My Thoughts on the Comic Con 2016 Trailers & Footage

San Diego Comic Con 2016, the ultimate all-around geek convention, has now come to an end. And what a glorious time it was. While I was unable to attend the actual convention, I was still able to enjoy the show from the comfort of my own evil lair, watching trailer after trailer as they came out along the way. There’s always so much at every SDCC to enjoy whether you consider yourself a geek or not. So much so that I’d like to talk about a couple of the trailers that stuck out to me the most.

I was actually surprised at how much we as outsiders looking in actually got this year. Only three major movies were kept behind closed doors for those lucky bastards who happened to be there I mean, those wonderful Comic Con attendees kind enough to give us a synopsis. As such I won’t be able to cover everything at Comic Con, but I will talk about what I can. I won’t go too long or too deep with this since theses are just trailers. I’ll just give some quick and general impressions of what was shown with maybe a prediction here and there.

I’ll be going one by one in no particular order. Feel free to skip around this post to get my thoughts on specific trailers if you don’t care about the other stuff.

Wonder Woman


Regardless of what you thought about Batman v Superman, many would agree that, next to Ben Affleck’s performance of Batman, Gal Gadott’s Wonder Woman was one of the shining aspects of the movie. I really enjoyed Gadott’s take on the character. The command, intrigue, power and elegance she brought to such a limited role was very impressive. I couldn’t wait to see what she could do in her own standalone movie. This made this trailer a must-see when it finally dropped.

Surprisingly, this may be my favorite trailer at the convention. This trailer kicks ass for so many reasons. One of the main attractions being the way this film looks. I’m getting a Xena meets Captain America vibe from the trailer, with maybe little 300 from the way the action is shot. We got two major settings for the movie: the island of Themyscira and various areas of 1940’s Europe. Both look fantastic and are impressively colorful for a DCEU film. I see that Warner Bros is ditching the depressing greyscale of BvS in favor of a sunnier, more dynamic scenery. Even the reds and yellows of Wonder Woman’s costume stand out more in comparison to BvS.

Oh and the action sequences they showed off…brilliant. We don’t get too much of any one action scene- hell, most of Wonder Woman’s kicks and punches don’t connect- but we do get enough to tell that Wonder Woman is a force to be reckoned with. My favorite shots include her using her shield against the Axis soldiers and that one sliding ground kick she does towards the end. We also get one look at the Lasso of Truth which looked really cool.

I can tell from the trailer that this is going to be the fun, badass action movie the DCEU deperately needs. It’s easy to see that this movie will have a lot of heart and even some humor as seen through Chris Pine’s remarks and that funny secretary joke towards the end. I can’t wait to see this movie. Damn you, time! You’re taking too long to get to June.

Justice League


Even more surprising than getting the Wonder Woman trailer was getting some actual Justice League footage, let alone this much Justice League footage. I didn’t even bother looking for it, because I figured that, even if they did show something from Justice League, it would be Comic Con exclusive. Thankfully, I was wrong.

A whopping two and a half minutes of footage were dropped, and it was great. The footage follows everybody’s new favorite Batman going from place to place trying to recruit the three other individuals from Lex’s superhuman file. We get our first looks at our witty (and apparently lonely) Flash, an Aquaman of few words, and Cyborg…who didn’t really get a lot of screentime. Wonder Woman also made a couple appearances throughout, making Superman the only omission this time around…you know, for spoiler reasons.

For a movie that only started filming around March, this trailer actually showed a pretty good amount. Sure, the trailer has little to no action, but it didn’t have to be. Action scenes are something to worry about after the film reaches post-production. The things that were important to establish this early in the game were the all here, and that’s what makes this a great trailer.

First off, our three new faces all look great as their respective characters. You can tell right away that Aquaman is going to be a serious and strong force to be reckoned with. If seeing him pin Batman against the wall doesn’t do that for you, I don’t know what will. The Flash is as quick witted and comedic as we all expected, being responsible for most of the jokes in the trailer. There isn’t enough here to say whether he’s any better or worse than Grant Gustin, but I can predict he’ll be just as funny and charming from what I’m seeing here. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t give any shine to Cyborg, who I’m really excited to see in action. I think it’s because they’re still working on his CG, though. Oh well. At least the design’s looking good so far.

If there was anything else to take away from this trailer, it’s the tonal difference from BvS to this film. Many have commented on how much lighter this film seems to be compared and praised it for that fact. Though, as Gustin Flash would say, “That feels like an oversimplification”. My prediction of the film’s tone after seeing this trailer will be something a bit lighter than Man of Steel, but much darker than Wonder Woman. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. It’s just that I can easily see this movie turning out to be a bit darker than what everyone is saying. The point remains that there is a noticeable difference, but it still feels like a successor to BvS, which I think is the best move to make.

Superman’s absence tells me that his status will be shrouded in mystery for a while. There’s a chance that they’ll tease his image in the very next trailer, but I’m willing to bet that they’ll do with Superman what Marvel did with Spider-Man. Or maybe they’ll show him Wonder Woman style, standing among the rest of the Justice League in his black suit during the final trailer.

Overall, this was an excellent surprise on the part of DC and Warner Bros. I love this trailer a lot, though I also love the confidence it’s restoring for fans who were displeased with BvS. At the same time, it gives a great introduction to the characters who, if they play their cards right, will be with us for years to come.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


For those who don’t know, I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter movies. I’ve been in love with it since I was only four years old, and have seen each film repeatedly since then. Believe me, there are few people on Earth who want this movie to be good more than I do. Even though this isn’t really Harry Potter 8, and it’s very important that I realize that, I can at least hope that Fantastic Beasts will captured the same magic that the previous series. (No pun intended).

A trailer for this film dropped at Comic Con. I believe this is the fourth trailer/teaser we’ve received, and it still looks rather promising. This trailer took the time to show us some off some of the fantastic beasts, from a tiny purple bug thing to a big black gust in the wind. You also get a few really good shots of the 1920’s American scenery, and a few very brief moments of action, throughout.

Those who have been following this movie for a while won’t find too much different here minus some new footage. With this being the fourth or so trailer so far you’d come to expect that. What this trailer does provide, however, is somewhat of an independence from the Harry Potter series.

Previous trailers have taken steps to loosely and briefly connect this series to the other films in the Potterverse, usually by dropping a famous character’s name or saying a famous spell. They do this obviously to let people know that this is connected to Harry Potter. This seems to be the first trailer to attempt to lightly show individuality from those movies. Had this been the first trailer you’ve seen from the movie, there’s very little here to remind you of Harry Potter. No one alludes to any well-known character, says any famous spells, or show many familiar creatures (aside from an elf). You can tell it’s similar to Harry Potter, but not by much. I kinda like that about this trailer.

While this isn’t the greatest trailer at Comic Con, or even the best trailer for this movie, it still accomplishes its goal of getting me invested in this new trilogy. I can tell this will most likely be a fun and exciting adventure to go on this November.

Doctor Strange


It’s no secret I’m a pretty big MCU fan. I’ve been discussing Marvel news and reviewing a good bunch of their movies since the start of this blog. So, every year I get big hopes for what I’ll be able to see from Marvel Studios, trying get my hands on anything I can and salivating out the mouth for what I can’t see because I wasn’t in San Diego…What? I’m not bitter.

With that said, Marvel let only one film trailer reach the public along with several Netflix related trailers. Since I fear spoilers for Daredevil Season 2, I’ll only be discussing Doctor Strange.

Can I just say, first off, that this was a much better trailer than the one we got back in April? I thought that one was a decent introduction to the character of Steven Strange, but this was a brilliant introduction to the world and story of Steven Strange. I love the effects this movie has to offer. A lot of people compared the first trailer’s look to Inception, and i can’t add or subtract anything to that argument since I haven’t seen Inception yet. If I were to compare it to anything, I’d say it has Thor’s sense of awe with the mindbending imagery and tone of The Matrix. Whatever the case, it looks beautiful and actually fun. I can see so many fascinating action scenes coming from this.

I also liked that this trailer didn’t feel as serious or generic as it seemed in the original trailer. The music fast-paced action sequences brought about the more up-beat vibe you would expect from a Marvel film, especially with that ending joke to ensure the world that this movie will in fact be funny. You can still tell this film will be a bit more grounded than the typical Marvel film, but that’s okay as long as the movie has charm. Maybe it’ll have a tone similar to the original Iron Man or Hulk.

Suddenly, I’m feeling way more confident and excited for Doctor Strange. It’s a massive improvement from the first trailer in my opinion, and an overall good watch to keep you Marvel itch satisfied.

Kong: Skull Island


My expectations for Kong: Skull Island were somewhere in the middle for a while. I thought the concept of a King Kong prequel was interesting, especially since the film’s purpose is to build up King Kong vs Godzilla in a few years. However, since I remember having lukewarm feelings about Godzilla two years ago, I was waiting for the trailers to drop before I got too excited. Now the day has finally come for me to be hype.

Why did no one tell me about this movie’s cast? Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John Goodman, and Tom Hiddleston are here? Is it my birthday or something? Actually, this film does happen to come out in March 10, 2017. That happens to be around the time I turn 20, so thanks in advanced Warner Bros! Also, as a Marvel fan I love the fact that Loki, Nick Fury and Captain Marvel are coming together to fight King Kong.

Anyway, some quick things to notice from this trailer is the scenery. It’s as gorgeous as it is massive and intimidating. The place is riddled with acres of forests and meadows filled with tall grass, but there are also huts filled with the island’s iconic villagers who live among the skulls and bones of dead monsters. We don’t get a good shot at any of the monsters that aren’t covered by something or placed in the shadows. The only one we get a decent look at is Kong himself. Holy shit he’s huge. Possibly bigger than he’s ever been.

This was a great first look at this movie I didn’t know much about. I can tell this will be a great big, loud action movie that’ll be right up my alley. Hope to get a good shot of King Kong in a future trailer, though I’m definitely interested in this movie.

The Flash (Season 3)


I plan on talking much more about Season 3 of The Flash later in a predictions post. So, while my coverage of this trailer may be brief, I still feel it’s something worth discussing here.

As many already know, the title for Season 3 is Flashpoint, and you know what that means. Barry alters the time line to save his mother, which screws everything up for everybody including himself. It’s a great concept that made for a great animated movie a few years back, and this is a great teaser.

As much as I liked the story idea and was glad that they were going in this direction, my biggest fear was that they were going to do this storyline was going to take up the entire season. The issue I had with that was that I’s much rather see the original story move forward than an altered story develop only to be destroyed in a year’s time. While it does seem like that’s going to be the case now, I’m not that upset about it anymore. In fact, I welcome the idea now that I’m seeing it in action.

Ramon as a successful businessman? Awesome! Reverse Flash being back? Awesome! New speedster in a dark and scary outfit who i don’t know the name of? Awesome! The introduction of Wally West Flash? Oh, hell yeah!

Sonic Mania


I had no clue that we were getting any Sonic stuff during SDCC, but I ain’t complaining. especially when the stuff their showing is anything like Sonic Mania and Project Sonic 2017. Let’s start by talking a bit about Sonic Mania.

While I didn’t grow up with the 16-bit Sonic the Hedgehog games since Sonic is six years older than me, I still love the original games. The pure fun, speed and sense of control in the Genesis games are pretty much unbeatable. That’s why I’m really happy to see this game being made. the world needs a history lesson in what made Sonic an icon 25 years ago.

With Sonic Mania, Sega appears to be making the perfect 16-bit Sonic game. It’s not a sequel to Sonic & Knuckles like Sonic 4 or a remake of the original games like Sonic Generations. Actually I don’t exactly know what it is really. There are aspects to this that appear to be a reimagining. For example, they put the Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1 in a mostly untouched fashion. At the same time, you have new levels like Studiopolis Zone. Whatever it is, I think I’m in love.

If I can expect more original zones to be placed in this game, such as the beautiful and clever Studiopolis Zone, I’m sure this will be an absolute favorite among classic game fans and Sonic fans who have been craving this for a long time.

Project Sonic 2017


Don’t get me wrong, though. As someone born during the 3D revoltion in the mid to late 90’s, I love me some 3D Sonic, too. That’s why I’m cautiously excited for whatever Project Sonic 2017 is.

The trailer starts for this unnamed Sonic game, and the first thing everyone including me was thinking is “Uh oh”. Between the codename for this game being “Project Sonic” and this Crisis City looking set-up, it looked and continues to look suspiciously like the notorious Sonic 06. Then Sonic bolts forward, dodging obstacles in 2D fashion. My nerves begin to calm a tad. It looked really good, but so did the trailers for 06. A boulder reaches Sonic before it cuts away to text. I start to think, “Why doesn’t he just spin dash through that shit? I know he can do it.” The text reads, “But even heroes need help”. I’m like “okay, this’ll be interesting”. A blue blur does the homing attack to save Sonic. See! I knew he can do that shit. And just like that, the world lost their minds when Classic Sonic from Sonic Generations is revealed.

So, what can this mean? Is this game Sonic Generations 2? That’s what it looks like, and it explains why Classic Sonic is here. Plus, everybody loved Sonic Generations. It would be the safe yet perfect option for the 25th anniversary game. Is it a second attempt at Sonic 06? Probably not. It does look a lot like that’s the case, but I’m sure even Sega wouldn’t be foolish enough to revisit the worst Sonic game ever made again, let alone right after the other worst Sonic game came out last year. Or maybe this is something entirely new that just happens to look like Sonic 06 and feature Classic Sonic. You know, a brand new adventure and concept. That actually sounds fantastic, but also a bit risky.

This is a very interesting trailer, one that I’ll keep an eye on in the future. Perhaps I’ll revisit the topic again another time. For now, let’s just cross our fingers, keep our ears to the ground, and hope for the next best new Sonic adventure to come in 2017.

There’s so much to talk about when it comes to Comic Con, but I’m gonna go ahead and cut this short (or long, depending on how you look at it). There’s plenty of opportunity to duscuss the other announcements at SDCC. Thanks for spending this time with me if you made it this far. Let me know in the comments what your favorite trailer, announcement, panel or moment from SDCC was. And if you were at Comic Con and happened to see the exclusive footage…Please! Please tell me about the Spider-Man trailer! I want to see it so bad.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Comic Con 2016 Trailers & Footage”

  1. Ahh I was so sad that I couldn’t go to Comic Con either. Favorite trailer was, of course, Fantastic Beasts. No superhero (or pretty much anything) is better than the Potterverse. So excited for that. I’m really interested to see all of these trailers now. Wonder Woman sounds great; I’m excited for that. Everything looks great. I’m. So. Ready. For. All. Of. These.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amen to that. Can’t wait to see all of these movies and games, and there’s no way I’m missing Fantastic Beasts. I’ve seen every Potter film in the theater so far, and I won’t stop now!

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