Mini-Update (9/3/16): TV Predictions, College & Whatnot

Greetings peeps!

I wanted to take a moment to discuss the current state of this blog as well as to inform you of what I have planned for the next month or so. It feels like I’ve been gone for a month- it always does- even though it’s only been a couple weeks. I’ve been thinking things over, and I feel that it’s for the best that I talk just briefly about what’s been going on.

Hard to believe it’s September already, a time I’ve been both dreading and anticipating. The dreading part is that I am now back to the college life. For those new to the blog, I’m currently a sophomore in college seeking a degree in computer science. My first day back was August 24th, so I’ve been at this for about a week and a half so far.

As you’d imagine, college life can be a bit hectic at times; sometimes for reasons beyond the actual workload of classes. For one, I commute to my campus, and this year I have to deal with a weird schedule that involves a big gap between classes. Luckily I go home during my gaps whenever I’m able to be driven home. (That’s right, I don’t drive yet). On top of that, a bug in my schedule occurred which required me to drop two of my classes in order to take on an unexpected class. I’m down a few credit hours due to that, but at least I’m taking 5 classes instead of my usual 6. Plus, only one of those is an elective. Things like that can make my life just that much easier.

But enough about that. The point is that I now have substantially less free time than I had all summer. When it comes to the blog, things can go either one of two ways. It can either add a bunch of work and obligation to my life which can get in the way of posting. In that case, I guess the flow of content wouldn’t change that much. I’ll admit this summer wasn’t as content-heavy as I thought it was going to be. Though it could also do something that I think has happened the past two years. Having actual classes could increase my overall productivity levels, not just for school but in all aspects of life. No promises, but I’ve been feeling very productive lately. Maybe this will actually increase my posting potential is my theory is correct.

See, I realized that I actually tend to not post as often when I have free time. It’s when I have a bunch of stuff to do that I start coming up with ideas and blogging a bunch. It’s so backwards from what most people would expect to be true. Though, I think September will be a true test of this theory, because I actually have a lot of September specific ideas lined up. This is where the exciting stuff comes in.

Perhaps the biggest thing I have in the pipeline are TV related posts. Around this time every year, all the big cable programs start coming back for their new seasons, and I try my best to talk about them. The past two years I’ve done prediction posts, mainly for The Big Bang Theory. I’ve always planned on covering more shows than I actually end up doing. They just never happened for one reason or another. This year I’ll do my best to cover as many shows as I can while I can. The shows I wish to cover include: The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, The Flash and Empire.

I’ll start looking at the current slate of speculation and rumors, and attempt to make predictions posts for at least a couple of these shows. I have my work cut out for me and just a little bit of time to act. The Big Bang Theory and Empire are only two weeks away, so I’ll make those priority for right now. The Flash is due back in about a month, and Supernatural comes on a week after that. My goal is to have these out at least one week before the shows return, so I guess you can expect two of these posts by next week if everything goes well. I’ll try my best to get at least one of these predictions posts out at minimum.

There are also plans for a few Soapboxes and at least one review to come out before month’s end. One of these Soapboxes are almost done and another one I’ll be working on tonight. My intention is to be as active of a blogger as I can be in relation to the many college and real life obligations which may and will come up. It may be hard to accomplish, but I’m sure going to try and make something great out of this month.

Hope everything’s going well for you all this Labor Day weekend. I’ll catch up with guys in a little bit.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Mini-Update (9/3/16): TV Predictions, College & Whatnot”

  1. I’m the same way. When I have less free time, I tend to be more productive with creative things. It’s strange, but I suppose it has something to do with being in a more constant productive and motivated mood


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