My 2015 Movies: Avengers – Age of Ultron (#6)


Every year, including this one, my most anticipated film is always a Marvel film. Lord knows my family and I were super pumped for Avengers 2 considering Marvel’s cinematic winning streak since 2008. We couldn’t wait for this film. We even assigned each other Marvel character T-shirts for the occasion of watching the movie opening weekend. (I wore the Ultron short). And thank God this movie turned out to be just as awesome as we wanted it.

The Avengers have assembled once again to retrieve Loki’s scepter, which has since fallen into the wrong hands. The scepter is set to return with Thor to Asgard, but before it does Tony Stark and Bruce Banner use its power to create something called Ultron, an artificial intelligence meant to protect the world when the Avengers can’t by detecting and eliminating threats. Unfortunately, Ultron is completed with one fatal flaw. Seeing the Avengers as threats to our world, he sets out to destroy them and perhaps even the world.

There was a debate following this film’s release regarding this film’s quality against the first movie. Was Age of Ultron better than Avengers 1? I struggled with this question myself, especially when writing my full review for this movie back in May. Since then, I’ve been given a year to think this through and rewatch the film several times. So, I’d like to change my answer to “no”. I like the first one slightly better. However, I stress the word “slightly” because these two are miraculously close in quality.

There are plenty of things Age of Ultron surpasses its predecessor in; one of them being the writing. The story this time around is a bit more in-depth. With the origin story now established, Avengers 2 is now free to delve into new interesting topics. Most interestingly, this movie begins to tackle the Avengers potentially negative impact on society and shows unrest within the team. Both of these themes are setting the stage for this year’s Civil War, and I’m glad they’re laying those blueprints here.

In addition, the film’s screenplay is excellent. Not a single line of dialogue felt dumb or unnecessary. When a character speaks, it’s natural. When the film makes a joke, you’ll laugh. When a character has a monologue, it’s epic and meaningful. When the characters are bickering, you’re compelled. This is also helped by the chemistry among the cast which is as strong as ever. And it goes without saying that the acting is fantastic all around. Even our new characters- Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Vision and Ultron- blend perfectly with the established cast.

Though what’s an Avengers movie without the action? This movie hosts some of Marvel’s best and most creative action scenes. The beauty of Avengers is that you get to see how these already established heroes with distinct abilities, who are already dangerous on their own, work off each other. This makes for some creative, diverse and visually appealing action sequences. Avengers action scenes also have great cinematography and effects. The panoramic shots and single take scenes are welcomed staples of these movies, and always look amazing. And for all the CG this movie unapologetically uses, they never cease to look realistic.

I’m so relieved to say that Age of Ulton is one of my favorite movies of 2015, and one of the best action films of 2015. I know I said Avengers 1 was better, but that’s just me. My gripes compared to the original are so minute that even I can’t explain my position. Just know that you will undoubtedly love this movie if you loved its predecessor or Marvel in general.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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