Mini-Update (6/25/16): Where’s the Last E3 Post?

Greetings peeps!

I wanted to do a very short update regarding my E3 posting plans. I was about to just go forward with a new post on a new topic, but for those who have been following my E3 coverage the past week, I wanted to make sure I’m not leaving anyone hanging.

For those who don’t know, last Sunday I posted a E3 posting schedule which called for one post per day until Thursday. I’d cover Microsoft on Monday, Sony on Tuesday, Nintendo on Wednesday and finally make a final E3 post on Thursday. However, as you can see, each post has been dramatically late. Microsoft’s reaction was posted last Wednesday, Sony’s was last Thursday and Nintendo’s ended up being posted this Tuesday. My apologies for such drastic delays. What basically happened was that I failed to account for the fact that I was having family over last Monday. That didn’t just make posting about E3 difficult. It also made watching E3 difficult. So, Microsoft and Sony’s posts had to be moved to later in the week until I can get everything together.

Nintendo’s post was delayed simply because I didn’t know how to approach their performance this year. I, like many others, didn’t watch Nintendo’s Treehouse due to time constraints and the fact that it wasn’t meant to be covered the same way a regular press conference was meant to be handled. I went through a bunch of ideas before arriving at the Soapbox idea, which I felt was the right decision. A recap post felt pointless, and I won’t pretend to have watched it for the sake of a post.

Then there’s the case of the fourth proposed post of E3 2016: a “Favorite Games of E3” post. I was in the process of making the post after the Nintendo Soapbox, but ran into a problem. The more I thought about it, the less I felt that this post was worth following through with. It felt like I was repeating everything I said in the three recap posts. Most of my favorite games were from the Microsoft and Sony conferences, with one of the only exception being Fe from the EA conference. So, I dropped it.

Then the focus shifted to alternative posts I could do regarding E3 to make up for it. The idea that got the most time was a “Favorite E3 Moments Ever” post, where I’d share stories about the past five years watching the show. While I still do like the idea and will be happy to make it, it’s been over a week since the show. Everyone has moved on from E3, and quite frankly so have I. I’ve already pushed back several posts in favor of E3. That’s why I’ve decided it’s for the best that I end my coverage of E3 here and now. My greatest apologies if I have led anyone on in the process. That was not my intention, but it is my mistake for jumping the gun on a claim I wasn’t 100% sure I’d be able to follow through on. The “Favorite E3 moments” post will remain in my drafts and may see a release come next year, but for now I want to move forward with other topics.

With that said, I have an Uncharted 4 review to finish and potential reviews for two movies I saw over the weekend: Central Intelligence and Finding Dory. There’s also a Tv post I’ve wanted to do for weeks, which I’ll be working on very soon.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Mini-Update (6/25/16): Where’s the Last E3 Post?”

  1. I can completely relate on the difficulty on keeping up with a set blogging schedule. Some other things just have to take priority, or sometimes, your heart is simply not in what you’re writing. Which is perfectly okay; it’s even a good thing. It just means you want to put out genuine content with zero BS. Looking forward to that Finding Dory review 😛

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    1. Thanks, that’s exactly what I want to do. I try my best to only write what comes natural to me, and hopefully that’s what I get across with what I write. And I’ll be sure to get the Finding Dory review out before too long. 🙂

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