SBox Soapbox: Predicting the Nintendo Switch’s Games (S-Z)


For those joining in for the first time, this is a continuation of a previous post where I run through Nintendo’s list of third-party developers and predict which games they will either develop or port to the upcoming Nintendo Switch. If you’d like to start from the beginning or are looking for a specific developer that on the list, please refer to the bottom of this post for links. Otherwise, welcome back!

My apologies for the final part taking much longer than the other parts. College decided to take over my life this week. Though after all the hard work, tears, and bloodshed (mostly bloodshed), I have returned to finish what I’ve started. We’ve already covered 29 of the companies on the list, which leads us to the final 8 developers: Starbreeze Studios through Warner Bros Interactive.

Starbreeze Studios

They’re backcatalog may be rather small, but you may recognize this developer if you’re a fan of Payday 2, The Darkness, Syndicate, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Interestingly, Starbreeze has actually worked closely with two of the devs on this list: EA and 505 Games. In fact, 505 may just be the key to finding out what game Starbreeze is bringing to the Switch. Between two of Starbreeze’s upcoming games, Overkill’s The Walking Dead and Raid World War II, only one of them is being published by 505 Games. That’s why I believe Overkill’s The Walking Dead will be coming to the Switch.

Take-Two Interactive

What’s a video game console without a couple of games from Take-Two? A game system without the likes of 2K is like a Marvel movie without Stan Lee; it’s just wrong. Like Bethesda, Take-Two’s presence on the Switch went from a point of optimism to the center of controversy. You may recall the NBA 2K17 was shown in the Switch’s reveal trailer only to be taken back by Take-Two later that day. So therein lays the question. Will there be a 2K game on the Switch?

Yes. Even if the system is underpowered, yes. Even if it’s not in 2017, yes. I believe that Take-Two’s retraction was more about avoiding confusion than anything else. Had Take-Two had said nothing after the reveal trailer, it would’ve lead to questions of which NBA 2K game would come to the system: 2K17 or the unannounced 2K18. In fact, I believe this solidifies the idea that NBA 2K18 will be coming to Switch. I think the only reason they didn’t come right out and say it is because they haven’t formally announced 2K18 and wanted to avoid announcing it prematurely.

I also believe that NBA 2K18 will be followed by 2K’s other ports titles, or at least the ones released after March. That’s WWE 2K18, NHL 2K18, MLB 2K18. Unfortunately, as coole as it would be I doubt we’ll see the upcoming Red Dead Redmeption 2 on the system, due to Rockstar’s non-involvement. Though I suppose that doesn’t rule out a possible Definitive Edition to come onto the system along with PS4 and Xbox One.

Telltale Games

Tell me you weren’t intrigued when you saw this name on the developer list. I know I was, and I’m not even a follower of Telltale Games. However, I do see the potential. With the exception of two CSI games and Back To the Future: The Game, Nintendo audiences have yet to be introduced to games from Telltale Games, which makes it all the more exciting to see how Telltale and Nintendo plan to change that. That’s why I believe Telltale will be making a brand new game to the Switch, possibly using a Nintendo IP.

If this is to come true, than that leaves the question of which Nintendo franchise will Telltale use? Currently anything is possible. I believe the ones people will take to most would be Zelda, Metroid, Fire Emblem, or even Earthbound. Each has a deep story and near RPG style that would complement a point-and-click style. Though I also believe Mario and Pokemon have an equal shot at being that Telltale game. Both are open-ended enough to give creative liberties to Telltale and would definitely sell like hotcakes. My personal prediction goes to Zelda or Mario, but, again, everything is equally possible at this point.

Does this mean that Telltale will be working with a Nintendo IP? No. It’s also possible for them to be porting one of there recent games to the Switch, such as The Walking Dead or Batman. It should be noted that there’s a Telltale Marvel game coming in 2017 which is my next best guess for a Switch game. In that case, I still support the idea of Nintendo and Telltale making a game together eventually.

THQ Nordic

Sometimes I forget that THQ is still a name being used in the video game industry. Yes, I know this isn’t really THQ, but it still made me do a double-take when I saw the name on the list. When it comes to there contribution to the Switch, it’s between two of there five 2017 games: ELEX and Battle Chasers: Nightwar. I say this only because the other three games seem to be PC and mobile oriented. Yes, we established back in Part 1 that DeNA’s presence on Switch means mobile games shouldn’t be dismissed outright, however, I doubt anyone outside of Nintendo themselves will be exercising that for a while. Maybe one day, but not in 2017.

Another unlikely possibility is that they make Darksiders 3 and port it to the Switch alongside a PS4 and Xbox One game. After all, it’s the only THQ Nordic game to be released on Wii U. Makes sense that a third game could be coming to the system.

Tokyo RPG Factory

Thankfully, this will be the last time I have to say how unfamiliar I am with a developer on this list. Though in my defense, this is a very new company who as of now has worked on only one game, I Am Setsuna. Their parent company: Square-Enix. I actually wish I didn’t forget to include that fact in the previous part. Anyway, this could very well be hinting at the game Square Enix will be bringing to Switch. Either Square’s only contribution to the Switch will be the next Tokyo RPG Factory game, or this is an additional game to be announced in the future.

I can’t give a concrete prediction for this company’s Switch game since we don’t know what games are in the works over there. I’ll simply say that either I Am Setsuna could be ported to the Switch, or they’re working on a brand new game.

TT Games

They might as well have just wrote on the list “LEGO game confirmed”. Just saying.

I guess now comes the question of which LEGO game will be coming to the Switch. The only upcoming LEGO game we know of right now is LEGO Worlds, which makes a lot of sense for a Switch title. A sandbox game built around world-building with an MMO component would be a great fit for the system, especially if the Switch controller ends up being touchscreen.


Ubisoft on a Nintendo system? I give it a week… Just kidding… I hope.

Incidently, Ubisoft already has a game announced for the system: Just Dance 2017. First off, how the hell are they still making these games. Second, I’m really hoping this isn’t the only Ubisoft game on the Switch. Odds are it won’t be, but if it is that speaks a lot about the console’s apparent power. In fact, Ubisoft’s game will depend heavily on the system’s power. Will it be closer to the Wii U or the PS4?

If it turns out that it’s in the PS4’s range, then there are about four big candidates for the system: Watch Dogs 2, For Honor, South Park: Fractured But Whole, and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. Yes, Watch_Dogs 2 will release before the Switch comes out, but Just Dance 2017 proves Ubisoft isn’t above porting a 2016 game to this system. Plus, Nintendo fans were already introduced to Watch_Dogs on the Wii U, making it an easy transition. Otherwise, For Honor and Ghost Recon Wildlands are my best guesses. (Somehow I doubt Nintendo would put South Park on the system).

If it is underpowered, then Just Dance 2017 is all the Switch is gonna get from Ubisoft.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Finally, we come to Warner Bros Interactive. I should preface this by mentioning that TT Games just so happens to be a WBIE developer. So, that can mean one of two things. Either WBIE plans to bring additional games to the Switch from their other divisions, or this is just a filibuster entry made to make the Switch’s dev list look better. Both are very likely, but I’ll choose to believe the latter. You know, for fun sake.

Besides Lego Worlds, there is only one major game from WBIE coming in 2017: Injustice 2. Considering that the first Injustice was also on Wii U, this would be a good choice for the system. Another potential non-LEGO game that I think is likely for the system is Batman: Return to Arkham, and eventually Batman Arkham Knight. Origins was already on the Wii U, so a basis is already set for Nintendo users. And do you know what’s better than an awesome Batman game? A awesome portable Batman game.

Thus concludes this run-down of Nintendo’s third-party partners. Thanks so much for joining me throughout these four parts. To see the previous posts of this mini-series, click the links below.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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