2016 Movie Countdown: The Boss (#44)


How wealthy am I? I wanted tot come down on a golden phoenix, and I sure as shit did it!

The Boss is a comedy film starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell, and Peter Dinklage.

As an extremely wealthy industry titan, Michelle Darnell lived a very grand life despite being a terrible human being. That all changes when her former lover, Renault, exposes her for insider trading. After being arrested and losing all of her money, she resorts to moving in with her underappreciated assistant Claire and her daughter Rachel. Upon noticing Rachel selling girl scout cookies at her school and Claire’s exceptional cooking skills, Michelle comes up with a new business idea — an idea that just might put her back on top.

Pros: This film has excellent comedic performances all around, with three very funny actors and actresses. Melissa McCarthy, who specializes in being either being lovable awkward or mean-spiritedly sarcastic, does a really good job portraying Michelle. You can tell her heart is in every scene she’s in. Kristen Bell also has some great moments as the down-to-earth foil to McCarthy, and Ella Anderson does a good job as her daughter. Peter Dinklage is simply good at existing. He’s one of those actors who can do no wrong, and he’s incredibly enjoyable in this film in the few scenes he’s in.

Most comedies have a basic and disposable plot, and The Boss is no exception. It’s a serviceable story which does its job of motivating our characters to do funny things. The character arc of Michelle is handled well, and the film doesn’t have many groan-worthy moments to it (thank God). In fact, I found the beginning third to be especially well-written and funny.

Cons: This film is much more a recipe for a good comedy than an actually good comedy. It’s a film that should’ve been a lot funnier than it actually was given all the raw talent they have behind the film and the halfway decent set-up, but it’s not. That’s not to say it’s a terrible comedy or that it’s not funny. I stand by the fact that the beginning was the best part of this film, but that’s because it’s the part I remember most. This film unfortunately lacks the staying power of most good comedies. I’m having a very difficult time trying to remember a single line of dialogue from the film.

It’s definitely one of those comedies that are only good in the moment. Beyond that point, you’ll probably forget that you even watched it, because it leaves little impression.

Verdict: The Boss is not a bad film, but it’s forgettable. Quality-wise, it’s a perfectly serviceable comedy with a few good laughs and merciful pacing. I’d say it’s worth watching once if you’re bored, but good luck remembering you watched it a few months down the road.

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