SBox Soapbox: How Deadpool Can Fit Into the MCU

Though the Marvel Cinematic Universe hosts a great many characters in their movies, from Iron Man to Ant-Man to Spider-Man, not all Marvel characters are created equal. In fact, Marvel Studios has access to all but 3 of their biggest franchises’ film rights: Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Deadpool. Still, many fans of the Marvel characters and their films hope for a day when… you know what? Fuck it. This is part 3 of this series and I’ve started them nearly the same way every time. You get the point by now.

For those of you who are joining us for the first time, welcome! I’ve been going through all 3 of the Marvel properties owned by 20th Century FOX and discussing some of the ways Marvel Studios and Disney could go about hypothetically bringing these characters into the MCU.What would their places be in the series? Do they have a place in it? Where can they be introduced? In Part 1 we discussed the Fantastic Four while Part 2 covered the X-Men. Today, in our third and final part, I would like to expand our X-Men discussion by honing in on 1 particular X-Man. We’ve saved the best and most interesting case for last: the Merc with the Mouth himself, MeMy MomYour Mom, Deadpool.

I’d like to make 2 minor notes before we start. Seeing as Deadpool is technically part of the X-Men, all but 2 of the following will assume that the X-Men have already crossed over with the MCU. Any of the ways I proposed the X-Men could crossover with the Avengers in the previous part also applies for Deadpool. Also, I do realize that the MCU will apparently be focusing less on the Earth-based heroes in the future in favor of the more cosmic heroes. I’ve gone over my feelings on this in the past, but long story short, just because Earth will be less of a factor doesn’t mean it won’t be a factor at all. So, I believe Deadpool can have a place in the MCU regardless.

1. Spider-Man & Deadpool


To most people this is the most natural place for Deadpool to make his debut in the MCU (had the X-Men already crossed over), and it ironically involves another non-Disney Marvel character: Spider-Man. Spidey and Deadpool interact a ton not just in memes, but in the comics as well. There’s even an ongoing series called Spider-Man & Deadpool where the two interact, become friends, and even touch butts… By that I mean they were kinda in hell and tied up back to back to each other, which means their butts technically touched and… moving on.

There’s a lot of reasons this is the preferred way to bring Deadpool into the MCU fold besides the fact that everyone wants to see it including higher ups at Sony and FOX. For one, Deadpool’s kind of an odd character who probably doesn’t fit much place else besides the X-Men series. Sure he’s interacted with everybody, but you wouldn’t really want to put him alongside Black Panther or Ant-Man. But with Spider-Man, both are wisecrackers who look almost the same and compliment each other. Plus, Sony is clearly not afraid of going the R-rated route, which means such a film wouldn’t have to be rated PG-13.

Sure, this wouldn’t come without its share of complications on the production side, but if they can pull it off, holy crap!

2. Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe


Now I know what you’re thinking: “Absolutely not! There is no way Marvel and Kevin Feige would ever consider making a movie where Deadpool savagely murders all of their characters.” And that is a fair criticism to make, but hear me out because I think you’re gonna like this. See, I’m not actually suggesting that they adapt this story verbatim for the big screen. Obviously that would be confusing, somewhat ambitious, and unrealistic. Plus, this story in itself is very complicated; I can’t even think of anything more maddeningly meta than this story. Changes would definitely need to be made, so here’s my pitch.

You got Deadpool, who has yet to engage with any of the Avengers team up to this point, sporting Mickey ears on his head and eating a churro (because of course he would). The camera turns around to show that he’s sitting in front of the Avengers base. As Deadpool is talking, the Avengers take him into custody, since he is supposedly a very dangerous criminal responsible for the death of hundred of innocent people. Once arrested, Deadpool explains to, let’s say, Captain America that he is innocent despite the video evidence clearly showing that it’s him. That’s because this is an alternate version of Deadpool who has already killed Marvel every character on his respective universe and has now come to kill the characters in the MCU. This would lead to the Avengers teaming up with the real Deadpool to stop the other Deadpool from destroying this universe as well.

Yes, this strays quite a bit from the source material. I mean, there’s no Panda Deadpool or Sherlock Holmes in it, but it wouldn’t be the first Marvel movie to stray from the comics. What makes this idea so great in my mind is that it’s a good reason for the Avengers to engage with Deadpool, it has a ton of comedic potential, and an evil Deadpool would certainly make a great villain to follow up Thanos say they don’t want to go the Galactus route. This would also show 2 Mercs with Mouths squaring off against each other, something we would all pay to see.

3. He Came with the X


As I said above, since Deadpool is a mutant, everything from our previous discussion applies to Deadpool as well. That means that if it came to say an Avengers vs X-Men movie or a Secret Wars movie, you’ll be sure that Deadpool would be involved in at least a small (PG-13) capacity. As far as I know, Deadpool does have some presence in both of those stories, which would make his cameo semi-easy to integrate. Additionally, the Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange methods could be a great way to have Deadpool cameo. The only one that probably wouldn’t involve Deadpool at all would be that Hulk idea, but that’s improbable anyway, so no matter.

4. Venom


Let’s say you don’t exactly want to just drop Deadpool into the MCU willy-nilly. Instead you want to ease him into the series as gradually as possible until he’s finally just there. Then perhaps the best way to accomplish that isn’t to place Deadpool in the same universe as the Avengers, but in the same “reality”.

I know Venom is a pretty controversial movie for several reasons, from it threatening to take Spidey out of the MCU to the idea itself just not being what fans want to see just yet. I totally get that, but if you were to let Deadpool chill out with Venom (a character who currently has one foot in and one foot out of the MCU), it wouldn’t be the absolute worst idea in theory. They’re both hard-R antiheroes, which would make Deadpool’s involvement a bit easier. Since Venom isn’t being made by Marvel Studios, this now makes the production just slightly easier as it only involves Sony and FOX. Most importantly, matching Deadpool with Venom means we are in fact one step closer to that aforementioned Spidey/Deadpool crossover.

I’m not even proposing a total crossover movie here. If it were me, I’d just give Deadpool a cameo in the Venom movie as a brief background story to the Symbiote. Confused? Well before Venom or Spider-Man became host to the Symbiote, Deadpool was also a host. In fact, Deadpool’s time with the suit combined with Spidey’s is the reason for Venom’s mannerisms. Personally that’s something I’d like to see play out on screen.



The last and least complicated the crossover ideas is to simply shrug and say “fuck it”. Just say he’s in the MCU and go about your day dealing with things as they come. See, the thing about Deadpool is that canon doesn’t really apply to him all too much. The character was made to be the more nonsensical of the Marvel Universe characters who can more or less do whatever he wants and even pop up anywhere he wants. If you just decided Deadpool is going to be in an MCU movie (say Spider-Man: Homecoming 3), little explanation, minimal sense, I’m sure most audience members would look at it and say “Eh, works for me”.

This is the laziest option of the bunch in all fairness, but it would still mean Deadpool is in the MCU, and that’s badass all by itself. So, it’s worth it.

It should be noted that I’m not a comic book reader, which means there are probably so many more ways Deadpool could potentially fit into the MCU that I haven’t considered. So, feel free to leave any of your ideas in the comments, because I’d love to hear them.

And thus concludes my little Marvel/FOX miniseries. Sorry this last part took really long to get out, but I really hope you guys enjoyed these posts as they were really fun to make. Always a pleasure to nerd out about Marvel movies whenever I can.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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