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SBox Soapbox: My Uneducated Oscar Predictions 2017


This weekend marks probably the most important dates on the movie buff calendar: The Academy Awards. We’ve been talking about it for months now, but the day has finally come for us to see which films, actors, directors, and musicians will receive the highest honor in Hollywood (you know, other than money). By now, many should have your bets placed and your predictions set as Sunday night draws closer and closer. Some may be wondering my own predictions for the awards, and boy do I have them…They may not be well founded predictions in the world, but they’re predictions nonetheless. Continue reading SBox Soapbox: My Uneducated Oscar Predictions 2017

My 2015 Movies: Bridge of Spies (#2)


One of the final movies I saw on this list, I simply knew I had to see this movie. It had my name written all over it, and while the rest of my family weren’t into the trailers, I found the concept fascinating. Impressive line-up of talent right off the bat with one of my favorite directors, Stephen Spielberg, behind it. So, I went out of my way to see this movie, both for the Countdown and for myself. And it was wonderful; brilliant even! Continue reading My 2015 Movies: Bridge of Spies (#2)

My 2015 Movies: Creed (#3)


Picking my Top 3 movies was probably the most difficult part for me. The following three movies are just so good and resonate so much with me that I could change the order right now and be satisfied with my selection. However, this movie and #2 were particularly difficult to place. For me it was a battle between the personal and the incredible, which believe it or not wasn’t an easy choice. So by a close and indecisive margin, let’s first tackle the personal with Creed. Continue reading My 2015 Movies: Creed (#3)

My 2014 Movies: Big Hero 6 (#10)

I always look forward to the next in-house Disney animated film. They never really disappoint me. Even when they are lackluster they still have that charm that keeps you from hating it entirely. That’s because when they succeed, it’s definitely something to behold. With that said, I associate the cutoff date’s extension due in part to the opportunity to watch Big Hero 6. It didn’t feel right not talking about it when I could, so here’s what I thought about Disney’s newest outing. Continue reading My 2014 Movies: Big Hero 6 (#10)

My 2014 Movies: The Theory of Everything (#15)

This was the film I saw the latest of all of the films on this countdown. This also happens to be the only film on the countdown to be an Academy Award nominee for Best Picture. That should probably tell you enough about how good this movie is. In case you needed reassuring, though, I did enjoy the film very much.

The Theory of Everything details the life of acclaimed physicist Stephen Hawking from the perspective of Jane Wilde Hawking. The film begins with when Jane first met Stephen in 1963. Continue reading My 2014 Movies: The Theory of Everything (#15)