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SBox Soapbox: Should the Rugrats Come Back?

My older sister and little brother have been recording and watching a couple of TV shows that air on TeeNick’s “The 90’s Are All That” block, and one of them is Rugrats. Seeing the Rugrats again in my current age is always a lot of fun. It takes me back so far I get flashbacks of crawling on the floor. What a show that was! I don’t think there exists a soul on the planet who watched this show and hated it, especially if you’re a 90’s-born. It’s one of the most likable shows ever made, and one of the best cartoons in my personal opinion.

This got me to thinking about how awesome it would be to have this show on today. I started thinking about if it could work today, if there is reason to do so, and how would a show like this come back. A quick search on the Internet shows that there seems to be a demand for and rumors of this comeback.

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Analysis: Big Bang Theory Season 8 Predictions

Our whole universe was just a hot, dense space. Then nearly 14 billion years ago… You know the rest.

The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite shows and one that I never get tired of watching. It’s combination of a modern TV-14 sitcom, scientific intellect and geek culture makes this show stand out. It’s a show I think anyone and everyone should at least try, because it truly is a gem when you get into it.

Season 8 of the Big Bang Theory premieres September 22 on CBS. However, since we are in the middle of the show’s break, we are starting to uncover rumors and even leaks for the upcoming season. And given all the crap that hit the fan during the Season 7 finale, I’m sure everyone is wondering where our favorite physicists go from here. So today, we’ll dissect what we know and predict them accordingly.

It should be noted that they will kick off Season 8 with a 2-part episode, potentially calling toward something special. Also, things can and probably will be elaborated during Comic Con’s Big Bang Theory panel. If new information develops, I’ll cover it later.

Penny and Leonard’s Wedding

Well we all know this is going to happen next season. It’s what a lot of us have been anticipating, and will probably be the central story arc of the season. The question seems to be “When?”.

Some are predicting it to take place in the season’s beginning, and others say the end. Given that we’re starting with an hour event this time around, I see where that first argument comes from. I say our safest bet is toward the end, because comments particularly from Kayley Cuoco imply that a chunk of the season will be spent planning the wedding. Besides, Howard and Bernadette’s Wedding ended that respective season. It could also take place midseason, though.

Penny’s Mom

Maybe we’ll finally learn Penny’s last name after all. Penny’s mother would make sense coming in now for the wedding. But that’s not the best part of this announcement.

Rumor has it that Lisa Kudrow (known as Phoebe from Friends) will play this part. If that holds true, this is ideal casting that I’m all over. She’s a hilarious actress, especially in terms of sitcoms. Plus, she’s making a pretty good comeback lately. (She was one of the highlights in Neighbors). It would make sense for her to be casted, and I can’t wait to see her if this holds true.

Stuart and the Comic Book Store

No one is talking about this one and I don’t know why. There’s no leak as far as I know, either.

Stuart is becoming a rather main character in recent seasons, so I’m interested to see how living with Raj will affect his popularity thereafter. Plus, he has a story arc being the caretaker of Howard’s mother.

One thing I’m incredibly curious about is the Comic book store. To see such a signature location of the show burnt down is kind of heart-breaking. Can it be rebuilt? Possibly. I’ll refer to a recent episode that shows Stuart highly-successful rival (played by Josh Peck if you recall). Maybe Stewart can take over that store. Hell, wouldn’t it be great to see actual good news happen to Stuart?

Raj and Emily

Here’s another one no one talks about, though I do say why. It’s just a straightforward event from the season. What will be interesting to see is whether this relationship will last through the next season.

Emily is a good character and it would be cool to see her be a permanent addition to the series. Raj is also a character in desperate need for a companion, as he is the only one of the 4 guys that is single. They seem to have good chemistry and I’d like to see them stay together.

There is a chance Emily and Raj could break up. Between Raj having a new girlfriend and a new roommate, anything can happen with him.

Sheldon Boldly Goes

And now for the biggest buzz for this season. As a result of Sheldon’s leaving to be on his own, many are saying and fearing that Shedon is gone for good.

I’m going to safely say: No he’s not!

I’ll admit that it would be a very interesting concept if they went that way, but it makes no sense to do so. Sheldon Cooper is the most profitable character on the show. He’s the one on all the T-shirts, has most of the big lines, and is the first thing everyone thinks of when you hear the show’s name. Jim Parsons not only confirmed that he will be in Season 8, but is currently renegotiating his contract with CBS where he may be receiving $1 million per episode. He’s not going anywhere.

The way I see this happening is that Sheldon disappears for the first couple of episodes and returns soon after. Or he can have a separate story arc for the first half of the season, then return. It makes no sense to get rid of him entirely. Besides, that’s a theme with these season cliffhangers. Someone leaves and returns all the time. Howard went to space, all 4 went to Antarctica, and Leonard went on an expedition. Just as they came back eventually, so will Sheldon.

Now that I’m done with my predictions, what are yours? Do you agree on any of these points, or feel a bit differently. Was there anything I missed that you want me to elaborate on? Are you excited about the new season? Let me know  in the comments, and we can discuss things.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

SBox Soapbox: Should There Be a Friends Reunion?

Fan-made, fake promotional poster went viral.

For those of you who don’t know, Friends is my favorite TV show of all-time. I have watched each episode at least 3 times and at most 17 times. I own the entire series on DVD. I have memorized entire episodes inside and out. I still make references to the show in my everyday life. Smelly Cat is my ringtone (not really).

Well 2014 marks a lot of anniversaries for a lot of different entities like Seinfeld (25 years), Tekken (20 years), Forrest Gump (20 years) and SpongeBob SquarePants (15 years). Friends happens to be one of them as it celebrate its 20th anniversary. It also means that it has been 10 years since rumors of a Friends movie arose. And ever since the start of the year fans have been clamoring for the Friends to reunite now more than ever.

However, among that clamoring exists a decade’s worth of denial from cast, crew, and the creators. We’ve been scratching our heads for so long that most fans are tickling their brain-stems. So I am here to give some insight as to whether this Friends movie/special/reunion/thing is likely, what nature this event should be, and what I would like to see from this.

Is the reunion likely?

Although they tell us it isn’t, it most certainly is possible. It’s been a long enough time, the show is relevant to this day, the cast is still alive and well, fan demand is still very high, and there’s almost no better time than an anniversary to make it happen. As long as everyone who makes the show possible is on board, we can have a Friends reunion.

I do understand the quotations made by several members of the cast and crew that state otherwise. Co-creator Marta Kauffman once said “Friends was about that time in your life when your friends are your family and once you have a family, there’s no need anymore.” Basically, the characters by now would be in a different stage of their lives which defeats the purpose of the show. This makes sense.

To me, though, that’s not what made the show special. It was the characters and the situations that made Friends work. The quality of sitcoms in general are contingent on 2 factors: the comedy and the characters. It wouldn’t matter whether the cast were in their thirties or their seventies. When backed by the right people, it all comes together.

But that’s the only asterisk. You need everybody or it won’t work. More on that later.

It’s now or never.

Maybe not NEVER, but it would be unlikely if it doesn’t happen soon. In 2014, we managed to have pretty much all the members of the cast and crew still alive and active. All the cards are pretty much in place, so they should act now while they can.

Not to mention that Friends is still popular today. Just the fact that a fan-made poster went viral back in January (seen above) speaks volumes of how relevant the show remains. We all were fooled and disappointed. This made headlines. It’s best to strike when the iron is hot. At this point a Friends announcement would be big news today.

How do you go about it?

Like I said before, the only way this can work is if all the essential people are involved. This especially goes for the actors. We need all 6. Not 5. Not 4. SIX! Friends is one of those shows without a main character. Actually there is a main character, and by “a” I mean SIX!

While the show was going on, the cast members all requested to be paid equally in order to avoid the idea of a main character. And even today, when the former cast is asked about a reunion, their one condition is that everyone is involved.

But when and if they do get the entire writing staff and cast together, what could they do and how?

For starters, in terms of format I would say that Friends shouldn’t aim for the big screen. I know a lot of people would prefer it that way, but I’m not sure if that’s the right move. On paper it sounds excellent, but the film would lose a bit of the essence of the original show. Sitcoms are especially difficult to put in a full-length movie. The direction I would take is in a TV special. Make the special about an hour long, get a live-studio audience, and there’s your reunion. That way the event is available to everyone, budgets are lower, and the tone is maintained.

Now don’t get me wrong. If they make a reunion and put it in theaters, I will watch it on day one and enjoy it; then watch it another 3 times. If they can pull it off, they pull it off. I’d support whatever it is, but I think it would excel more on TV.

Will it happen?

All-in-all, now that I’m done dreaming it’s time to be realistic. Does this project actually have a shot of being made. Honestly, this is anyone’s guess. I really don’t have an answer. It all depends on what the writers want to do. And even though fans are banging on their doors for it, there’s no obligation to do so on anyone’s part.

I think now is the time for everyone to prepare themselves for the idea that all we’ll ever have is the original show. It’s a disappointing revelation, but it’s best for a series to go out on a high note and be remembered fondly than to create a new note just to make a new note. Always remember that the show did have an ending, and a dang good one at that.

However, never lose ALL hope. There’s always a way. Hollywood is always looking for the next big thing to reincarnate. It could also be that the cast and crew are just toying with us. If so, this is one of the best kept secrets in entertainment history. Maybe even the fan demand will get to them some day.

The message I’m trying to convey here is to basically have an optimistic doubt. Don’t expect anything, but never stop asking for it.

That’s my take. Do you agree at all? What elements for a Friends reunion would you want to see if it were to happen? Do you think there is hope or is there not a chance?

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!