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I’ve been reviewing movies, games, books, and just about anything else for several years on several sites. It was always called “SBox Recommends”. I haven’t reviewed anything for almost a year now, but I believe now is the time to resurrect that aspect of my on-life. So I give you my review segment.

Note that despite the title “SBox Recommends“, I will not necessarily be recommending everything I review. “Recommends” is a blanket term for review. However, I do believe that everything can mean anything to anybody. So I guess that recommends is a fitting title. Just not in the context that you’d immediately think.

For more information on this segment of my blog, click here. Now, onto the review.


When I decided to start reviewing again there were two ways to go about this. Either I start reviewing something heavily known and popular or something rather obscure and weird. I decided that the only way I’m watching this movie is to review it. It certainly wouldn’t be from word of mouth, let me tell you.

Never heard of Behaving Badly? You’re in good company. This movie was released in August 2014 with a limited theatricality release and an immediate online release. It’s also based on the famous book While I’m Dead, Feed the Dog. This movie’s biggest call to fame is for it’s 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. (To make matters worse, Rotten Tomatoes is known to have a 1% margin of error).

It’s pretty clear that people aren’t very fond of this movie. But is all this hate warranted? Let’s take a look.


This movie follows a dysfunctional teenage boy named Rick Stevens (Nat Wolff) as he looks back on his two week descent into a living hell. It all started with a bet he made with the son of a notorious mob boss. For $1,000 he must ask out his high school crush, Nina Pennington (Selena Gomez), and have sex with her. To do this, he must receive help from a guardian angel who looks like his mother (Mary-Louise Parker), get intertwined with the local mafia, blackmail a couple people, run a strip club in his house, end up in jail a couple times, and have sex with his best friend’s mother (Elisabeth Shue) on the side.

If you think that synopsis is weird, trust me. The movie is even weirder. I want you to imagine the exact equilibrium between a normal dream and a night-terror; that unexplainable, nonsensical, unpleasant thought. That’s most of the movie.

A more fitting comparison is with Grown Ups 2. Both movies have an unrealistic, dysfunctional, cartoony tone with jokes usually pertaining to sex, drugs, or barf. Where these two break their similarity is in direction. Grown Ups 2 has direction and Behaving Badly does not.


It’s hard to put this movie into a genre, because it seems lost as to what it’s trying to be. The best bet is a dark comedy, but the movie is constantly walking the line between comedic and straight-forward. So, you really can’t tell what your watching.

Let’s assume for the time being that this is a dark comedy like the book it’s based on.

You’ll find that the movie can be funny at times. When they playback a scene with different dialogue to represent Rick’s train of thought, that’s clever. Even some of its actual jokes can get a laugh. Unfortunately, most of the jokes come off more disturbing than funny. Unless you’re into the kind of humor where a pervert likes the feeling of his genitals being crushed by Elizabeth Shue, the movie can be a bit too much at times.

The movie isn’t necessarily unfunny. It’s just a bit much even for people who like that kind of humor. Since the movie is very light on subtlety for the first two-thirds you’re just constantly hammered with gags that are likely to scare you off.

Don’t get me wrong. I can handle dark humor and toilet humor. South Park is one of my favorite shows. Even for me, the movie can be a bit too uncomfortable… at least at first.

What I found surprising was the final 20 minutes of the movie. The final act brings us back to present day. Rick has hit rock bottom and is deciding where he goes from there. He tries to correct his wrongs and better himself in the process. It is almost a different movie from that point on. That loud and disturbing film suddenly becomes more somber, subtle and intimate.

It’s like you were drunk for the first two acts and sobered up in the third. I really do wish the movie had a tone similar to the climax onward. What the ending did right was maintain its nonsensical atmosphere and portion it (By the way, I’m not talking about the VERY end).

The best way to say it is that the ending had charm. That’s what the rest of the movie lacked in my opinion. With these very uncomfortable, passe themes and jokes you should have a bit of charm to pull the audience in and make them want to stay. Too bad it took them an hour to do so.


The acting is a bright spot for the film. Say all you want about what was said or done in the movie, but the actors make the movie.

First you have Nat Wolff, who you may know best from Nickelodeon. Irony aside he is probably the best fit for this character. At first glance the performance seems wooden and lifeless, but I think that’s the point. Rick is supposed to be a desensitized character brought up by a crappy series of events. He is really good at showing just the right amount of emotion that makes sense for the character. That said, he is completely able to portray emotions like shock, happiness, and even sadness. Toward the end, you see Rick showing the first real signs of emotion, and it makes sense for that time in the narrative.

Unless the character was supposed to be livelier or emotional. In which case, I guess he didn’t do a good job, but did supply a decent alternative.

Then there’s Selena Gomez. She is completely fine in terms of performance. The problem is the character she’s portraying. Nina is the only character who is actually sane but overly so. She’s the pretty, religious, down-to-earth, nice girl who’s purpose is merely to be a contrast to the world around her and the center of the entire plot. The character is just uninteresting. Had the character had a bit more personality, then Gomez would have more to work with. But she does good with what she’s given.

Mary Louise-Parker also does a good job. I’m not familiar with her work and have nothing to base it on, but I do know that for both the role of Rick’s drunkard mother and guardian angel, she does a great job.

I am also not too familiar with Elisabeth Shue’s work, but she plays a really big part in this movie and does well in it. She plays Rick’s mother’s best friend who also happens to be the mother of his best friend. And she has a thing for Nat Wolff. Such an odd role to play, and she really owns the role. As insane of a human being the character is, she is memorable.

The supporting cast also does a good job in their respective roles. The friend does a good job, so does the mob boss’s son, the priest, the sister, the brother, the principal, etc. You will notice quite a few actors who you may know from other roles. Even Justin Beiber makes a cameo in the movie that lasts four seconds.


You can also commend the cinematography. Nothing about the movie looks choppy or cheap.

The camera work captures everything it has to. You get these really good shots of the town they are in. For example, the movie starts off speeding down the neighborhood where Rick lives, and that looks nice. The camera work is also commendable in scenes where the world freezes around Rick. You have very smooth and natural motions as Rick surveys the scene.

The editing is quick but not too quick. It knows when to let a scene breathe, but it will go fast and cut quickly when its time for something comedic. The cutaways between an event to his fantasy of Nina is one example. The editing actually does make some scenes funnier than they would otherwise be.

The music is mostly pop and some rock songs. There’s not much to note here in terms of a score, though.

Overall, it has traditional fair-budgeted production value throughout.


This is most certainly a bad movie. No doubt about it. However is it really worth that 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes?

I wouldn’t go that far. If the movie was really worth a 0% not only would it have given me a horrific parasite which would painfully haunt the rest of my days, but it would also have no redeeming factors. That’s just not true.

This movie has decent production value, good performances and decent humor in some places. Given that much worse movies like The Last Airbender have a 6% on RT, I feel the 0% is over-exaggerated. However the movie is quite awful.

The movie’s greatest sin is being a bad comedy. It tries so hard to be a smart, hard-R laugh riot- way too hard. What probably would be a clever dark comedy like the book it’s based on turns into an uncomfortable, unpleasant experience. Even if you love that fresh and disgusting humor, the jokes presented lack the charm to be impactful. The most accurate adjective for the film is “uncomfortable”.

To its credit it eventually gets it right towards the end. But by that time a good bunch of the audience has probably turned the movie off.


This movie is probably suitable to some people with some very twisted senses of humor and a higher tolerance for the more disturbing aspects of this movie. I have seen that some people actually like the movie okay, though they are the minority.

To fans of the original book, don’t expect an accurate representation of the source material. Writer of While I’m Dead, Feed the Dog Ric Browde has publicly denounced the movie for faithlessness to his book. Even though I haven’t read the book, I have read his site’s content. Check it out, because it is very funny.

If you are in any way interested in the synopsis, curiosity can be a good motivation to see it. It’s not the worst comedy ever, but it is pretty bad. See it only if you absolutely need to know. Even low expectations can’t guarantee enjoyment, though.

Verdict: 3/10


Thank you all for reading my first WordPress review. I must say, it’s good to be back. Let me know what you thought of the review so that I can improve future ones. And if you saw the movie, what did you think about it?

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!


Weekly Update (9/27/14): A Million Drafts, 400 Views, and Whatnot

Greetings peeps!

It’s time for the weekly update! Like the new name change? I figured the word “Update” by itself implied something a bit more intimidating. So we’re trying a new title. Hopefully it sticks.

So how are you? I’m good at the moment. This week was busy to say the least. Sorry you haven’t seen anything except the Smash Bros demo impressions. Every chance I had to post was met with a bunch of tasks to do before I could even get onto WordPress, and by the time I would get on I’d be too tired to write anything.

On Monday I made a draft in school and had a bunch of TV shows to watch which will be covered within the next couple of weeks. Tuesday I was out all day after school running errands. Wednesday I was going to make a mid-week update, but it got late. Thursday was my day off from school. I was able to get a good chunk of the SBox Recommends done after I did a bunch of homework and an anatomy project, but I had nothing to post. Friday I was out doing family stuff. And yesterday I was writing part of the SBR and this very update. (Fun fact: I write these updates on Saturday nights to post them the next morning).

So that’s what’s been going on outside of school. On the school side though, I’m doing so much better. I’m so colse to straight A’s! I haven’t had straight A’s since 8th grade, so this is awesome. The only other thing of note to mention is that I am getting the PS4 soon. I’ve been saving up for a while, but my parents decided to just get it for me anyway. I’ll be posting something regarding that one of these days.

And now for our feature presentation: the site updates!

Okay, here’s the deal, I have 6 drafts just sitting on my dashboard. 1 goes back to July, another goes back early this year, and the rest are from last week to this week. Believe me when I say I’ve been working on things for a while. My goal this week and next week is to clear all of that out one way or the other.

One post involves the Disney movie Frozen. The draft was made 2 weeks ago, and was put off because the subject I wanted to tackle involved a bit of extra research. I said it a while back, but this post will be finished no later than the beginning of November. I doubt we’ll be pushing that date, so expect it within the month of October.

There are 2 Nintendo related drafts in my arsenal. One of them I might not do, the other I most certainly will. The one I’m willing to do can be made very soon since its strictly opinion based. Keep on the look-out for that one most likely when the review and special is done.

Speaking of review the SBox Recommends of Behaving Badly, which will be the my first WordPress review, was my primary concern this past week. It’s almost done. What happened was that I didn’t know how to organize the review properly. Yesterday I found a solution that I am happy with, so it shouldn;t be much longer now. Believe me I’m not dropping this review for anything. I didn’t watch that movie for nothing.

As for the review of The Maze Runner, that is indefinite. Because of the first review, I put that one off for a while. Like an idiot I didn’t take notes on the movie like I usually do for most movie reviews. I’m not saying I’m not doing it just yet. I still do remember enough of the movie to make a decent review, but it might not be the most fresh opinion. For now, just know that the previous review is coming. Like I said before, these review do take time.

Now for the special. First of all I want to thank you all for being so supportive of me even in weeks like this. I reached 400 views on Thursday. It means so much to me that so many people have seen my work, so I thank all of you for taking the time to read my stuff!

So, last milestone I said I will make a top x-number list every time I reach a milestone. Last time I made my Top 5 TV Shows and it did surprisingly well. So I think I might do it again if that’s okay with you guys. I’m thinking my Top 5 Big Bang Theory Episodes would be good to celebrate the new season. I actually have a lot of options, but I’ll make that special after I’m done with the SBR.

While we’re on the topic, Last week Monday was the biggest TV show night ever. I myself watched 3 shows that night: The Big Bang Theory, Gotham, and Red vs Blue. That night I started writing an analysis giving my impressions on the episodes of BBT and Gotham. I decided soon after that I don;t have that much to talk about yet. Both shows are very early in their return/start, so I want to wait a couple of weeks to watch at least the first 5 episodes of each show. I will make separate posts for both shows. As for Red vs Blue, the season finale is tomorrow, so I will have a post regarding the show some time later. It may even be my next Top 10.

The last draft to mention is the first installment on 7th Gen In-Review. I feel so bad for making people wait for this segment, because people are definitely seeing the original post in spades. I promise I will get the first installment which will talk about DLC as soon as possible. If you don’t see it in your reader, refer back to the intro post to find a link to the first post once it gets made.

Anything else? Well I still am keeping my eye on the Power Rangers movie. I’m waiting to see enough information to comment on, and will make a second post when I am ready to further comment on it.

That’s all I have for now. I would like to as always thank you guys for sticking with me for so long. I know this week has been slow, but I will try my hardest to get back on track. And thanks again for 400 Views! Every time I reach another milestone, it makes me feel so accomplished. It’s great to have viewers like you!

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

My Quick Thoughts on the Super Smash Bros for 3DS Demo

Fans of Super Smash Bros have been waiting 7 years for a new installment of the game. A little over a year ago, we have been anticipating the newest Smash Bros game. Today we are only 2 weeks away from the release, but we don’t have to wait any longer to get our hands on the game.

Behold, the demo for Super Smash Bros for 3DS! While a plethora of desperate, impatient individuals were going around begging for early access codes, I decided to be patient and wait the extra week like everybody else. I downloaded my demo first thing when I got home, and have been playing the hell out of that thing all weekend.

The demo has a total limit of 30 uses. It contains only Smash mode with the option of solo play or local multiplayer, 5 playable characters (Mario, Link, Pikachu, Villager, and Mega Man) 1 playable map (Battlefield), and only 1 method of gameplay of a 2 minute free-for-all. You would think that with all these limitations that it’ll get old really quick. It’s not in the slightest. Somehow 5 characters hold up just fine.

It’s a very addicting game. You’ll find that the traditional Smash Bros gameplay has been relatively untouched. Obviously your objective of knock your opponents off the stage is still key here. There are a few new items, Pokemon, and assist trophies to experiment with as well as some old favorites like the dragoon pieces and the smash ball. It’s not much, but it’s enough to keep you coming back.

The graphics are really beautiful as you can tell from gameplay footage. The shell-shading is actually very effective in making the game look high def even on the 3DS. The frame-rate also doesn’t miss a beat. It’s very fast pace and there’s impressively no slow-down.

I do have 1 gripe with the game. Unfortunately it’s a bit big. I’m not a fan of the control style. It’s doable at the very least, but things would be a lot easier if I had the option of the D-Pad. You’re only option for maneuverability is the analog stick… nub… thing that the 3DS has.

I didn’t think it was a big deal before playing the game, but it actually hurts your thumb after a number of rounds, especially if you jump using the analog stick. You have the option of using Y or X to jump as well, but it’s very awkward since they’re right above the attack buttons. However, when you play in small bursts, it’s no big deal.

As for the 5 characters, they’re awesome. The 3 veterans, Mario, Link, and Pikachu play just how they always have, though Link has a couple changes. Then there are the 2 newcomers who are awesome additions. I didn’t think I’d like Villager as much as I did, but he’s really effective in battle. And I got nervous about Mega Man after what some people said back at E3. Rest assured, he’s going to be valuable in my Smash experience. And that Final Smash though!

So, yeah. That’s everything I have on this demo. Overall, I love the demo like a son. It’s Smash Bros goodness at its finest. I can honestly say that I now understand why everyone was going around the Internet begging everyone and everything for codes. This really is a good time. If you haven’t downloaded it yet… Well, it goes without saying, but I guess I’ll say it anyway. You’re out of you’re mind!

So, what do you guys think about this demo. Who’d your favorite character in the demo? Mine is Mario believe it or not. And how are you liking these new controls? Let me know and we’ll talk numbers.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

Update (9/21/14): TV Shows, A Ton of Reviews, and Whatnot

Greetings peeps!

It’s another beautiful Sunday for a weekly blog update. I’ve had a pretty decent week. I got my Senior shirt, I got the Smash Bros demo, I’m doing pretty good in school, and I have just one more day to wait for one of my favorite shows to come back on the air. I also have access to a PS4 now. My older brother just got one, and all I have to do is visit to try the thing out without going to a Best Buy or something. Other than that, pretty easy-going week, and it went a little fast, too.

This coming week is going to be rather interesting for a few reasons I’ll be working even harder to turn my B’s into A’s before the 1st quarter ends. (I’m working with 3 A’s and 3 B’s as of this week). With all the shows coming on this week, I’ll have to work that into my schedule now. Then there’s that one day off of school I have on Thursday. Such an odd place to put it since I have school again on Friday. Hopefully everything goes well on all accounts.

Now onto the blog news!

Okay, first things first I’m a realist. We have a lot of TV content coming in the next couple of weeks. Tomorrow, I will finally see that last episode of The Leftovers. I have a feeling it will come up one day on this blog, but we’ll see about that.

On more concrete news, there will be a post regarding a couple of shows coming back this Monday. The two I’m definitely doing are of The Big Bang Theory and Gotham. I hope I can watch Gotham the night of, but Gotham is one of 1 million shows coming back that night which include The Voice and Blacklist. Red vs Blue episodes are on Monday nights, too. So it’ll be battling for its time to shine. Once I see it, I’ll make a quick impressions of it.

Same with the 2 episodes of The Big Bang Theory I’m salivating for. Eventually, I plan on revisiting my original predictions post like I did with Smash Bros 4, but that will probably not be for a LONG time.

Speaking of Smash Bros 4, I got the demo on Friday. I will make a post on it for sure since I’ve been playing it for a while. Expect that sometime today or tomorrow. I decided not to make this a SBox Recommends, since it’s kind of silly to review a demo. It’ll be a Quick Thought for sure. I’ll save the review for when the games come out. I still don’t know if I’m getting both versions or just the Wii U version, so there’s that.

Now for the reviews. As you read in the title, the SBox Recommends reviews are definitely coming soon. I have a half-complete draft of my first SBR already made. On top of that, I just saw a movie yesterday in the theater. Because you guys have been so patient with this segment, I will tell you both reviews ahead of time.

The first is of the infamous movie Behaving Badly. That was an… interesting watch to say the least. I’ll be finished that movie by the middle of the week, maybe even sooner. The second movie I haven’t written down yet is on The Maze Runner. I’ll be placing notes down for it and will get to it soon as I publish the first review.

Don’t worry about me not making that first review. The only reason I would see a movie like that was to review it, and by God I refuse to have me watch that movie for nothing. Besides, I’ve been neglecting the movie section of my blog for a long time now. The reviews are the least I can do.

I unfortunately don’t have a lot of gaming content planned that I haven’t already stated last week. So just to recap, I will be starting my first 7th Gen In Review post soon. I started a draft, so expect it some time in the future. The first topic is going to be on DLC, though that’s subject to change. There is also another draft on something Nintendo related. Other than that, unless something big happens during the week, there’s not much planned.

I also want to point out that I was offered by the Opinionated Man to guest blog on his site, Harsh Reality, if I wish. This is a marvelous opportunity as his viewer base is massive. And he’s also a really nice guy. So, if you see me mention it in a post this week or next week, you’ll know what happened. I’m just looking for the correct kind of post to make on his blog. The struggle is trying to appeal to his fanbase while showing off what I do most here. Anyway, that might happen.

That is pretty much everything I have so far for the blog. I want to thank you all for your support all this time. You guys are awesome. Last week saw a big increase in followers as well. So, I welcome you if you’re new. Keep an eye out for content coming in the near future.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

Update (9/14/14): Smash Bros, Other Topics and Whatnot

Greetings peeps!

Today is just another Sunday in a tired old street. Police have got the choke hold- OH-OH-uh-uh-OH- then we just lost a beat.

That song was just in my head, so I just went with it. Anyway this week marks the 2 month line for this blog. Hard to think I’ve been doing this for this long. My last blog didn’t have this much stuff in this amount of time. It’s good to see things through, and I’m glad of where I am now. It’s a good thing I found a way to make this hobby work with my lifestyle.

This week has been pretty good. Things are looking up for me. Starting to apply to colleges, working toward a good GPA, and being a bit more social than previously. The only thing that sucks about next week is that I’m taking the bus to school now; you know cause I just love waking up at ungodly hours. It’s just temporary though. Gives me more time to think about blog ideas, though.

Now let’s talk blog news!

Smash Bros is finally out… in Japan! But hey it’s cool. We get to find out all of Sakurai’s little secrets now. I was part of the Twitch livestream of Smash Bros on Friday. It was fun, but I was hoping for Smash reveals. Don’t even get me started on how many leaches were begging for codes for the demo. (Worst of all was that I was one of those leaches for a couple of minutes). But I digress.

I have a post coming in the next couple of days discussing my thoughts on the final roster. The way I have it set up currently is like a report card for my 3 character probability posts. It might change to a “My Quick Thoughts” though. Just to give you a sneak peak, I’m pretty happy with the roster, though I was hoping for a bit more. There HAS to be DLC though.

I’ll also be downloading the demo for 3DS when it’s available for eShop. I’ll make a review of that, perhaps. That might be my first SBox Recommends. I know, about dang time, right?

Speaking of reviews, I know what I want to review, and it’s a movie. It’s just about when I sit down to see it is all. This won’t be an issue of finding seats, since this was a direct-to-video thing which I found on YouTube. I’m going to try to see it tomorrow, then have it up within the next week.

I was supposed to have a lot more posts this week. There was this one about Frozen I was making for a while, but after looking into the topic I want to tackle with this post, I decided I need more time. I’m not sure when I’ll be ready to post it. Hopefully soon, because I do find the topic interesting. This is good because I’ve been neglecting movie related posts lately.

Besides Disney movies, I also plan to cover Power Rangers movies- and by movies I mean movie. The past couple of weeks, my Power Ranger reboot analysis has become suddenly popular. I assume there is more news about the film that I’ve been missing. So, I’ll look into it, and report back to you when I have enough to make a post on.

In a couple of weeks, a certain favorite show of mine is returning for its eighth season. I will be covering the Big Bang Theory season premier with as a follow-up to my predictions post. Expect that a little after it’s premiere next Monday.

I also have Part 1 of my 7th Gen In Review series to post. I am just deciding on my first topic for that segment. Once I do, I’ll get straight to work.

One last thing I want to share with you is that I will soon be making posts that cover more random topics. My blog has always been mostly about entertainment sources: Gaming, Film, and Television. However, there will also be a section on the sight to just talk about other things. There’s one topic I might tackle, but nothing is set in stone yet.

That’s everything I have this week. There’s a lot of things coming to the site in the future, and this isn’t even everything. Thank you all for sticking with me for nearly 2 months. To any new followers or viewers, welcome aboard. To non-WordPress users, I’m working out a solution that allows you to follow via email, so stay tuned.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

My Top 5 Favorite TV Shows (300 View Special)

I recently have received my 300th view for my blog. It amazes me that I got that far in such a short period of time. It’s unreal to me that in not even 2 months, a blog I produced could have reached that many views. I have gained much more than I feel I could have ever obtained, and I would like to take a moment and say thank you. Even if you have just clicked on a article and then clicked away, you have given me a wonderful gift.

To celebrate, like I mentioned on my last update post, for now on every 100 views this blog gets I will in some way give you guys a little bit of myself. Because you guys have taken an interest in me, I want to give you guys a little more insight on the person who is writing these posts.

And with that said, I come from a generation of television. TV played a pretty good part in my development. We’re all raised with cartoons and educational shows, and then move on to major series. Today, I would like to give you my top 5 favorite shows. While this list may no doubt change one day, these are 5 shows that are my current favorites of all-time.

Note: this is not THE top 5 shows. This is MY top 5 favorite shows. Please feel free to disagree.

#5: Kyle XY

This is a very personal show to me. I will forever know this show as the first TV show I sought out personally and watched on my own. Before, I used to always watch shows that my family watched. For the first year or so, it was just me waiting every Monday night for the next episode.

Most people remember this show as the one with the boy without a bellybutton. This is a great sci-fi mystery story about a boy with amnesia who appears suddenly from the woods. He has these extraordinary mathematical, scientific and physical abilities, but no concept of society or basic functions (and of course no bellybutton). The central question is “Who is Kyle XY”, which a Seattle family who takes Kyle in is ready to find out. The result is that Kyle may be a byproduct of something a little bigger than what he hoped.

What I like about this show is the plot, more so the build-up that leads to our answer. Aside from the central mystery, the show starts by just fleshing out the character of Kyle. I like how Kyle had to first learn how to coexist in the world before he is able to know exactly who or what he is. Even by season 2 when he becomes more in-tune with society, the show is still based mostly on him learning basic concepts. Those lessons ranges from simple to extreme; from accepting who you to protecting the ones you love. This makes Kyle into a much more likable character. You feel so alien when stepping into his world.

You’ll be doing yourself a favor by seeing this show. I will warn you that the show ended with a pretty big cliffhanger, but don’t let that stop you from witnessing such a gem of television.

#4: South Park



As I grew older, there was this sort of right of passage I went through in terms of TV shows. Every year in my teens, I was given a bit more freedom with what I watched on TV. It started when I was first allowed to watch The Simpsons. Soon I moved up to Family Guy. The next step to me was a show my close friend loved to death: South Park. I was 15 when I was finally given the okay to watch the show. It changed my life.

Of course you know South Park. It’s one of the most controversial and vulgar cartoons in all of television. However, it is also one of the most clever shows on TV. You may argue that the show is extremely immature, but that is inconsequential to the show’s wit. This is quite a powerful social commentary when viewed the right way. The show is analogous to a mad genius. Like in Good Will Hunting’s protagonist, all the swearing and toilet humor can disguise the fact that there’s a genius within him.

South Park doesn’t hide like other shows and even people will. And because it’s rated TV-MA, they’re given the liberty to be as outspoken as they want in whatever odd, disgusting, or immature way they want. The show has also tackled a great variety of things in it’s long lifespan- big things like 9/11 and the election of Obama, or insignificant things like the PS4/Xbox One debate. You can respect a show that takes a firm stand the way they do, while above all else remaining entertaining.

The show if nothing else is among the satire greats. It’s just a very funny show. Holding no punches makes the impact so large, because they dare to say things that maybe you and I wouldn’t. It’s a pretty harsh show, but that makes the joke more powerful. Depending on your humor style, you’ll probably be on the floor a good bunch of the time while watching the show. I haven’t even mentioned that the 4 boys are some of the funniest cartoon characters ever.

I’m sure you’ve seen the show already and have made your decision as to whether you like it or not. If you’ve put the show off for some reason, give it a go. I won’t guarantee you’ll like the show, but I certainly do.

#3: Supernatural

This is a show I watched with my family all the time. At first it was just a show my mother watched on her own, telling us it was a bit too scary for us. But around Season 2, she finally brought us into the show. 10 years later I treasure this show. It’s one of the first full series I ever saw.

Supernatural has a cult following that subtly got bigger with age. Before, I was one of the only people I knew who watched the show. Today… kind of similar, but at least people know what I’m talking about when I say the show’s name. If you don’t know, this show follows 2 brothers: Dean and Sam Winchester. They come from a long line of demon hunters. They travel various parts of the United States from motel room to motel room via stolen credit cards and fake names. Their goals change every so often, but what was originally a case of revenge turns into something much bigger.

That is me being as basic as I can with the storyline. (I didn’t even get to religion yet). What I like most about the show is the tone. This show covers a lot of ground in terms of story, from demon lore to religious lore to folk tales. Through it all Supernatural always had this tone that remained constant. The show is able to be serious or dramatic, but also quite humorous. This show will make you laugh, guaranteed.

Not to mention the chemistry that the brothers have. Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles manage to have the best chemistry ever. They really sell those emotional scenes, and they also happen to be a great comedy duo.

This is show I would recommend to anyone. This probably doesn’t sound all that great on paper, but in execution it’s a phenomenal show. I mean if it hit 10 seasons it has to be doing something right.

(Click here for my Supernatural Season 10 Predictions!)

#2: The Big Bang Theory

I remember seeing commercials for this show for years and never getting around to it. The first time I saw part of an episode was through my friend. I revisited the show a few months later with my sister. We were on the floor laughing. Today, the whole family is in on the show.

The Big Bang Theory follows a quartet of scientists: 2 physicists, 1 engineer, and 1 astrophysicists. One day, a beautiful young lady named Penny moves across the hall from the 2 physicists. Penny soon becomes part of their group with Leonard determined to one day make her his girlfriend.

That’s the central plot in a nutshell. Sitcoms don’t have the most amazing plot to begin with. What makes a sitcom is less the story and more the characters.

That is what makes the show so great. These are some of my favorite characters in any comedy ever. Even the added characters like Bernadette, Amy and Stewart are hilarious. Being a nerd myself, I can relate to the characters in one way or another. The show dealing heavily with geek culture makes the show more accessible to me personally. Even if you aren’t into that stuff, it’s still funny on its own. When they aren’t making Star Wars references, they can tell a great sex joke. This makes the show so broad even in its focus.

Don;t miss out on one of the best sitcoms on TV today. If you like to laugh there’s something here for you. Don’t knock the show too early like me.

(Click here for my Big Bang Theory Season 8 predictions!)

#1: Friends

This show has always been there for me (pun not intended). It’s number 1 mostly for what it means to me personally. This is my family’s primary show, and still kind of is. I can’t even remember a point past 8 without the show in my life, nor do I want to.

Friends follows a group of 6 friends that live in New York: Ross, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel and Monica. That’s pretty much the entire storyline. Like I said, sitcoms rely very little on plot and more on the characters.

But that’s all the show needs to be as great of a show as it is. The show’s main appeal is the six, hilarious, relatable, dynamic, and fun people you meet in this show. To me, picking a favorite Friend is like picking a favorite organ. You shouldn’t think of the characters individually, because together they make a powerhouse unit. The characters simply bounce off each other in the perfect way almost as if they complete each other. Like a puzzle, you need every last piece to get the true, whole picture.

I simply never get tired of these episodes. Every time is a good time for a Friends episode. I understand it may not be everyone’s favorite show ever, but I don’t know too many people who outright hate the show. If you for any reason haven’t seen the show yet, what are you waiting for? I highly recommend it. Smelly cat FTW!

Oh and if you need an episode to start with, “The One Where No One is Ready”. You’re welcome!

(Click here to see my thoughts on a Friends Reunion!)

Those are my top 5 shows of all-time. Thank you all again for getting me this far. Let me know in the comments if you like any of these shows I mentioned. And let me know you’re own top 5 favorite shows, too!

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

Update (9/7/14): New Segment, Milestone Plans and Whatnot

Greetings peeps!

By the time I post this up, it’ll aleady be my little brother’s birthday or my older sister’s birthday. (Their birthdays are a day apart). My sister likes Disney and mainstream music. My brother likes Batman and fancy sneakers. This will be a fun couple of days to say the least. I have also solved this ongoing, internal debate that has been bugging me for the past year or so: Do I get the PS4 or Xbox One. I have now officially decided on the PS4. Why? Because Uncharted 4 and hopefully Crash Bandicoot. I’ll get a XBox One eventually, but not for another year after I get the PS4.

But now onto blog news.

I am disappointed by how little I have posted this week. All I did was the last update and the intro for my new 7th Gen segment. (I’ll get to that later). I meant to get a little more done- at least 1 other post. However, my focus this week was actually on me recovering from illness. Like I did mention in that last post, I was sick with what I think was a cold. I’m better now, because I’m a boss. I’m on the very last stages of the sickness where I can still afford to blow my nose and have that dry, constant cough. That’ll be gone by Wednesday though. I am going to try harder this week to make more posts. I’ll probably have the time.

So, this update is going to mainly talk about posts since there really is no technical stuff or schedule changes to be mentioned as of now.

First we have the new series of posts I want to try out: The 7th Gen In Review. As I said in the Intro post, I had this idea for a post rounding up everything that the 7th Generation of game consoles had to offer. What I found was that the article would probably hit over 1500 words. My most preferred method was to make separate posts discussing it.

I’m not sure if I explained it well before, but each post in the series is basically going to be me discussing all aspect of the past console generation individually. Each time I’ll discuss whether the generation will be remembered for that aspect mainly. The reason I chose to tackle this question is because there’s a lot more than usual that happened in those 8 years. I think it will be interesting to dissect it. Look for that one in the coming week.

Next, we have another milestone hitting the channel soon. And I finally decided what I’m going to do with it. For now on, for every 100 views I get I will make a post telling you guys a little more about myself. I will do that mostly through Top 10 lists, little stories, or something of the sort. I feel that it’s a good way to open myself up to you guys for supporting me all this time. It really does mean a lot to me when you guys read my work, and I hope this method will suffice.

Other than that, what else is on the agenda? I’ve been thinking about Disney a lot this week, and have some kind of post I want to make about animation in general. That’s going to be fun to write, especially since I haven’t written a movie piece in a while. I’m still have a review of something to make. I’ll also be keeping my eye on Smash Bros since we are finally on the week of release. No more speculation. I think I’ll make a comparison post between my Character Probability posts and the actual game.

I’m also thinking about discussing GamerGate… maybe. I’m not sure I should. It’s not because of fear, but I just feel there are other people who can describe the situation much better than I can, like Mundane Matt or ReviewTechUSA. I do want to in some way raise awareness, though. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll make a Quick Thought on it.

That’s all I have so far. I want to thank you all for your support and for sticking with me for so long. Hopefully this week will have a healthy number of things for you to read.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

The 7th Generation of Gaming In Review: Intro


Greetings peeps!

It’s funny how we end up coming up with ideas. For example, Sir Isaac Newton developed the concept of gravity when he was hit in the head by a fruit. Dr. Brown from Back to the Future came up with a time traveling DeLorean when he hit his head on a sink. And I created this new segment of blog posts while being up all night with a sickness I am assuming is a fever. Neat, huh?

Today I would like to announce a new series of posts I would like to make. For those of you who don’t know, a time period of a group of video game consoles are active and competing is known as a “console generation”. A console generation begins when the first new piece of hardware is released which replaces the previous generation. We are currently in the 8th Generation of video game consoles, which consist of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS, and Vita. However, the generation we will be referring to will be the 7th Generation consoles: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, DS, and PSP.

The 7th Generation of consoles was a hell of a game changer to say the least. For one, it is one of the longest console generations ever, lasting since 2004 with the release of the DS. This generation was also timed perfectly with the changes in online and social media. That generation has introduced new game trends, new ways to play, new ways to make games, and new ways to interact with the game and its developers. We also picked up a mainstream not present in console generations prior.

The 7th Generation of gaming will be forever remembered for its paradigm shifts and what it has offered to gaming. Now whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is up to you.

I do realize that the 7th gen is not completely done yet. However, we are already nearing the end as games start making the shift to newer hardware. This is a good time to take a good look at this time period and analyze what makes this console gen stand out.

In these posts, I will look at each aspect of gaming and comment on them all. These aspects include Online Multiplayer, DLC, Social Media, Social Justice, Indies, etc. The goal is to decide what this generation stood for and what it will most likely be remembered as.

I was originally going to make a post called “What Will the 7th Generation Be Remembered As?” I decided to separate the all these aspects instead of just making a long-winded post that people are going to read the first few paragraphs of and get tired of. Besides, I can;t possibly fit everything into a single post.

Be on the lookout for this series of blog posts, because they’re coming your way soon. These probably won’t be the longest posts to make. I won’t go into too much detail about some of these since these are just my thoughts with some explanation.

Hope you can join in on the fun and in the discussion.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

Part 1: Generation of DLC

Update (8/13/14): Guardians and Whatnot

Greetings peeps!

Today is a beautiful Sunday in the glorious Labor Day weekend. Hopefully everyone is having a great, relaxing, and fun Labor Day weekend. I am celebrating my father’s birthday this afternoon and then relaxing tomorrow. So, everything is good on my end. Now let’s let you all in on what you want to know.

First thing I want to bring up is the review I promised you guys for about a month. There’s going to be a little bit of a change. I will be working on a review, but I’m sorry to say that that review will not be on Guardians of the Galaxy. There are a couple reasons for this change. For one, it’s been 2 weeks since I saw the movie. I don’t remember a lot of the details I would need to accurately make a review. Also, I believe that Guardians of the Galaxy as a movie has lost its relevancy. Especially by now, anyone who was interested in seeing the movie in theaters has already seen it. A review, at least at this time, just would’t work both in terms of quality and of relevancy. My apologies for the false promise. I don’t mean to lie to you guys, but this review just won’t work out.

Don’t get me wrong. I will review Guardians of the Galaxy, but at a later time. Whenever I get the chance to watch the movie again, I will work on a review straightaway. I would say that a review of the movie will probably come when the movie is being released to DVD.

But for your patience, I will give you my quick thoughts on the movie, as I believe you deserve at least a general consensus. I believe that Guardians of the Galaxy is an awesome movie. It’s probably the most comic book like movie from Marvel, and is definitely one of the funniest. Those characters are phenomenal in how they bounce off each other. The comradity among them is beautiful to watch. It also avoids a lot of cliches. If you are skeptical about the film because of how odd it looks (and actually is), don’t be. That oddity is what makes the movie work. Trust me when I say it’s worth the watch.

By the way, stay after the credits. You’re welcome!

Now that that’s cleared up, what will be my first WordPress review in that case? I have a couple of good options for a review. However, to avoid another situation like the one I caused above, I will make no promises. Just know that there is something coming in the future, probably this week if I do it right.

Next thing. What are my plans for this week. I think my priority is going to be that review. I’m going to take precautions to make sure any other plan doesn’t fall through, too. I have a Soapbox I want to do, talking about Guardians and The Avengers. And there will be tons of Smash Bros related posts in the coming weeks. Just last night I made a post about Shulk’s announcement. And I am debating on whether I want to discuss the New 3DS and 3DS LL. I might just make a “Quick Thoughts” on it and keep it moving. The rest will be improvised as usual.

One final thing to note is on my Smash Bros posts in the future. Since that leak turned out to be true (whether or not Nintendo confirmed it or not), I was going to make a post discussing my thoughts on the leaked characters. I decided against that. If there is one thing I do agree with that post, it is when I said “Until Nintendo announces it, it’s a theory”. That’s why I will instead make Smash Bros posts as they are confirmed by Nintendo themselves and not by 4Chan, Gemastsu, or whoever else. After all, the leak didn’t reveal everything. Sure the leak shows the Duck Hunt Dog, but they don;t tell us how he plays. Nintendo will, so that;s what I’m waiting for.

That’s all I have so far. Thank you all for your understanding, your kind words, and your consideration of my blog. I reached 250 View yesterday, so thank you all for that! I feel bad that I didn’t have much of a 200 View special, but I will try to plan something for 300 Views. I’m sure (or at least hope) I won’t be too busy this week. I’ll try to put something up tomorrow, at the very least.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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