Mini-Update (12/31/16): Happy New Year from The Ranting SBox!

Greetings peeps!

As you may have guessed, this will be my final blog post of the year. As I write this we are less than 3 hours away from 2017 on the East Coast. I promised you guys to get at least one more blog post before the new year. I decided to hold off on that post so that I have more content for you guys in 2017. Until then, I wanted to take a little time to say thank you.

The world may have been a scary and hectic place in 2016, but at least the same can’t be said for this blog. In 2016, I was able to post 93 times (including this post), all of which were viewed 1,299 times by 706 different people across 60 countries around the world and liked 165 times. This year was also significant for marking over two years since I’ve started this blog and that I have finally reached the milestone of 100 WordPress followers. Most of all I had a ton of fun doing, and I can’t thank you guys enough for supporting my little slice of the Internet. I may do this mostly for fun, but it’s always touching to know that someone out there is listening to what I have to say. You guys make this whole adventure worth it.

I plan on making 2017 a bigger and better year for the blog. I have a ton of ideas for new posts as well as things I’ve been promising for a while all coming in the next 365 days on this blog. January in particular will have a ton of posts coming you guys’ way. And for those who’ve been with me for a while, don’t worry. I have plans on covering much more than just the movie countdown… That’s right, keep your ear to the ground this coming week, because the 2016 Movie Countdown is coming your way. More on that in a couple days.

For now, I hope you guys are enjoying your New Years Eve and will have a ton of awesome luck in 2017. Thank you guys for making this otherwise screwed up year worth stomaching. I know 2016 was a tough year to get through, but as we say goodbye to this crazy year, I have a song to go with this evening. A song that I heard the other day I thought was the perfect way to usher in the New Year. If 2016 was a tough year for you, I hope this song by Eminem and Sia touches you. It’s a song about not worrying about what happened yesterday, because today’s a new day. More than that, today is going to be gone tomorrow.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year Year!

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