2016 Movie Countdown: Independence Day – Resurgence (#42)


That is definitely…much bigger than the last one.

Independence Day: Resurgence is the sequel to the 1996 action film Independence Day.

It’s been twenty years since the aliens first attacked Earth. Merging Earth technology with that of the aliens has led to huge technical advancements, from space travel to advanced weaponry. As the world prepares for their twenty year memorial celebration of the event, the same alien species has returned for round two, sporting a ship the size of Earth itself and much deadlier than before. It’s now up to our many, MANY heroes to save the planet once more.

Pros: I’ll break tradition by saying I didn’t hate this film as much as other people did. This is mostly because I went in with low expectations, but also because there’s still a lot more good than people give it credit for.

There’s the obvious elephant in the room: the effects. This film has wonderful looking effects, especially compared to the original film. True, I find the first film to be much more impressive for its time, but Resurgence is no slouch. Everything from the aliens’ design to the set pieces is very impressive.

The acting also ranges from decent to great. There are a few bland performances here and there, but not too many. Honestly, the majority of great performances in this movie comes from the returning cast. As expected, Jeff Glodblum, Bill Pullman, Brent Spiner, and Judd Hirsch among others are as fun as they were in the first film. They provide the most energy to this film by far. As for the new castmates they do fine. Admittedly very few standout, and the ones that do such as Liam Hemsworth and Maika Monroe are outshone by the original cast. More on that later.

Cons: First off, Independence Day didn’t need a sequel. It just didn’t. I’ll admit that upon first hearing the news I accepted the idea, but seeing the final product being inferior to the original just makes me sad.

This film’s major problem, at least for me, was the film’s storytelling method. It’s true that Independence Day was always an anthology story with several scattered characters playing a part in the film’s resolution; therefore you have several subplots going on throughout the film. Though, the first film knew when enough was enough. This movie has way too many subplots following way too many characters, and some of those subplots and characters add nothing but minutes to the story. For example, Judd Hirsch’s part of the film is a complete waste of time.

I don’t blame the actors for this next complaint, but the new characters aren’t that interesting compared to the established and returning cast from the first film. I’d follow Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman all day, but I can give a crap about the space cadet team or those kids on bus. I’m trying to think of other new characters in this movie, but hell if I can. This film definitely suffers from character overflow and doesn’t give you time to grow attached to the new faces of the film. All that’s left for audiences to do is cling to the returning cast who are constantly wrestling for screentime with the other pointless characters. This places the new actors, good as they otherwise could be, at a huge disadvantage.

Perhaps the biggest misstep of all comes in a lack of charisma. Whether you find the first film cheesy or not, the one thing we can all agree on is that Independence Day had charisma. That’s what keeps people coming back to the original film years later — the action and the charisma. Resurgence has very little in the way of charisma, and that becomes a problem when you’re expected to care about a character, a moment, or even an action sequence. The result is a boring, soulless action flick.

Verdict: You may notice I’ve been very kind to the films at the bottom of my countdown, and that remains the same here. I don’t hate this movie, but it’s by far my most disappointing film of 2016. Any way you slice it, this movie is vastly inferior to the original movie. It’s a film that tries too hard in one way and too little in other ways. Would I say it’s not worth watching, though? No. As long as you expect a mindless action film with no substance, you can still find enjoyment in this film.

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