My 2015 Movies: Furious 7 (#8)


How ironic that Furious 7 was just one good movie away from reaching #7 on my list. Alas, some puns are just not meant to be.

At the start of the Top 10 portion of this countdown, I said that a film must have at least one of two qualities to reach this high point: be incredibly well-made or extremely awesome. The Big Short and Steve Jobs represent those of the first category. So the next couple films will represent the latter category of awesomeness.

In the seventh installment of Fast & Furious, Dom and the crew are now living normal lives after defeating Owen Shaw in the previous film and receiving amnesty. Unfortunately for them, the team is now targeted by Deckard Shaw, Owen’s older brother, who plans to wipe the entire team out. Dom is soon approached by a government agent who goes by Mr. Nobody, who seeks the team and his help retrieving “The God’s Eye”, a computer program that can locate anyone in the world. In return, he will let them use the God’s Eye to help stop Shaw before he kills the entire team. For some this is a triumphant return, but for others it’s their last ride.

My thoughts on the Fast & Furious franchise are pretty positive. I haven’t seen all of them, but the majority I saw range from serviceable to awesome. They’re dumb action drivel to the nth degree, but I have a soft spot for that kind of thing when it’s done well. Not only is Furious 7 one of those well-done action movies, it may just be the best film in the Fast & Furious series.

The film’s best aspect by far is the action. This is some of the most ridiculous, yet masterfully executed action scenes of the series’ history. This is one of many 2015 movies that thankfully utilize practical effects, and the decision paid off. CGI is only used when the scene absolutely calls for it, and looks pretty believable at all times. In addition to racing and vehicular combat sequences, the fight sequences were also excellent. Because this film does great in all of these fields, I can confidently say that my favorite action scene in the movie was the one with all of these factors in it: the “air drop scene” which you’ll know from the trailers.

The story is incredibly sophisticated… said no one ever. Yes, it’s kinda dumb in the writing section, but what did you expect? These films have always ever had one job: write a decent story with awesome characters who say cool and funny lines. That’s exactly what Furious 7 does and it does it well. As long as you can accept some occasional nonsense, you’ll enjoy this movie fine. Though with that being said, this is probably the best story in the series. It had to be with all things considered. The story is and fun, but one of the most emotional films 2015 had to offer. I dare you not to be sad toward the end.

On that note, let’s discuss the acting, starting with the late Paul Walker. Walker was thankfully able to complete a good majority of his scenes, causing a seamless integration into the film. I’d be lying if I said this performance was any better than his past ones, but I personally enjoyed him in every scene he was in. The same goes for the other series staples from Vin Diesel to The Rock and everyone in between.

Furious 7 is without a doubt the opus of the Fast & Furious series. It’s much more than just the end of the road for a beloved mainstay. It’s an all around great ride that is worth taking no matter if you’ve seen the previous films or not. As long as you can accept its more silly moments, you’ll be blown away.

If you need more convincing, check out my full Furious 7 review, or see my “Battle of the Sevens” post where I compare Furious 7 to both Rocky 7 (Creed) and Star War Episode 7.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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