Mini-Update (6/12/16): The Ranting SBox E3 Schedule

Greetings peeps!

Hard to believe it’s already been a month since my last update. I hope you’re all doing well since then. I’ve been doing well myself just taking the opportunity to relax and sleep in while I can. In just two months I’ll be back to that hustle and bustle (accompanied by endless crying) of college life. I digress, though. Let’s discuss probably my only concrete plans for this month: E3.

Yes, this year I’ll once again be participating in the annual gamer hype fest known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo! This may be my fifth year watching E3, but it’s only the second one to be spent here on the blog. I’m glad I’m able to spend E3 with you guys as it wouldn’t be as fun just watching the show alone with no one to talk to about this.

This year I’ve decided to forego the predictions post because I’m going into E3 somewhat blind this year. While I do have expectations, I don’t have enough information to make an interesting post. That’s why I decided to wait for the show.

As usual the only conferences I’ll be fully covering will be the Big 3’s: Microsoft, Sony and however much I’ll be able to discuss about Nintendo. Those looking for full coverage of Ubisoft or Bethesda will unfortunately not find much here. However, I will be covering individual announcements through the the week from all companies involved. This, of course, will only be the games I’m interested in.

The aside from the individual announcements, here is how I’ll cover E3 this year:

Monday: Microsoft reaction post

Tuesday: Sony reaction post

Wednesday: Nintendo reaction post

Thursday: Favorite games of E3

Hopefully, everything will go according to plan and I’ll get everything out on time for you guys. The only one that may be a bit late is Monday as I have something going on tomorrow. If things get difficult, I’ll push it back to Tuesday. Worst case may also delay my Favorite Games post to Friday. Just know I’ll do my best to be on time with each post.

Hopefully I’ll see you all here starting tomorrow when we discuss Microsoft’s press conference!

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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