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Farewell Satoru Iwata

Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster for me. In a matter of one hour, I went from celebrating the 1 year anniversary of my blog to having my mouth drop at what my now wide eyes saw on Instagram. By now you must know. Some woke up this morning to the news, some had digested the information overnight, and maybe there are some reading this who still don’t know. (I doubt the last part, but who knows). Whatever the case, yesterday was a shocking and sad day.

Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo for 13 years, has died as a result of health issues. This occurred Saturday with the statement being issued by Nintendo Sunday night. He was 55 years old. Continue reading Farewell Satoru Iwata

My Ideas for Nintendo Attractions at Universal Theme Parks

Recently, Universal Studios announced that they have secured a partnership with Nintendo. Joining the likes of Dreamworks, Marvel and Warner Bros, we will soon be seeing Nintendo themed rides at Universal Studios Orlando. While this isn’t the first time Universal has dealt with video game companies for attractions- they’ve partnered with Capcom and Konami in the past- this will be the first line of mainstay video game attractions at the park. Continue reading My Ideas for Nintendo Attractions at Universal Theme Parks

My Quick Thoughts on Mewtwo DLC (Super Smash Bros)

Wednesday saw the launch of Mewtwo’s long awaited return to Super Smash Bros. For those of us who took advantage of Club Nintebdo’s promotion, we got a CD in the mail last month as well as two codes of Mewtwo for both our versions of Smash Bros. before it went on mass sale. I was one of these fortunate individuals, and since I’ve been playing as him the past two days, I want to give you my quick impressions.
Continue reading My Quick Thoughts on Mewtwo DLC (Super Smash Bros)

My Quick Thoughts on Nintendo Direct (April 2015): Smash Bros News

Yesterday during the late afternoon, Nintendo surprised fans with a Nintendo Direct just in time for April Fools Day. However, as Nintendo has stated before the show began, there aren’t many fools to be made here. In fact, there were only a few big surprises this time around. That’s what you expect from 48 minutes. Good thing those few big shockers are well worth getting excited for. Continue reading My Quick Thoughts on Nintendo Direct (April 2015): Smash Bros News

My Quick Thoughts on Club Nintendo Discontinuation

It is the middle of the month again- an important day if you use your Club Nintendo account due to it’s refreshing. This morning I check to see what games are available for download when I saw a gray banner which caught me off guard.

Indeed, my eyes weren’t deceiving me. Club Nintendo will be discontinued in 2015. According to the message on their main page, Nintendo will be replacing Club Nintendo with a new loyalty program most likely coming late 2015. Access to the page will end at the end of Club Nintendo’s elite year calendar on July 1. Three dates were given by Nintendo regarding site and account features.

  • 1/20/2015: Products released after this date are not eligible for registration with Club Nintendo
  • 3/31/2015: Last day to earn Coins, register products with Club Nintendo, and sign up for new Club Nintendo membership
  • 6/30/2015: Last day to redeem Coins or access your account on the Club Nintendo website. Club Nintendo program shuts down at 11:59pm PT on 6/30/2015.

Coins and other account information will not be transferred to the new reward program. You will have to sign up for that on your own and start from scratch on currency. Any unused codes for Club Nintendo will be useless if not redeemed by the end of March. Speaking of unused, it’s now time to spend those hard earned coins before they disappear forever.

Upcoming Nintendo products from here on out, including the New Nintendo 3DS system, won’t give you any coins either. If you were to gain more coins at this point, it will be through downloads from the eShop and Nintendo Shop Channel. Other than that, best search your game cases for some of those codes you have lying around.

It should be noted that Nintendo isn’t going to stop adding to the Club Nintendo rewards catalog. Referring back to the message on Club Nintendo’s home page:

As a result, to give our members the best opportunity to use their Coins, we will add dozens of downloadable games and a limited quantity of exclusive reward items to the rewards catalog in February. In addition, as a small token of appreciation for your loyalty, all Club Nintendo members will receive a free download code for Flipnote Studio 3D in February 2015.

So you still have a reason to check back at Club Nintendo and you’ll have plenty of items to spend it on. In addition, Elite status awards aren’t being affected. The only alteration is the date of which Gold and Platinum members can redeem their coin-free reward. (Spoiler alert: They’re game downloads again). Elite awards are scheduled for April instead.

No details were given about the new rewards program at this time. All we know is that there will be a new one to replace Club Nintendo.

In summation, Club Nintendo is ending. This is definitely surprising since Nintendo was really pushing the program lately. You got exclusive content like Ganondorf in Hyrule Warriors and Mewtwo in Smash Bros. Do I think it’s the correct move? Perhaps.

Now, I love Club Nintendo. I remember 5 years ago when I was the only person I knew with a membership. Now a good amount of people are part of Club Nintendo. And it was a great concept to give back and implore buying their games. Now all 3 companies are doing something similar, but Nintendo was the first to take on the loyalty program concept in this manner.

It had problems, sure. Probably their biggest problem was how small their rewards catalog was after the last couple of years. Only 3 years ago did they start introducing game downloads that spiced up the selection. But physical rewards like shirts, figurines, exclusive items, and so on were so few. In advertisements that was what they advertised to bring you in. But when you got there, you were discouraged by the fact that there is virtually nothing.

That’s one of the reasons why I think it could be good to revamp the entire concept. Some may say completely deleting it is a little extreme, but I think by now CN has a general stigma that either encouraged or discouraged consumers.

If I was to guess what Nintendo is replacing CN by, I would assume they will go in the direction of PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games for Gold. Those programs proved successful and are involved in a way CN never was. If people are willing to pay $50 a month for PS Plus before it was mandatory to play online, I’m sure they can do something similar (and hopefully cost-effective).

Most importantly, it will be easier for gamers to utilize their memberships. Sony and Microsoft’s programs tie directly to their online stores, which makes it easier to manage and take advantage of.

If they continue with a website like Power-Up Rewards, hopefully they better utilize their catalog. That’s what draws people to reward programs in the first place. Throw discounts and contests if you have to. And try to make more physical rewards, because they’re the best.

That’s everything I have on this in a nutshell. I’ll definitely miss Club Nintendo, but hopefully they can use this opportunity to improve their loyalty program concept in the future. I will definitly keep you updated if news of the new program comes up.

What are you guys’ take on the situation? What were your thoughst on Club Nintendo? Do/did you have a membership and for how long? What do you think Nintendo should do in the future to improve? Sound off in the comments so I can hear your thoughts and steal them for my own discuss them with you?

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

My Thoughts on Nintendo Direct (January 14, 2015)

Well, it’s been a while since I made a legitimate post on here. Outside the 2 updates and the movie countdown, I’ve been a quiet one. Half a month has passed, so now’s a better time than any to get officially back to normal for the New Year. Nintendo Direct’s are always a fun thing to discuss.

I was pretty excited for this honestly. My main motivation and hope was that they’d be talking about Mewtwo in Smash Bros. Unfortunately, no such thing occurred. Ah well, there’s always next time.

The clear star of the show here was the “New” Nintendo 3DS. Amiibo also got a good showing  as well as Fire Emblem (which is a good change of pace). A decent wealth of information to work with. So let’s actually get to it, shall we?

Continue reading My Thoughts on Nintendo Direct (January 14, 2015)

SBox Analysis: The Amiibo Dilemma

With Skylanders and Disney Infinity proving incredibly profitable with their combination of toys, collectables, and video games, it was up to Nintendo to try and 1-up them (pun not intended). So Iwata said, let there be Amiibos, and so it was.

Amiibos are little statues of various Nintendo characters, generally three or four inches tall. With NFC technology (the same used to scan cards and coupons on your smartphone) they have to ability to interact with select Nintendo games, namely Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. They serve various purposes depending on which game you use. In Smash Bros. they are trainable representations of you, but in Mario Kart 8 they create character costumes. Not to mention, they look fantastic on a shelf or desk. These run you $13 a pop.

In recent weeks, these have started to cause a stir. Nintendo is now orchestrating a serious supply and demand problem with certain figures. Continue reading SBox Analysis: The Amiibo Dilemma

SBox Recommends: Pikmin Short Movies

The movie industry nowadays is filled to the brim with adaptations, remakes, and sequels. Hollywood has left not a single stone unturned when it comes to potential adaptation sources. For the most part these movies based on books, TV shows, cartoons, comics, and toys have been incredibly successful. However, it’s been an unfortunate habit of movies based on video games not turning out all that well.

Even though some are able to reach financial success, rarely do they achieve critical success. Negative critical reception quickly becomes word of mouth, and word of mouth discourages moviegoers to see the film, which often causes these movies to be flops. Even Nintendo with a name as huge as Mario couldn’t translate to the big screen.

They say if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Perhaps this phrase could be applied to Pikmin Short Movies.

Release via the Nintendo eShop on 3DS and Wii U, Pikmin Short Movies is a collection of CG animated shorts lasting a grand total of 22 minutes. It was distributed by Toho Cinemas and animated by Nintendo, with Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Pikmin) as executive producer. There are two versions of this collection: a 3D version for the 3DS and a HD version for the Wii U.

This $5 collection contains 3 short films based on one of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises. Sounds like an incredible deal, but is it truly worth the investment?


There are 3 shorts to this collection. I will not tell you the entirety of what happens within each short in case you want to watch these for yourself.

The first is called “The Night Juicer” and is a little under 2 minutes long. It starts off with a title sequence and then shows three pikmin (one blue, one red, and one yellow) walking in on Olimar, who is blending a mysterious red beverage. Although, the red pikmin begins to wonder what exactly is in that shake.

The second is called “Treasure in a Bottle” and clocks in at 8 minutes long. Here we see a red pikmin walking around until it finds a big bottle. Inside the bottle is a mysterious blue orb. Curious, it finds a way into the bottle where he accidentally gets stuck. It’s up to three passerby pikmin to help their friend get out of the bottle.

The third and last in the collection is called “Occupational Hazards”, lasting 12 minutes. Here Olimar is directing the Pikmin as they repair a broken excavator. While trying to find parts, the pikmin awaken a fiery blowhog and soon a bulborb. Will they survive to see the sun shine on this cloudy day?

That’s really it in terms of story. Again, these are shorts, so there isn’t much of a cohesive narrative.


But for what it’s worth, I really do enjoy the writing. There is no dialogue throughout the shorts, yet the delivery and cartoony wit of these characters speaks much louder than words ever could. I really do like the Pikmin. They’re not just cute little things with buds on their heads as you nay think. The red pikmin are curious, blue are kind of slow, yellow are extreme, white have huge tempers, and purple… well I guess they’re just big. Olimar lacks much personality, but he serves his purpose as the captain. (I do realize in the games he has more personality).

Every situation in the shorts was enjoyable. While the first film can be seen as too short, made even worse by the fact that most of it was shown in the trailer, I feel on its own merit it was funny. Clever how they start making Olimar seem to be blending Pikmin. The second one was also good. While I still don’t know what that blue orb thing was, it was fun to see how he got in the bottle. I also admired the means of communication presented in these shorts. The third to me was the main selling point of the collection. Because it was longer and resembled the games much closer, it shines that much brighter. Plenty of good gags in there to make you smirk a bit, too.


But what stands out the most with these films is how beautiful they are. The animation is incredible, especially in HD. I believe that the vibrant colors, shadings, and real-to-life lighting effects rivals the likes of Dreamworks and Pixar. Frames of animation are also incredibly smooth.

While I realize Pikmin doesn’t take place on Earth, the forested features look close enough to actually walking through part of a rain forest. The amount of detail in the scenery is something to be admired.

The least I can say to praise the animation is that it looks just like how a Pikmin game should look.

Music for these shorts are also very pleasing to the ear. Again, just like a Pikmin game. The score consists mostly of piano, drums and brass instruments mixed with soft synthesized sounds. The music plays a heavy task of setting the mood in place of the mute characters, and it accomplishes that well. It’s orchestrated in such a way that it practically acts like the shorts’ storyteller.


All in all, Pikmin Short Movies is a fantastic collection which I believe is worth anyone’s time, especially if you’re a fan of the Pikmin series. It’s perfectly entertaining with its fun, lighthearted storytelling and beautiful visuals. Just being able to see this on an HD screen is worth the price alone.

Well done Nintendo. If you wanted to, you’d make a great animation company in the future.


This comes highly recommended if you have the means. If you have a Wii U or 3DS and have at least minimal knowledge of what Pikmin is about, you should check this out. This will probably be best appreciated by fans of the Pikmin games. This will also do fine for most children between 4 and 10. Animation enthusiasts will definitely find something to love about these shorts. To any others, it’s still worth a shot if you stumble upon it. It probably won’t blow your mind if you don’t know anything about Pikmin.

Verdict: 8/10

Of course, perhaps you’ve already seen the Pikmin Short Movies. Did you like these shorts as much as I did? Is there anything I left out? Leave a comment letting me know  so we can discuss this together. Also let me know if you enjoyed this review and what I can do to improve future ones.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

My Top 5 Most Wanted Super Smash Bros DLC Characters (700 View Special)

This week saw the release of Super Smash Bros for Wii U, the Wii U’s most anticipated game release to date. Whether you’re a Smash fan or not, whether you love Nintendo or hate their guts, whether you have the Wii U or never wanted one, whether you dig fighting games or prefer other genres, you most likely had your eye on this game and its 3DS counterpart for a while now.

The Smash Bros series is kind of like the “Nintendo Olympics”. Fighters from a plethora of franchises come together to compete in one massive fighting game. Therefore, when a new installment comes out once every console generation it is celebrated. And if you haven’t experienced any of the now (technically) 5 Smash Bros games, I’m not sure what your waiting for, nor do I see a better time to try the series out.

With this new iteration comes a lot of firsts for the series, one standing out most of all. Sure 8-player co-op was a pretty big new thing, but I find a lot of intrigue in the introduction of DLC. Of course I’m referring to Mewtwo’s announcement not too long ago. Mewtwo being the game’s first downloadable character has officially opened the door for other characters to join the fray in the future.

But who could be next? More so, who do you want to be next? Well I have 5 choices who I would personally want as future DLC.

I understand that it’s not confirmed that there will be any more DLC characters after Mewtwo, but that’s not stopping me from dreaming. No matter if Mewtwo is the only downloadable character or not, I will love this game reguardless. These are just characters I feel would make the experience even better for me personally.

Remember, as I always say, this is not my personal top 5 characters; not everyone’s top 5, and not the top 5 characters that will be DLC. My choices may vary from yours, so please feel free to disagree. Let me know in the comments who you would want as DLC.

#1: Lucas



Believe me when I say how disappointed and surprised I was when Lucas was cut in Wii U and 3DS. He was my main fighter in Brawl, and I personally felt he should’ve been in from the get-go. Especially considering the number of self-admitted clone characters that made their way into the game like Dr Mario, Dark Pit, and Lucina, Lucas seemed like a likely candidate. And even for a clone, he still had a good deal of differences from Ness.

I still think Lucas has a good shot at being in the new game. Like I said, he fits right in with the clones, he would continue to give Earthbound representation, and he has a good base to build upon. With some tweaking, you could probably even make him a bit more different than Ness. Maybe downplay his physical ability while buffing up his psychic ability. I dunno. At least his inclusion would make me happy.

#2: Paper Mario

The idea of this character was being tossed about the Smash Bros community so much that I was surprised they opted not to include Paper Mario. I honestly expected him before Bowser Jr. It’s such a genius idea. Not only is he Mario, but he would play almost entirely different from Mario if done correctly. His paper quality also fits in when you place his flat self next to Game & Watch. I see nothing but potential with this character.

In my previous posts, I supported this character by saying that, as far as Mario clones go, Paper Mario would be the most preferred over Dr Mario. Apparently, Nintendo saw it the other way around. That’s why I’m not really holding my breath for Paper Mario to make it. At least in this iteration of Smash, people would probably draw the line at one clone per every character. Even I will admit that three versions of Mario would be hard to swallow. At that point you might as well throw Metal Mario in, too.

In my world Paper Mario could coexist with Dr Mario based on how different he would be from Mario already.

#3: Crash Bandicoot

Yes, I know it’s not happening. I still want him in the game!

I really commend the choice of third party characters this time around. It’s clear that Nintendo went with the most iconic characters they could all representing a major part of Nintendo history in one way or the other. To pick another third party character would have to be on the same level of nostalgia as Pac-Man, Mega Man, and Sonic. I believe Crash is one of the closest to fitting the bill.

This is clearly a biased pick on my part since I have a huge soft spot for Crash Bandicoot games. But tell me he wouldn’t fit in the roster. standing next to Fox or Sonic he looks natural. As the former representative mascot for Sony in the 90’s, he has a similar relevance to Nintendo history as Sonic does. Besides, Crash was multiplatform for the majority of his career and has exckusive handheld games on the GameBoy and DS. Not to mention how much moveset potential he has.

I realize that Crash would be one of the last characters Nintendo would consider for Smash Bros, especially with rumors of a new Crash game coming to PS4. For me, an announcement of Crash in Smash Bros would do nothing short of make my head explode. Besides, Snake got in, so why not Crash?

#4: Wonder Red

He’s absolutely perfect for Super Smash Bros. Think of the possibilities. It’s not that hard. He’s a brawler who can morph into a giant gun, an anvil, and a sword among other things. You can also play him up as a little powerhouse in terms of strength. Maybe not Little Mac strong, but perhaps Captain Falcon level strong.

I will concede that Wonderful 101 didn’t sell well and Nintendo may not see much reason to put him in. But since when has sales dictated inclusion? Ness got in after all. Even if it did, sales for Wonderful 101 could only benefit from extra exposure. Besides, he had a pretty good campaign going for him before the game came out. I still think he’d be an awesome character.

#5: Ryu Hayabusa

In terms of third party candidates, even ones from the 8-bit era, I feel Hayabusa isn’t as popular of a choice as characters like Simon Belmont. He still is an awesome contender though. Ryu is a master of swordplay and ninja skills. In fact, Smash Bros can use another ninja since we only have two. There is a ton of possibilities for his Ninpo powers as well.

Ninja Gaiden was a big part of Nintendo’s history which is why he has a good shot. While he would stand out in Nintendo’s cleverly chosen third party mascots, Ryu still has nostalgia on his side, not to mention relevance. I have faith that Ryu would be an awesome fighter.

Runners Up

Bayonneta: Not sure I need to explain why she’d fit in, but she would.
Rayman: Rayman is another one of those characters who would blend in with the other third-party characters. Plus, he’s already a trophy.
Toad: A dull choice, but I feel Toad could provide an interesting style to the roster. Whether regular Toad or Captain Toad, he’ll be cool.
Simon Belmont or Solid Snake: Konami should have a character in again. These are my top choices for nostalgia (Belmont) and familiarity (Snake).
Isaac: Fans have convinced me even though I never played Golden Sun before. Besides, I find it peculiar that he isn’t even an assist trophy.

There are plenty of characters I would want for the newest Super Smash Bros games. While I’m not saying everyone here is a shoe-in for entry, these are characters I’d love to see.

How about you guys? What characters remain on your dream roster? Let me know in the comments and continue the speculation together.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

My Quick Thoughts on the Super Smash Bros for 3DS Demo

Fans of Super Smash Bros have been waiting 7 years for a new installment of the game. A little over a year ago, we have been anticipating the newest Smash Bros game. Today we are only 2 weeks away from the release, but we don’t have to wait any longer to get our hands on the game.

Behold, the demo for Super Smash Bros for 3DS! While a plethora of desperate, impatient individuals were going around begging for early access codes, I decided to be patient and wait the extra week like everybody else. I downloaded my demo first thing when I got home, and have been playing the hell out of that thing all weekend.

The demo has a total limit of 30 uses. It contains only Smash mode with the option of solo play or local multiplayer, 5 playable characters (Mario, Link, Pikachu, Villager, and Mega Man) 1 playable map (Battlefield), and only 1 method of gameplay of a 2 minute free-for-all. You would think that with all these limitations that it’ll get old really quick. It’s not in the slightest. Somehow 5 characters hold up just fine.

It’s a very addicting game. You’ll find that the traditional Smash Bros gameplay has been relatively untouched. Obviously your objective of knock your opponents off the stage is still key here. There are a few new items, Pokemon, and assist trophies to experiment with as well as some old favorites like the dragoon pieces and the smash ball. It’s not much, but it’s enough to keep you coming back.

The graphics are really beautiful as you can tell from gameplay footage. The shell-shading is actually very effective in making the game look high def even on the 3DS. The frame-rate also doesn’t miss a beat. It’s very fast pace and there’s impressively no slow-down.

I do have 1 gripe with the game. Unfortunately it’s a bit big. I’m not a fan of the control style. It’s doable at the very least, but things would be a lot easier if I had the option of the D-Pad. You’re only option for maneuverability is the analog stick… nub… thing that the 3DS has.

I didn’t think it was a big deal before playing the game, but it actually hurts your thumb after a number of rounds, especially if you jump using the analog stick. You have the option of using Y or X to jump as well, but it’s very awkward since they’re right above the attack buttons. However, when you play in small bursts, it’s no big deal.

As for the 5 characters, they’re awesome. The 3 veterans, Mario, Link, and Pikachu play just how they always have, though Link has a couple changes. Then there are the 2 newcomers who are awesome additions. I didn’t think I’d like Villager as much as I did, but he’s really effective in battle. And I got nervous about Mega Man after what some people said back at E3. Rest assured, he’s going to be valuable in my Smash experience. And that Final Smash though!

So, yeah. That’s everything I have on this demo. Overall, I love the demo like a son. It’s Smash Bros goodness at its finest. I can honestly say that I now understand why everyone was going around the Internet begging everyone and everything for codes. This really is a good time. If you haven’t downloaded it yet… Well, it goes without saying, but I guess I’ll say it anyway. You’re out of you’re mind!

So, what do you guys think about this demo. Who’d your favorite character in the demo? Mine is Mario believe it or not. And how are you liking these new controls? Let me know and we’ll talk numbers.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!