SBox Soapbox: Predicting the Nintendo Switch’s Games (A-D)

We’re just a couple weeks removed from the official reveal of Nintendo’s seventh home console and/or sixth handheld console: the Nintendo Switch. So far, gamers and fans are taking to it pretty well with the majority of early reactions being hesitantly enthusiastic. We don’t know everything about the system yet, but we at least know enough to start answering some of the Switch’s remaining questions. What? You thought the speculation period was over? Not a chance.

One of the most discussed aspects of the Switch, aside from horsepower, is its game library. It was hard in the beginning to discuss the console’s library due to us not knowing that much about the console. We had an idea of it being a hybrid system, but didn’t know how it would look like or Nintendo’s plan for both first and third party support. Fortunately we have seen it for ourselves, and Nintendo was even kind enough to provide a full list of third-party developers who are confirmed partners of the system.


Currently, about twelve games have been confirmed for the system. Using this expansive list that Nintendo provided and the little we know about the console, I’m going to predict some of the games I believe will eventually come to the Switch. To be clear, I will account for every possibility regarding the Switch’s horsepower. I’ll discuss the Switch as if its similarly powered to the original PS4 and Xbox One, but I won’t assume anything either. I’ll also try to be as realistic as possible while also hinting towards my hopes. And if it’s all the same to you, I’m going to skip the companies in the last two rows (with the exception of DeNA and Epic Games). Otherwise, we’ll be here all day.

Let’s discuss each developer one by one in a left to right, top-down fashion. I’ll cover this in multiple parts in order to save time. We have a lot of ground to cover, so might as well get started with companies named A-D.

505 Games

Even if you don’t recognize the name 505 Games (formerly 505 GameStreet), you’ve probably ran into a couple of their games before. They’re catalog is pretty large, having worked on Guilty Gear, Cooking Mama, Naruto Shippuden, Payday 2, Terraria and Rocket League among others. I know them best for developing the slightly underrated Naughty Bear games, but that’s just me. Keep in mind that 505 doesn’t own all of those franchises. They simply helped develop a few of those series’ games.

I have a feeling they’ll have at least one title during the Switch’s launch, due to they’re lack of notoriety. They have two games coming in 2017: Indivisible and Freaktown, and I believe both of them will make their way to the Switch. Most 505 Games are on every system known to man anyway. Though if they’re really about it, they’d work with Psyonix to bring Rocket League over to the Switch. That would be awesome!


I’m sure no one was surprised to hear that Activision was developing for the Switch. Considering that they’re the king of multiplatform games, it would’ve been a hell of a lot more surprising if they decided to skip the system entirely.

First thing’s first: Call of Duty will totally come to the Switch. I’m confident that even if the Switch proves to be underpowered, at least one COD game will make they’re way to the Switch. I’d actually be interested in seeing how well a portable Call of Duty catches on. Other shoe-ins for the console include Skylanders, Cabela’s Big Game Hunter, and they’re line of licensed games (SpongeBob, Transformers, TMNT, etc). If the system can handle it and COD sells well on the Switch, I can also see Destiny being ported to Switch, too.

On the off chance Crash Bandicoot Remastered is only a timed-exclusive for Sony, I think that game would fit right in for a Holiday release.

Arc System Works

There are three potential Arc System Works series coming to the Switch, and they’re the three that you expect: Guilty Gear, Xblaze, and BlazBlue. Since I don’t follow any of these series, I can only guess which one based on release dates. With that said, I’m going to say Guilty Gear will either have a sequel or a re-release of Xrd -Revelator-. I wouldn’t put it passed them to port Skullgirls to the system, either. It would be a good fit.


I guess this is as good a time as any to mention this, but my guess is that a lot of the games we’ll see in the Switch’s first year will probably be re-releases of Wii U games. This is, of course, due to the Wii U’s lack of install base compared to the opportunistically larger one on Switch.

That said, I think Tokyo Mirage #FE may be one of those Wii U ports. It’s a new enough game for a second port to make sense and would introduce Fire Emblem to the system. Unfortunately, Persona 5 is tied up with Sony currently, but who knows? Maybe sometime down the road if it becomes multi-platform. The next best thing would be a new King of Fighters, if they decide to make one.

Bandai Namco

This one may actually be really easy. In case you didn’t know, Bandai Namco actually worked alongside Nintendo’s own HAL Laboratory to make the latest installments of the Super Smash Bros series. Hint: that’s why Pac-Man was in the game. And with not-so rumors pointing towards a new Smash Bros game being on NX, as soon as launch no less, I think it’s pretty safe to say this will be they’re first contribution to the Switch. I’ll probably discuss that game more in a separate post. In case I don’t, it’s my theory that it’ll be a port of the Wii U game with a couple of extra features. Whether that’ll be new characters or extra modes remains to be seen.

Other potential candidates includes a port of Pokken Tournament, one of the future Digimon and Naruto games, and hopefully Tekken 7. Plus, Namco could also be working on Smash Bros 6 if we’re lucky.


A lot of people are happy to see Bethesda on a Nintendo console, though that happiness has since been tainted by the now notorious Skyrim fakeout. Granted, we may still get Skyrim on the Switch eventually, but I have a feeling Bethesda may have other plans.

They could port one of their past multi-platform games? If it’s not Skyrim, then the next best inclusion is Elder Scrolls Online. I think a port of Doom would be great, or maybe a duel release of Dishonored 1 and 2. Though, I think the most likely scenario is that Prey will end up being released for the system. In fact, I’m really hoping it is since it means the Switch will, in fact, be equivalent to the PS4 and Xbox One hardware-wise. Then again, Bethesda’s presence on the Switch is reason enough to believe that it’ll be pretty powerful.


Ah yes, Capcom. Few companies are more synonymous with Nintendo than Capcom, which will make it so hard to guess which game they’ll bring to the Switch. The possibilities are so many and yet so few at the same time. So aside from Capcom creating a new game as a Switch exclusive, I’ll take a wild guess and say the following games are potential Switch ports: Mega Man Legacy Collection, Street Fighter V (eventually), and Resident Evil 7 (if we’re lucky). The most desirable game of the bunch would be RE7 as that is a guaranteed system seller, but porting the Mega Man Legacy Collection would be the easier and more understandable choice.


Like 505 Games, Codemasters is one of those developers you’ve probably ran into once or twice without realizing it. However, unlike 505 they don’t have many huge franchises or even upcoming games to guess a game for. So, my best guess will be a supposed sequel to one of their Dirt games. Why? Because that’s the only franchise they made within the last five years which I recognize. Or maybe they have a new game set for the system. We’ll wait and see.


In keeping with the alphabetical order of this post, I’ll cover DeNA here. I decided to cover DeNA not because I know what games they’ll bring to the Switch, but because I find it so interesting. Remember those rumors of Pokemon GO being playable on the NX? DeNA’s involvement almost confirms the idea that mobile games can and will be playable on the Switch. This makes sense the more I think about it, because they’re appealing somewhat to the mobile gaming crowd. Though it makes me wonder to what extent will we see mobile games on the system? Hmm, maybe another topic for another day.

My guess is that Miitomo may be available at launch as a pre-installed inclusion similar to the StreetPass on 3DS. That along with any other game DeNA makes from this point forward will probably make it to the Switch. That’s cool I guess, but maybe this announcement also acts as a soft confirmation of games like Super Mario Run and even Pokemon GO coming to the system. Keep your eyes peeled, because this could get interesting.

To continue this run-down of Nintendo’s third-party partners, click the links below.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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