SBox Analyzes: The Flash Season 3 Predictions


Early this year during my winter break, I decided to finally take the plunge and delve into the DC Television Universe. I was putting it off for a while at the time as something I’d get to eventually, but one day boredom preceded me enough to put my procrastination aside. I took to Netflix that day to find a full season of The Flash waiting for me. Roughly three days later I emerged victorious, adding one more show to my watchlist. That was one hell for a binging session, one I’d recommend wholeheartedly to anyone who has a bit of time and a love of lighthearted, comedic action shows with somewhat of a villain of the week format. You won’t regret it.

As of right now we’re less than a weeks removed from the show’s prominent return with Season 3. Season 2 proved to be a great adventure in multidimensional awesomeness. It brought a ton of surprises and twists our way, introduced us to many new characters (as well as new versions of preexisting ones), and ultimately put the show’s core story in one hell of an interesting spot towards the end. Of course most people already know of Season 2’s jaw-dropping cliffhanger simply by the show’s title. If you somehow aren’t and plan to become a member of S.T.A.R. labs in the near or distant future, then make like the Flash and zoom out of here quickly, because this post will contain spoilers for Season 1 and 2.

As for the rest of us, let’s speculate on what the next chapter in Barry Allen’s life has to offer us. I’ll be taking everything we know so far, both facts and rumors, and adding my own thoughts and predictions along the way. Apologies in advanced if I miss something. The show is only one week away.

Flashpoint’s Timespan

To recap for those who don’t recall the most recent episode, after saving the multiverse from Zoom, adding a new ability under Barry’s belt, and discovering the show’s third speedster, everything becomes hunky dory. Welles and Jesse return to Earth-2, and there seems to be a growing hope for the eternal cocktease that is Iris and Barry’s relationship. However, Barry decides out of nowhere to travel back in time to the death of his mother and actually save her from Reverse Flash. Thus we’re introduced to the theme of the next season, Flashpoint. Flashpoint also happens to be the only Flash storyline I’m somewhat familiar with. (That animated movie helped a bunch).

Flashpoint, for those who don’t know, is the famous comic book arc from The Flash which shows the many differences and consequences that come with Barry’s decision to save his mother and gain an average life. In the context of the comic book, this event shows us such oddities as Thomas Wayne being Batman and an ongoing war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman that would soon cause the end of the world. However, in the context of the TV show, Cisco is a millionaire, Reverse Flash is still alive, and Barry isn’t exactly the Flash anymore (more on you know who later).

Clearly this will be a really interesting story, but the ongoing question the past few months is exactly how long we’ll be in the Flashpoint continuity. Some say that it’ll take up half the season, perhaps a month’s worth of episodes, or maybe a mere two episodes. Really, not many of us know, but my best guess will be between a quarter of the season and half the season; though I lean much more towards the latter.

I don’t have too much evidence to back that claim up except for the fact that this entire season is called “Flashpoint”. I doubt that this is going to be a couple episode deal with this being the central theme of the season, and past experience with Season 2 shows us that the halfway point seems to mark at least a brief return to the status quo. In Season 2, Barry was able to escape Earth-2 and save Jesse at the cost of Zoom “killing” Jay Garrick. The season returns to a villain of the week format until Zoom finally returns a month later. I feel a similar situation will occur here where Barry will return to the original continuity by the Winter finale. The second half of the season will then deal with the consequences of Barry’s choice which even leak into the actual reality. Cough, cough- maybe this choice makes Supergirl canon now- cough, cough.

I’m hoping this is true, because I’d prefer them furthering the core story instead of sticking in Flashpoint’s story for too long.

Flashpoint Relics

We all know that the Flashpoint section of this season won’t last forever, but given what we know and what we’ve come to expect from the past, we also know that Flashpoint’s influence will be forever. Make no mistake about it. Every time Barry messes with the timeline, with or without the intention of changing it, things change in the main canon. The question is what will carry over from Flashpoint to the rest of the season? There are a few possibilities, but I’ll just stick to the whereabouts of four characters in particular.

Kid Flash

Let’s address one of the larger elephants in the room: Wally West as the Kid Flash. I love the way that they’re incorporating the many variations of Flash up to this point, from Jay Garrick from Earth-2, to the other Jay Garrick who looks like Barry’s father, to introducing Wally West alongside Barry Allen in the main canon, and now full fledged Kid Flash in Flashpoint. It’s cool to see that we’ll finally be shown what Kid Flash can do, though how long into the season until we see Kid Flash in the main timeline?

Remember, towards the end of Season 2 when they were trying to get Barry’s powers back, they recreated the particle accelerator explosion with Wally and Jessie caught in the blast radius. I’m pretty sure that this will come back in Season 3 and result in Wally becoming Kid Flash for good. As far as when, maybe later in the season. That would sync up to when we learned about Cisco being Reverb. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if they incorporate Earth-1 Kid Flash just a bit after the return to the regular timeline.

Reverse Flash

After being the main villain of Season 1 and making a one-time continuity cameo in Season 2, Eobard Thon returns once again to tourment Flash in sick and sadistic ways. In the trailers we find him in the Flashpoint continuity in what seems to be an underground prison. The cell area looks similar to Zoom’s Earth-2 lair last season, which begs the question of how did he get in there and who put him in. We also see that Thon is the only other person in Flashpoint who knows about the original timeline, which is only a little confusing albeit very faithful to the source material.

There are a few questions we have about Reverse Flash’s presence on the show this season, but one thing we can answer is whether he’ll be part of the main canon. The answer seems to be an astounding yes. See, Thon is actually confirmed to be a series regular in the upcoming season of Legends of Tomorrow. For those who know anything about that show, this totally fits with Reverse Flash’s hard-on for time travel and world domination. So, one way or another we’ll see Thon somewhat involved when Flash returns to the status quo. In fact, this may be one of the lead-ins to the highly anticipated cross-over episode which involves both previously mentioned shows plus Arrow and Supergirl. Whether we’ll see Thon beyond that is anyone’s guess.

In regards to the question of Thon’s location, the trailer points to the owner of said lair to be the Alchemist (who I’ll get to soon). My guess is that in the event that Barry saved his mother and all, Thon gets tossed in Flashpoint custody and he just ended up here. People have speculated that Barry is a co-owner of this lair. If that’s true than this could be where Barry placed him after saving his mother. Both very interesting theories that each have a good chance of coming true.

The Rival

Interesting thing about this season is that there will be two main villains, one of them being a popular Kid Flash villain known as The Rival. I don’t know much about the Rival other than the fact that he’s big, evil and has a pretty cool dark costume with horns. This will be the show’s sixth speedster, because why not.

From the looks of things, I have a feeling he will be a major entity in more than just Flashpoint, but I believe it can go either way. My gut tells me that the Rival could be exclusive to the Flashpoint line, which makes sense when you consider that there’s at least one other main villain this season. In the case that both The Flash and Kid Flash defeat The Rival before Barry resets the timeline, it would leave room for Doctor Alchemy to shine. Maybe The Rival could pop back up in the main plotline through his alter ego (whoever that may be).

Doctor Alchemy

For those who don’t have an eye for Easter eggs, you may not have noticed that Doctor Alchemy, the other major villain of the season, made a brief appearance. This guy has a very interesting backstory apparently. The character on the show goes by the name of Julian who works alongside Barry in the forensics lab. Once the friendship between Barry and Juian goes sour, he becomes a villain who uses a blend of science and magic. Yes, magic! That means not only is Doctor Alchemy the first main Flash villain to lack super speed, but also the first one to use an element other than science. To add more coincidence to the to the equation, Alchemy is being played by Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfvoy from Harry Potter). Oh, how I’m hyped for this idea!

We already know that Alchemy will be introduced right away during the Flashpoint section of the season. In fact, the trailers briefly suggest that he’s the one who has Reverse Flash locked away. We also know that Felton is set to star in the whole season similar to Zoom, so no doubt we’ll see Doctor Alchemy in the main canon. But when? I bet the fact that Barry knows who Julian ends up being in Flashpoint, that will play a huge part in his interactions with Julian once everything is back to normal. Barry may end up spending a couple episodes trying to maintain the status quo with Julian in order to avoid his evil transition. Or maybe there falling out will just happen naturally. Either way, I give Alchemy no more than four post-Flashpoint episodes before we see Doctor Alchemy in the main canon.

Other Predictions

Outside the whole alternate timeline aspect of the show, there’s still so many little things left to theorize about mostly related to the show’s return to form. In the interest of time, I won’t cover everything, as even I want to keep some things a surprise. Allow me to quickly breeze through just three more points before we go: Dr. Welles and Jessie’s return, Black Flash, and Killer Frost.

I’m sure there’s a lot of confirmed information concerning Dr. Wells and Jessie’s involvement in Season 3, but I’m choosing to leave this one to the imagination. My uneducated guess on when and how these two will be reincorporated into the canon is that they will be the same versions of Welles and Jessie from Earth-2. My only real defense for that goes back to that moment when Wally and Jessie get blasted by the particle accelerator explosion. I feel like they wouldn’t have put Jessie in that situation just to never address it again. We also know Earth-2 will be a thing in Season 3 with the return of Grod, so the door is definitely open for these two to come back. It’ll certainly be easier than to reimagine Wells’ character for the third or fourth time.

Speaking of returning characters, many fans are discussing the possible of the Black Flash to also make an appearance this season. (That puts us at 7 speedsters now…cool). What’s interesting about this theory is that this character was already teased during the Season 2 finale during the death of Zoom. That’s right, Zoom may be coming back as the Black Flash, and I’m pretty excited about that idea. Teddy Sears was one of the highlights of last season, both as “Jay Garrick” or Zoom. If and when they do bring him into the show, I’d assume somewhere between Spring of next year and Season 4, I’m sure everyone will be happy to see him again.

Last but not least, one of the biggest and more recent developments of Season 3 involves Episode 7, which will be written by Kevin Smith (yes!) and is titled “Killer Frost”. Oh snap! When it comes to how the show will revive Killer Frost everyone argues between to likely opinions. Either Caitlin will finally turn into Killer Frost, or this Killer Frost will be from a different dimension. The latter argument could happen in theory (even though Killer Frost died in Earth-2), but would be a bit disappointing compared to the much cooler alternative. It could be that the entire episode will be dedicated to Caitlin’s transition. If this episode takes place after Flashpoint, it’ll be the huge payoff to that inner battle she faces back in Season 2. An entire episode of her walking that fine line between good and evil could be really interesting. I don’t know, but just the idea of it makes me really excite about what kinds of episodes we can look forward to in the year to come.

So, that’s all I have for predictions this season. Like I said, there’s so much more stuff left to discuss, like the return of Captain Cold or Cisco potentially becoming Reverb or Iris and Barry finally getting together (which is only a little creepy). Though with the show just a few short days away, I figure this much will suffice. The real fun will be seeing what actually happens.

Do you agree with my predictions? Did I leave anything big out? (Probably yes). Are you excited for The Flash to return? Let me know in the comments below so we can talk about it. Until then, I’ll see you all in the Speed Force!

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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