Mini-Update (2/9/17): New Format for 2016 Movie Countdown

Greetings peeps!

At long last I’ve been allotted some time to write to you guys. Before we get into the main announcement, I’d like to give a huge shout out to research papers — one of the main culprits in making my life miserable this past week. Make no mistake, I love writing and English classes, and I can usually make the best out of research paper no matter how long it is if the thesis is good enough. Bonus points if it’s open enough for me turn it into something I’m interested in. Though, for some reason I had a really hard time with this one; probably due to how difficult it was to find sources for this particular prompt. It was strangely too narrow and too broad at the same time, and it required at one point information about 1960’s New York laws that I couldn’t find for the life of me. And to top it all off, that paper was solely responsible for me missing a chunk of the Superbowl… Though thank God I was able to see that Patriots comeback during the 4th quarter and the insane overtime match. I’m not that into football (Lord knows my home team will never get to the Superbowl), but even I can appreciate a good performance by two teams that deserved to be there. And of course, gotta love that Nintendo Switch and Guardians of the Galaxy slot, not to mention Christopher Walken singing the words of my childhood… Wow, I’m rambling! Sorry about that.

So, as many of you know I began my 2016 Movie Countdown in early January. It’s an annual tradition here on this blog where I take every movie I saw the previous year and give them a mini-review in order of least favorite to favorite. I’ve had my problems doing it in the past, including going way overtime for the 2015 countdown and not even properly finishing the 2014 countdown. And here we are again for the 2016 countdown where I have once again ran into problems. This is why you haven’t seen a new entry in a few weeks.

The issue this year was half scheduling and half formatting. It’s no secret that as a college student I have a lot of daily, weekly and monthly interruptions that get in the way of blogging as much as I want, and that has repeatedly resulted in the countdown starting off strong before ultimately slowing down. Next thing you know we’re in May and still not done. I realized that when I was planning this countdown in late December. I was heavily considering ways to avoid going overtime with Countdown posts for a third time. There were two ideas, and I went with the first idea: continue doing singular mini-reviews again, this time using a Pro and Con format. The idea was to limit what I had to say and make the writing process easier so I can do them quicker. And while I’m proud of the posts I made and am content with going as is, it’s a huge undertaking. I’ve tried fighting this fact for a while since I love the idea of the Countdown so much, but it’s time to face facts. I’m simply not in the position to write 45 separate posts in a timely fashion. I wasn’t two years ago, and I’m not now.

That’s why I’ve come with a solution. I refuse to just cheat you guys out of a promise, so I’ve decided that there’s only one way to complete the countdown in as few posts and as little time as possible. I’m revisiting my Plan B: group entries.

As of today, I am overhauling the 2016 Movie Countdown for one last attempt at making it work. The idea now is to cover the 45 films as efficiently as possible, and that means fewer installments per countdown. I will be starting the countdown over and initiating a new format where I’ve separated the films into 5 categories. That means I will be condensing the countdown to just 5 posts where I briefly discuss each film (in a a paragraph or two) before going to the next in the category. If you’ve seen my Nintendo Switch developer series back in November, that’s more or less what I’m aiming for.

The 5 categories will be as follows:

  • Bottom of the Barrel: 4 films
  • The Mediocre: 10 films
  • The Good: 13 films
  • The Great: 8 films
  • The Top 10: 10 films

My plan is to do these five posts once a week, with the first part going up this weekend. It shouldn’t be that hard since I’ve already covered all five films in the first category and some of the films in the second category. I really hope you guys enjoy this new style for the countdown. I’m hoping it works out, because this will not only free up time during the early months of the year to cover more topics but also does it in a way that I can still keep this tradition alive for the coming years.

So, keep an eye on that for this weekend, and please let me know what you think when it comes out.

Also, quick update in regards to I decided to no longer post to Creators a day apart, at least for now. For now on, I’ll be posting to both WordPress and Creators simultaneously with a few exceptions here and there. However, I will be keeping Mini-Updates like these exclusive to WordPress. It’s more convenient that way.

Hope everyone is doing good, and I’ll catch you guys soon with the new and improved countdown, maybe a review or two, and hopefully coverage of the Academy Awards this month.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Mini-Update (2/9/17): New Format for 2016 Movie Countdown”

  1. I like this new format! Life has a tendency to get in the way, but I like that you found a way around that rather than allowing it to stop you. Also, no need to apologize for rambling. Do more of that, in fact! It gives a little insight to the guy behind the blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m glad that the new way is working out so far. And I’m glad the rambling didn’t bother you. I’ve been thinking about doing that more often, and these updates could be a good first step. I’ll keep em coming! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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