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My Quick Thoughts on Shulk in Super Smash Bros

Yesterday was a crazy day for Nintendo fans. Between the new handhelds and the Amiibos, the house of Mario was going nuts with a ton of announcements both exciting and controversial. With the latest announcement about Super Smash Bros, I guess it hits somewhere in the middle of those 2. It’s exciting because Smash fans get a new character and Xenoblade fans have gotten what they wanted. It’s controversial because just last week, we had a big leak that I guess can be considered real now. (A retraction has already been posted to my previous post on the Super Smash Bros leak).

But yes, to the surprise of just about no one and the excited of just about everybody, Shulk of the popular Wii game Xenoblade Chronicles is the latest addition to the Smash Bros roster. He is now #38 in our ever-growing list of fighters.

You know, I like this announcement a lot more than I thought I would. I knew dang well that Shulk was going to be announced some time. He was leaked by both Gematsu and by 4Chan, and he was one of the most requested first-party characters ever. I really didn’t care before since I never played a Xenoblade game before. But when I finally saw the trailer, I was singing a different tune.

This guy is a beast! No joke, He has this awesome sword thing called the Monando that can just launch a motherfucker. His counter ability is just devastating. Don’t even get me started on his range. Yikes! He can definitely hit you from a good distance. Yeah he’ll do just fine.

I do like his moveset, and his trailer. But my thoughts were very limited. So I took the video to my little brother to get another opinion. He, like me, has never played a Xenoblade game, but is excited for the new Smash Bros. His response was that while he does like the character, he feels that he’ll be a bit overpowered in the game.

I do doubt that Shulk will be overpowered when the game is finally released, but I will agree with him on the fact that the trailer made him seem that way. Just a small nitpick. Overall, I’m pretty happy to see Shulk finally get announced. I believe there are Xenoblade fans that were very happy yesterday (before they heard about Chronicles being New 3DS exclusive).

I’ll close this out with one more thing. It appears that Gematsu’s tack record is near flawless. The only thing they get wrong so far was Chrom being playable. Chrom is technically in the game, though. That’s still about a 94%, which is still an A. With that said, there is just one character left on the Gematsu list: Chorus Men from Rhythm Heaven. So what do I think about his/their chances? It’s very likely. The thing about them is that I can just as easily see him/them as assist trophies. And given Chrom, it’s likely Shulk was it for Gematsu. The way people are describing them, I think it would be interesting. I won’t hold my breath or anything, but it is seeming very likely. We can at least be assured that he/they are in the game somewhere. That’s one thing they have always gotten right.

That’s it for me. What do you guys think of Shulk’s inclusion? Are you surpised at all? Do you like the character trailer? Are you excited at all for the new Smash Bros game? And what are your thoughts on what this means for the Chorus Men? Let me know in the comments.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

SBox Soapbox: Is the Super Smash Bros. Roster Leak Real?

(Update: This article was made before the release of the leaked gameplay footage on YouTube and the announcement of Shulk on August 29. This is not only out of date, it is incorrect.)


Half the fun of a new Super Smash Bros game actually occurs before the game even comes out. In the 2 years since Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U was announced, fans such as you and I have been speculating about the roster. We’ve been arguing, debating, predicting, and hoping for so long now which Nintendo icons will appear in this installment of Smash Bros. Well, the game is mere months away, so now is a good time for leaks like this to hit the web and spread just one more ounce of chaos in the community.

From the people who brought you popular Internet memes and the most notorious incidents on the Internet. 4Chan has supposedly leaked the Super Smash Bros 4 roster.

This picture seems to be of the 3DS version of the game and is said to be captured by an ESRB insider. The roster reveals several veterans of the series (Ness, Ganondorf, Falco, Wario, Jigglypuff, Dark Pit, Mr. Game and Watch, ROB and Dr. Mario) and some unannounced newcomers (Shulk, Bowser Jr, Dark Pit and Duck Hunt Dog). It also insists that the game will have DLC for later release (Lucas, Wolf, Snake, Ice Climbers and Chorus Men).

This leak has caught fire in the past day due to how real it looks. It looks like the real deal and just might be. All characters make sense to exist in the game, and boxes fit seamlessly. People are currently debating, with very sound arguments for it’s legitimacy. This is extremely debatable, but I am here today to give you my thoughts on these images and info.

Is it real? I’m going to say no. But let’s figure this out together.

Game & Watch’s arm

This one was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I thought this was extremely real at first until I took a closer look. If you look at the top right of the main roster, you will see that Mr. Game & Watch is playable with Wario to his immediate left. Now that’s not the strange part. Notice how Mr. Game & Watch’s hand seems to be hovering over Wario’s slot image. That to me gave it away a bit for me.

You could look at that and think differently, though. Because of the image quality, that could also be a bit of Wario’s jacket in a very unfortunate spot. Personally, I see the hand. That leaves me with 4 theories.

  1. That is a Photoshop or other photo editing software mistake that was overlooked. In the case of Photoshop, they most likely forgot to place the image tab beneath the boundaries of the square, making Game & Watch stand out.
  2. That is indeed just a part of Wario’s jacket coincidentally placed where it can be confused for Game & Watch’s hand.
  3. This is just a bug left in the game itself that Sakurai and Nintendo forgot to fix.
  4. Mr. Game & Watch clearly doesn’t respect other people’s personal boundaries.

That leaves us at a 50/50 scenario. I will admit I could be very wrong about this observation, but I can’t be the only one who sees this. It’s a bit too coincidental.

This can’t be everybody

I know, I know. This game could have 46 characters or 146 characters and people will still complain about how their favorite character didn’t make the cut. I get that. But looking at what was shown, I think there is something off.

The returning veterans I understand- Ganondorf, Ness, etc. They all work. I have a bone to pick though with 2 characters that aren’t here: Ridley and Mewtwo. Bare with me here. This isn’t just me being sour. Personally, I can live with those two not being in the game if it turns out to be true. I’m just looking at Sakurai’s track record, and seeing things not add up.

Let’s start with Ridley. The immediate argument among this very split debate is that Ridley could never have been an option to begin with. I would agree with you on some parts, but let’s rewind back to April. There’s a big Nintendo Direct and tons of information are flying at us. In the middle of the Direct, they discuss stage bosses and particularly point out the Yellow Devil in the Dr. Whily Castle stage. he then states that “There will be other boss appearances”. Along comes an image that is no doubt Ridley’s shadow, and the internet goes crazy.

If Ridley was just a stage hazard in the game, why wouldn’t Sakurai have just spit it out already. I get the concept of trolling, but everything Sakurai says and shows is always so carefully said, and meticulously implemented. In that same Direct, he showed a trophy of a Possessed Pauletina, only for her to be announced 2 months later. In Smash’s debut, Toon Link was in the background of the Spirit Train, only for him to be announced a couple months later. You see the pattern here.

Sakurai always flat-out states what purpose a character serves once they are brought up by name. He doesn;t dance around it. Ridley was not only never discussed by name, but teased with the wording of “appearance” in order to throw people off. Therefore, I deduce that Ridley is playable… or an assist trophy I guess.

Then there is Mewtwo. Mewtwo is a shoe-in for the game, and no one denies it. He’s very popular, and fans have arguably demanded Mewtwo’s presence more than any other character. Sakurai knows dang well that people want Mewtwo in the game. Sakurai has made it a very careful priority to avoid discussion of Mewtwo. And the fact he is holding this information in for so long has to mean something.

This roster does acknowledge the possibility of Melee returns, but we’ll get to that later.

Other design coincidences

The most questionable part of the roster is not just the characters, but also the placement of the characters.

If you notice the selection screen of the past Super Smash Bros games, all of the characters were arranged by franchise. The Mario characters were all grouped together, as were the characters from Fire Emblem, Zelda, Pokemon and so on. That has always been the case, but this image scatter quite a few of them.

Let’s take a closer look.

A good number of characters are out of order. Mario characters are all across the top in this image, but Dr. Mario is all the way toward the bottom. In fact, Game & Watch and Dr. Mario should’ve switched places. Yoshi and Wario are also technically representing their own franchises just as Donkey Kong is. That also makes Yoshi’s placement off since Rosalina and Bowser Jr. are Mario characters.

Dark Pit and Lucina are also out of place with Dr. Mario. I’ve heard theories that the reason those 3 are grouped together is because they’re all clone characters. That would make some sense if not for the fact that Toon Link is seen with the Zelda characters as he should be. Toon Link is a clone, too.

Not only that, the designs of some of the newcomers is a bit fake looking. A quick Google Image search can show the models of characters like Dr. Mario and Ness. Dark Pit himself looks like Pit’s model inverted.


DLC is a touchy subject when it comes to Super Smash Bros. It is neither denied or confirmed by Nintendo, and fans seem to have very positive or negative feelings towards DLC. According to this leak, DLC is not only going to be a thing with this game. It is aso going to include some Brawl veterans.

That’s all fine and good, but the choice of DLC characters are fishy. I can buy that Lucas (sadly), Chorrus Men and Wolf are DLC to a certain degree. That’s 2 semi-clones and a newcomer. I don’t buy the Ice Climber and Snake being DLC.

The Ice Climbers are fan favorites and staples of the series. You can argue that the twins are kinda hard to program on 3DS, but that doesn’t explain Olimar or Rosalina being there from the get-go.

As for Snake, he is a third-party character. I doubt that Nintendo would strike a deal with Konami for the rights to Snake, and have him not present in the game from the start. And I can’t even believe that Sakurai and Kojima struck this deal late enough to make him DLC; not when Sonic was announced so early.

Where this all comes from

Imagine you were the leaker. You just got your hands on this information, you take those pictures and you are determined to get this info out to the world. Where would you place such information so that the word can spread and be considered legitimate? I don’t know. How about 4Chan? Because the prank capital of the web is the best possible location for official information to be posted and be expected to have credibility.

I believe there are far better places to post these images. Grant it, I still wouldn’t believe it, but it would be less suspicious on a site like NeoGAF or something. Hell, sending a tip to Gematsu would’ve been one of the best calls.

So, that’s my take on the Super Smash Bro for 3DS leak. Like I said, I could definitely be wrong. I just personally doubt its credibility. I will give whoever made this credit on the detail. At the end of the day, if this really is the roster, would I be happy with it? I’d be a bit disappointed in some respects, but I’d be satisfied.

What do you guys think? Do you think this roster legit or not? Are you satisfied by the characters shown? Let me know, and we can speculate together.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

My Quick Thoughts on Super Smash Bros “Pic of the Day” (8/11/14)

Score 1: SBox!

As many of you know, Super Smash Bros creator, Masahiro Sakurai, regularly posts screenshots from the upcoming game on various social media outlets, Miiverse, and the official Smash Bros website. These usually confirm or explain information of stages, fighters, items, and trophies. Today’s pic is particularly interesting.

This image cam with a caption that goes as follows:

“Hello! I’m Samus, the intergalactic bounty hunter!” “And I am Meta Knight, joining the battle!!”

This picture obviously shows off the ability for Mii fighters to sport customizable outfits n battle. I do like the designs of the costumes and they look jarring enough to not get confused for the actual fighters.

But that’s not what you’re interested in hearing, right? You’re all looking at the same thing I’m looking at: Meta Knight has a costume, and he’s “joining the battle”. Does this mean he’s back?

I’m going to go with the more optimistic “yes”. I explained in my Smash Bros character probability post that Meta Knight is among the most likely Brawl newcomers to get in the game. He’s probably one of the most popular Brawl newcomers anyway. And Kirby is Sakurai’s franchise to begin with, so representation of his franchise is to be expected. This pic is indeed a soft confirmation that he is coming back. Why so cryptic then? Well, hype can be a main cause. To outright say that Meta Knight is in the game wouldn’t be nearly as exciting as a nudge that turns out to be right.

However there is one more aspect to this image I want to touch on that no one else really is: Samus. Why is she in the picture? It probably means nothing and I’m being a little too analytic, but I think there’s something more to this inclusion. Maybe this is a subtle hint that a new Metroid character is coming. It’s not too hard to believe when you consider the tease made back in April involving Ridley. Maybe this is foreshadowing.

If it is, it’s about time we get some answers to that, because that’s caused a huge ruckus lately.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say. Let me know if you agree with anything I said. And most importantly, do you think Meta Knight is back?

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

SBox Soapbox: Super Smash Bros. 4 Character Probability (Part 3 | 100 Views Edition)

It is true. As of August 6, 2014 at around 1:56 PM, The Ranting SBox blog has reached its 100th view. You guys have no idea how shocked I am of this news. I mean, this is only week 4 for this blog, and just a couple days ago I was making a thank you update celebrating 50 views.

Sincerely to everyone reading this or who has read anything I wrote even once, thank you from the bottom of my circulatory organ. It’s an honor to be worth your click and your attention, and I hope that I can continue to be worth your presence on this blog in the future. This is something I never thought would happen to me this early, so thank you.

To celebrate, it is abundantly clear to me that my most popular content are my two posts on Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U. In those 2 posts I discussed characters who were not yet confirmed to be in the game both veterans and newcomers, and measured their probability of getting in the final games. I always meant to make another post on the subject, so what better a time than now.

Continue reading SBox Soapbox: Super Smash Bros. 4 Character Probability (Part 3 | 100 Views Edition)

Club Nintendo’s Elite Status awards are here!

Every year in July, Nintendo gives us all a free virtual or physical item free of “charge”, if you meet the elite levels of Gold or Platinum by June 30. If you have been waiting around for the announcement like I have, rejoice fellow Nintendorks for they have arrived!

This year, Nintendo ditched the physical rewards entirely in favor of the digital content they started giving last year. That’s right, everyone gets a free game this year. Here are your options:

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For Platinum members only:

  • Game & Wario (Wii U)
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What do you guys think of the elite rewards this year? If you qualify for this free reward this year, what are you getting and are you a Platinum or Gold member?

I’m a Gold member this year and I am actually a bit jealous of the Platinum members for just one reason. They get Earthbound and I don’t. I do like the rewards this year though. I’m not sure what I’ll decide on, but I’m leaning toward Kid Icarus or Super Mario Land 2.

Redeem your reward here: https://club.nintendo.com/elite-status-gifts.do

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

SBox Soapbox: Super Smash Bros. 4 Character Probability (Veteran edition)

The roster from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Welcome back to the Sbox Soapbox!

They say with change comes consequence. Sometimes in order to move forward you have to leave some things behind. These are good morals for life in general, but you can make the same argument with Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. While all the excitement is around which newcomers will make it in the game, there’s still something to be said for veterans who won’t.

This is Part 2 to my previous post about Smash Bros, where I covered potential newcomers. Now I think it’s time to discuss the veterans’ chances. Like last time, I will run through currently unannounced characters and measure their odds of returning via a percent rating and provide an explanation. Note that this will only cover veterans from Brawl; not from Melee. (Mewtwo was already discussed in Part 1).

Let us begin!

Ness (Probability: 95%)

Ness practically has a golden ticket to this next game. Ness is of the original 12, and those 12 characters are constants throughout the series. That alone puts his chances quite high. I’d place him at 100%, if not for a couple of variables. Earthbound is a very obscure franchise nowadays. Some also think that he could be shelved for Lucas. However, relevancy has never mattered in Smash Bros, and Ness is diverse enough from Lucas to qualify.

Lucas (Probability: 60%)

Speaking of which, Ness’s chances are boosted by Lucas’s fewer chances. Let me make it clear that Lucas was my main fighter in Brawl, and I freaking NEED him in SSB4. Compared to Ness though, Lucas doesn’t have that much of a chance. He’s not impossible to believe, but Lucas isn’t as popular as Ness. There could be a non-verbal majority I’m not seeing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he went. However, Lucas is moderately popular and diverse enough from Ness.

Jigglypuff (Probability: 95%)

Like Ness, Jigglypuff is a near-guarantee due to him also being in the original 12. Almost no part of me denies that Jigglypuff will return. The only way he’d be out is if Sakurai had to pick between him and Mewtwo; a scenario I find unlikely. Rest assured Jigglypuff fans. He’ll be in the game.

Falco (Probability: 90%)

Falco will get in due to popularity alone. He’s one of the most loved characters in Brawl and Melee and is even a tournament favorite. There’s also another Star Fox game on the way for him to promote. The only doubt I have is that another Star Fox character takes his place. Even that I find unlikely, because Falco is most likely more popular than the alternative.

Wolf (Probability: 25%)

While we’re talking Star Fox, let’s talk about Wolf. I think Wolf is most likely to sit this one out. He was never really that popular in Brawl and there’s not much about him worth placing him in over. He’s a decent character, but not a favorite. He very well could make it in, but I don’t see it happening.

Wario (Probability: 70%)

Wario was such a weird character in Brawl, but it worked. I know people who really enjoy this guy and seeing him not make it would just confuse me. I guess he wasn’t the best character in Brawl, but he has a lot of popularity.

Ganondorf (Probability: 85%)

You know how many Zelda fans would go into a frenzy if Ganondorf gets canned? I’m completely certain that Ganondorf will make it into the game with just one doubt to me. Ganondof needs a new move-set. Even in Brawl he resembled Captain Falcon too much. Rest assured that he’s going to make it in… if not another villain.

R.O.B. (Probability: 50%)

To me, it goes either way with ROB. He’s right in the middle when it comes to popularity and he was okay in Brawl. There’s no evidence that could lead one way or the other, so I really don’t know what his chances are. Guess we’ll see what happens.

Mr. Game & Watch (Probability: 70%)

Mr. Game & Watch is a tricky one. He probably wouldn’t be so tricky if Sakurai didn’t tease him in the Pac-Man reveal. Maybe he was just there to pass the baton over to Pac-Man as many say, but to me there would be no reason to show Game & Watch if he wasn’t going to be in. Plus, he’s a very popular character.

Ice Climbers (Probability: 60%)

Strangely, the Ice Climbers are nowhere to be seen. Barely anyone brings the Ice Climbers up, either. I’m not sure whether people just expect them to be in by default, or no one really cares one way or the other. I’ll lean a bit more on them being included just because of a hunch.

Snake (Probability: 25%)

This method of thinking comes from Sarkurai’s comment of not putting too many third-party characters in. I don’t know if there’s too many people who would be bothered if he doesn’t make it in, but he’s not a bad choice. It doesn’t help that Phantom Pain isn’t coming to Wii U, though.

Squirtle and Ivysaur (Probability: 10%)

I think that if these two or the Pokemon Trainer were to be playable at all, they would’ve been announced with Charizard during the April Direct; especially since they said alter egos and companions are separate now. I don’t have faith in them being announced standalone either, because there’s already a lot of Pokemon.

Meta Knight (Probability: 90%)

I’ve been told by some that Meta Knight was their favorite character in Brawl. Whether you agree with them or not, that just goes to show you that he is very popular, and therefore likely. I don’t even know anybody who hates Meta Knight or who would mind him being back. I say he’ll make it.


And with that concludes my Smash Bros character predictions. Like I said, I made a Newcomer edition recently. Check here for my thoughts on likely newcomer probability. If I missed anyone on that list (or God forbid this one) that you want me to discuss, let me know and I’ll tell you. And please leave a comment letting me know if you agree with me or not.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

The SBox SoapBox: Super Smash Bros. 4 Character Probability (Newcomer edition)


Welcome to the first ever Sbox Soapbox!

One of the most anticipated games for the Nintendo platforms is Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U. As the release date draws closer, the hype grows stronger. However, the best part of any Smash Bros game is, of course, deciding who will get in.

Today saw the announcement of two brand new challengers and a returning veteran. Because of this I decided to to take a look at what is left of our unannounced characters and see how their chances of inclusion lay currently. Since Smash Bros for 3DS is only 3 months away, it won’t be long before the entire roster is revealed to us. So it’s time to weigh out our options. In the words of Sherlock Holmes, “When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains must be the truth”.

This will be 2 parts: 1 for newcomers and 1 for veterans. This version will cover the newcomers as this is easier to predict. I will cover an assortment of highly requested characters that have yet to be confirmed and give them a percent rating based on their probability along with a short description of my reasoning. Obviously, I won’t get every requested newcomer, as there are hundreds of those. I’m only covering some of the most prevalent.

Let’s do this folks!

Mewtwo (Probability: 90%)

Yes, I am counting Mewtwo as a newcomer. He wasn’t in Brawl and therefore would be considered new.

I am thoroughly convinced that Mewtwo will be in the game with only one factor against him. The only thing that could be in Mewtwo’s way is the current amount of Pokemon already announced. We already have Pikachu, Charizard, Lucario and Greninja. Usually there are only 4 slots for Pokemon characters, and Jigglypuff will most likely have seniority over Mewtwo if it comes down to it. However, if Mario can have 6 characters, so can Pokemon. Mewtwo is probably the most requested character- period. He already has a move-set to work with. He manages to remain relevant all these years through both the video games and the anime. He was even in Project M. I have every reason to believe that he is a shoe-in.

Ridley (Probability: 85%)

Ridley is the most controversial character request ever. You’re either the most die-hard believer in Ridley’s inclusion, or you think that it’s downright impossible. I’m sure you all have heard all the reasons he should and shouldn’t be considered. He has a lot against him from his size to the fact that he’s an established boss character throughout Smash Bros. Then again, he is first-party, Smash Bros isn’t canon to size at all, there’s a lot of fan demand, and Metroid deserves a second character. What put me over the edge though was that tease in the Nintendo Direct back in April. I’m almost certain that if Sakurai had that blunt of a tease for Ridley, then I have reason to believe this character is more than just a boss.

Krystal (Probability: 35%)

I’m not the biggest follower of Star Fox so I can’t argue too much for what she would bring to the roster. However, I can definitely say WHY she would be in the roster. Like Ridley, she is first-party, substantially requested, and has a pretty big franchise to back her up. What might set her back, though, is the hate she has as a character. Sure she’s popular, but I can see a good bunch of backlash from her inclusion. This could make her a bit off-putting to Sakurai who just wants to make fans happy. Maybe she can get in because of the new Star Fox coming to Wii U, but she is quite a gamble.

Geno (Probability: 15%)

I think you can understand my reasoning for this decision. Geno has a massively big following and his inclusion would be unanimously accepted either because you don’t care or you care too much. The big issue blocking his chances is of course Square Enix. Geno is currently in a licensing limbo, which means he can barely be considered first-party nor third-party. (He’s practically zero-party). Plus, Geno would technically be considered a Mario character, and some would say that the Mario series is taking up a lot of room in on the roster. It’s disheartening to a lot of people, but Geno has very few chances left. However, since Geno data was found in Brawl, he still has that small ray of hope.

King K. Rool (Probability: 20%)

This was another popular choice, since Donkey Kong is rather under-represented for being Nintendo’s first franchise. King K. Rool is first-party with a moderate request rate and a good move-set potential. Plus, Smash Run includes Kremlings as villains, which could possibly be a tease. What holds him back is how irrelevant he is currently. For some reason, he is not in either of the 2 recent Donkey Kong Country games, which places him in a rough spot. And while he is a popular choice, he’s not too popular of a choice. Then again, when has relevancy stopped character inclusion before?

Bowser Jr. (Probablity: 45%)

Part of me wants to say 50% but I’m less hopeful of his chances. Granted, he’s brought up a lot. I can make a move-set for him in my sleep, he’s such a shoe-in. My only reservation is that (again) Mario as a series already takes up a pretty big bunch of the roster, especially if you count Yoshi. That puts his chances kind of lower than likely. Other than that, he’s a great choice.

Ghiradim (Probability: 40%)

As a Zelda n00b who has never played Skyward Sword, I have no real opinion for or against his inclusion. He can utilizes melee attacks, swordplay and dark magic. Even to me that sounds awesome! He seems to have a considerably high campaign for inclusion, and Zelda is a series that could use a newcomer. The 2 things holding him back to me are the Twilight Princess designs of Zelda and Link and the fact that there are already 4 Zelda characters on the roster. (5 if and when Ganon is announced). Though I will concede that Toon Link defeats the first argument. I guess he has a pretty good shot.

Shulk (Probability: 70%)

This is a Gematsu character prediction. Depending how you feel about the rumored leak, Shulk could have a pretty good chance. (They were wrong about Chrom, though). Xenoblade Chronicle was a big deal for the Wii and there’s even a Xenoblade game coming to Wii U. He has a good amount of supporters. I have no experience with the series, but I know he’ll have a pretty good move-set going for him. Honestly, I see no reason he shouldn’t get in.

All Third-Party Characters (Probability: 10%)

Finally I will touch on the third-party candidates. I know some of you might question my judgement, but I honestly don’t see there being any more third-party characters. Back when Pac-Man was revealed, Sakurai’s wording suggested that he was the last third-party inclusion (at least it sounded like that to me). He also stated before that there won’t be that many third-party characters. Rayman being announced as a non-assist trophy doesn’t help much either. Granted, anything is possible when it comes to Smash Bros, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up… But if there is, I would say Bayonetta, Simon Belmont, Sora, and Ryu Hayabusa are the most likely.

Those are my thoughts on newcomers. Please join me for my veteran predictions coming soon. If I left anyone out that you want me to discuss, let me know and I’ll give my thoughts on their probability.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!