SBox Recommends: Thor — Ragnarok (Movie Review)

Note: SBR never spoils. You are safe. Enjoy!

Welcome back to SBox Recommends, where our motto is “every film has its fans”. Here I see a movie, review it, and then find out who will like it most and who will like it least.

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe (aka Hollywood’s elaborate game of cinematic connect-the-dots) is a series made up of multiple different movies, it’s important to remember that it was all built on the back of three trilogies starting around the same time: the Iron Man trilogy, the Captain America trilogy, and the Thor trilogy. These trilogies not only launched the MCU, but also remained a constant of the series throughout the years. These are what brought everything together and developed the core of what the MCU is all about narratively and tonally. And now it’s time for the last of these trilogies to come to an end.

Everybody knows the Avengers is incomplete without everyone’s favorite, ginormous, Shakespearean, hammerhead blondie in a cape to bring it all together. Even if you believe his movies are the weakest of the MCU, you gotta love Thor. In a story of traditional heroes with grounded backstories, Thor and his films provide a necessary sense of variety to the series which I appreciate. So, between my love for the Thor movies, my anticipation for Avengers 3, and the addition of the Hulk of all people to the story, how could I possibly miss the final installment in this often underappracieted trilogy? Let’s see if Ragnarok is worth getting excited for! Continue reading SBox Recommends: Thor — Ragnarok (Movie Review)


Mini-Update (10/11/17): Blog Posts Are Coming & Whatnot

Greetings, peeps!

I’m going to try and make this the quickest update I ever did since I would rather not apologize for it being so long since I got a proper blog post up for the 80th time… By the way, sorry it’s been so long since I got a proper blog post up. Now I’ve said it 81 times. Go me.

I feel really bad about just going dark for about a month, but lately I’ve been both struggling with my class/family/work schedule and struggling to find anything to talk about in the first place. Maybe it’s just the fact that my brain has been all over the place lately, but it’s kind of feels like very little has happened the past month or so in terms of movies or games — at least not a lot of stuff up my alley anyways. Regardless, I have a few ideas for posts that can get me back in the swing of things here on The Ranting SBox.

I’m working on a TV related post I’ve been holding back for years now. Literal years. I can’t wait to share that with you when it’s done, and I think the time is right for it. From there I have at least one other topic in my head based on a recent Marvel announcement. It’s just an idea, but I really want to see where it takes me. I’ll also try and keep my ear to the ground with other pieces of news that may tickle my nerdy bone and get me posting somewhat frequently again.

In short, new blog posts are coming very soon. In the mean time, I better get back to finding out why one of my homework assignments isn’t loading as it should. (Wish me luck)! I’ll see you guys soon.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

SBox Recommends: It (Movie Review)

Note: SBR never spoils. You are safe. Enjoy!

Welcome back to SBox Recommends, where our motto is “every movie has its fans”. Here I see a movie, review it, and then find out who will like it most and who will like it least.

When thinking about horror movie villains, many memorable and iconic characters may come to one’s mind. Whether it’s more classic villains like Dracula or Frankenstein, slightly more contemporary ones like Freddie Kruger or Jason Vorhees, or even cult favorites like Chucky or Eraserhead, horror films have captured the imaginations of many with these clever, conniving, and threatening characters. However, what list of popular horror villains would be complete without the clown prince of nightmares (not to be confused with the clown prince of “crime”) himself, Pennywise the Dancing Clown — otherwise simply known as It? Continue reading SBox Recommends: It (Movie Review)

Mini-Update (9/8/17): I’m Back, But… Hurricanes & Whatnot

Greetings peeps! What’s new in the world of you?

As you can see I have finally gotten my act together and got a blog post up and ready for you guys. Sorry August was so barren with content, but there really wasn’t a lot going on in August to talk about. Both of my planned album reviews fell through: one for inconvenient timing (Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi) and one just for creative reasons since I plan to cover another album by the same artist in a couple months (Bad by Michael Jackson). The closest posts that came to actually becoming anything were ones involving the Inhumans IMAX thing (which I saw and thought was decent, but a waste of money) and the standalone Joker movie.

Thankfully, the Queen movie entered production this week and that image was released to give me something to talk about, and I was determined to get that shit out, too. So, I hope you enjoy it.

So, no, I didn’t just quit out of nowhere. I’m still alive and well and persistent as a motherfucker. I’m currently looking for ways to keep a regular blogging schedule up for at least 1 post per two weeks. That’ll be difficult considering I started school 3 weeks ago, but I’m gonna try anyway… Right after this bitch, Hurricane Irma, goes away. Yes, for those who don’t know, I live in South Florida, which is currently expecting a category 4 hurricane which may wipe me off the face of the Earth. So, there’s a chance I won’t have wi-fi come Sunday… or electricity… or a house… or a pulse.

So, unfortunately I can’t fully come back until I’m confident in my ability to blog in the next week or so. I’m pretty sure I’ll be okay, though, and that I’ll be back to making content more frequently in no time.

Until then, I’ll see you guys around! Stay safe if you’re in Irma, Jose, or Katia’s path, and my best wishes and prayers to those still suffering from any of those storms including Harvey.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

SBox Soapbox: Why Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Doesn’t Need to Show Freddie Mercury’s Death

This week was a huge one for the upcoming musical biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, based on one of the most renowned bands in music history, Queen. Not only did we gain a new member to the cast with Lucy Boynton set to play Mary Austin, but we also got our first official look at Rami Malek as the legendary frontman, Freddie Mercury. This news follows a recent stream of news about the project, including the casting of Ben Hardy as Roger Taylor, Gwilym Lee as Brian Man, Joseph Mazzello as John Deacon, and Allen Leech as Paul Prenter.

The film has been a long time coming and has been highly anticipated since its announcement back in 2010. In that time, fans who have followed the production have debated over a few aspects of the upcoming film, including the apparent timeline of the movie as it pertains to the untimely passing of Mercury. At one point, the script allegedly intended to place the events of his death in the middle of the movie (which came with its own set of debates), but it seems now that the film will be set between the formative years of the band and their famous performance at Live Aid. This gives Bohemian Rhapsody a relative timeframe of 1970-1985, skipping Mercury’s death entirely. Continue reading SBox Soapbox: Why Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Doesn’t Need to Show Freddie Mercury’s Death

Mini-Update (8/12/17): Back To School, Writer’s Block & Whatnot

Greetings peeps! What’s new in the world of you?

It’s been quite a while since my last update, and since I’ve been kinda quiet that past couple of weeks, I figured I’d just make one now. Sorry again for not a lot of content coming in lately, but I’ve just been in a weird funk when it comes to ideas for blogging. After completely skipping out on Comic Con posts for the first time in 3 years, I’ve just been having trouble finding something to talk about. I don’t know why, either. I guess nothing in the news has caught my attention just yet, and that has affected my posting schedule. So, I appreciate you guys’ patience as I get my head back in the blogging game. At least while I can. Continue reading Mini-Update (8/12/17): Back To School, Writer’s Block & Whatnot

SBox Soapbox: Should The Simpsons Continue As a Movie Series After the Show Ends?

It’s so hard to believe it’s been a decade since our favorite family on television adopted the Spider-Pig, escaped to Alaska, saved Springfield from being destroyed at the hands of EPA, and discovered the treasure of Imaweiner. The Simpsons Movie was a huge success both financially and critically when it came out in 2007 and still stands out today as one of the best animated films of the 21st century. I know that latter statement is quite a big claim, but I stand by it. That movie was damn good with all the charm, wit, and borderline insanity you’d expect from The Simpsons show. Easily one of the best examples of how TV to film adaptations should be, and one I’d recommend to anyone.

So with that said, where’s the sequel? Continue reading SBox Soapbox: Should The Simpsons Continue As a Movie Series After the Show Ends?

SBox Soapbox: A Rundown of Disney’s Live Action Remakes

It’s no secret by now that Disney is currently in the business of recreating their animated classics into new live action films. This trend has been especially prevalent during the past three years. What you may not know is that Disney has a long list of other remakes planned for the next several years. You’ve probably heard about a couple of them, but you may not know about some of the even weirder ones set to come after this year’s Beauty and the Beast.

Today, we’ll be looking at all of Disney’s announced live action remakes as I give my thoughts on each project. Continue reading SBox Soapbox: A Rundown of Disney’s Live Action Remakes

SBox Soapbox: D23 2017 News Round-Up

Over the weekend, Disney fans everywhere were treated to an onslaught of news, trailers, and info as the company held the fifth ever D23 expo. A biennial convention dedicated exclusively for all things Disney, the convention has become a coveted tradition for Disnerds, Pixar-tards, Marvel maniacs, and Star Wars geeks to get the down-low on upcoming Disney movies. And those who attend the convention in Anahiem get to experience much more with exclusive products, panels, events, and even… exclusive footage… Huh, so that’s what jealousy feels like.

Normally I don’t pay much attention to D23, but upon learning about it 2 years ago I decided to actually keep my ear to the ground this time. I’m very glad I did, too, because I left the convention period with so much joy and anticipation that I simply have to share it with you guys! So here are some of the big news updates that stuck out to me and what I thought of them. Continue reading SBox Soapbox: D23 2017 News Round-Up

Thank You! (The Ranting SBox 3 Year Anniversary)

Greetings peeps! What’s new in the world of you?

Guys… I don’t even know where to begin with this post, so bear with me if I start to become scatterbrained. Today is July 14, 2017, which marks a full 3 years since I made my first post on The Ranting SBox blog in 2014. 3 years! That’s totally insane. I mean, last year around this time I made the comment about all the milestones this blog would’ve met if it were a human child. Now this blog would be holding conversations, dressing itself, and would definitely be potty trained by now. That’s right! This blog is officially reached the potty training level. I’m so proud! Continue reading Thank You! (The Ranting SBox 3 Year Anniversary)

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