2015 Movies: Kingsman – The Secret Service (#12)

My 2015 Movies: Ant-Man (#13)


Ant-Man, that superhero most people knew existed, but only knew him because the concept sounds incredibly stupid. He was the character everyone including some comic fans made fun of for obvious reasons, and by far the oddest candidate for a standalone Marvel film. Yeah we all laughed about it even up to opening day while in the face of all the positive buzz. But deep down we all knew we were going to see it. If Marvel could sell us on talking raccoons and trees the previous year, we had to see how they would sell us on Ant-Man. Continue reading My 2015 Movies: Ant-Man (#13)

My 2015 Movies: The Divergent Series – Insurgent (#31)


I was surprised how much I enjoyed the first Divergent in 2014. It wasn’t the love story with occasional action and a Twilight-style tone I thought it was going to be. The film told a compelling story and told it well. I liked it so much, in fact, that I was really looking forward to what the next film would bring to the table. I’d consider it a step down, but still watchable. Continue reading My 2015 Movies: The Divergent Series – Insurgent (#31)

SBox Recommends: Fantastic Four (Movie Review)

Note: SBox Recommends never spoils!

From one of its grandest highs with X-Men Days of Future Past, 20th Century Fox produced one its more depressing lows with their most recent Fantastic Four movie. No one was more depressed as me on Thursday when I heard the outcry from critics. I was rooting for this one to finally be the Fantastic Four movie we all can agree was good. (I say this because I’m among the few that actually liked the previous two films). Alas, this movie was not doing well with critics and audiences.

Despite that, I decided to see it anyway. Me and my family are big fans of Marvel movies whether it be from Disney, Sony or Fox. Something just told us that, no matter what everyone is saying, this was just something we had to see for ourselves. Having now seen the film, I think we’re all in agreement that this wasn’t great. Whether it was bad was where we started having our differences. Continue reading SBox Recommends: Fantastic Four (Movie Review)