My Quick Thoughts on Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2

Probably my most anticipated film of 2016, Captain America: Civil War just keeps looking better and better. As an avid Marvel movie fan, I am always looking forward to the next big Marvel outing. This is especially true in this case as everything is clearly starting to turn ugly in the MCU. You know things are going down when everyone, and I mean everyone, is coming to kick ass and take names. And that’s solidified with this final trailer for Civil War.

Before I tackle the obvious spider in the room, I want to quickly discuss the other 90% of the trailer. Had you not seen the trailer and have no idea what I’m talking about even now that images are going viral, watch the above video before reading further.

We got a lot of new footage this time around, but nothing too revealing outside of one or two trump cards we knew the movie had. I love how while the first trailer focused on the film as a Captain America movie, the focus this time around was this film as a Marvel production. The trailer’s main focus was the spat between Iron Man and Cap. It’s all about the touchiness and scale of this debate and how far these people are willing to go to defend their freedom and/or the safety of others.

What Marvel and Civil War has over DC and Batman v Superman is a point of controversy. Nothing against BvS, but I think Civil War has a more captivating motive for conflict than BvS. That’s because there is no truly wrong side between Team Cap or Team Iron Man, and this is prominently shown in this trailer. Both have noble intentions with Iron Man seeking the diplomatic route and Cap choosing the human rights route. One is trying to save lives by leaving the decision out of their hands while the other is trying to save lives by taking action when necessary. It’s a fascinating debate that I can’t wait to embark on.

This felt a lot more like an Avengers trailer than a Captain America trailer, and I think that’s to counteract the previous trailer which was more of the opposite. Like I said, Cap was the primary focus in the first trailer, but not so much this time. He has just as much screetime as Iron Man if not less. I believe this was a necessary step for the film’s promotion. Not only does it make for a well-rounded trailer with broader appeal than what would be for a Captain America movie, but to show that this is in a way Iron Man’s movie, too.

I wonder if this will be similar to that of Thor: Rangnarok’s promotional material, since Thor will be sharing the movie with the Hulk. Only time will tell, but if they do keep that format of one Thor-centered trailer and one Avengers-centered trailer, I’ll be cool with it.

If I had any criticism for this trailer, it would be their handling of Black Panther. Technically he’s all over both of these trailers, but I find that he’s not given a attention-grabbing part in either trailer; especially compared to the other new character being introduced in this movie. It’s a nitpick, but one that unfortunately leaves many non-comic readers in the dark about him until the movie finally comes out. Again, this doesn’t take away from the trailer at all, and at least he has a presence in the trailer. I guess all we need to know is that he’s dangerous and has it out for Bucky.

This trailer had two stand-out moments. One huge moment which doubles as a potential spoiler is Iron Patriot getting shot out of the sky assumedly by Bucky. And this is the reason Rhodey was on the ground in Tony’s arms in the first trailer… This doesn’t exactly look good for Rhodey’s chances of living. We already were speculating that he was going to die, but does this prove that he does die? I’m going to say no. I highly doubt Marvel would reveal one of their character’s death this soon. Had this been a confirmation of Rhodey’s death, Marvel reps would’ve already said it in conversation. The fact that they aren’t means that this is a potential misdirection. Don’t count him out just yet, speculators.

And then… Holy crap it’s Spider-Man! Jesus Christ, that’s amazing! Look at him, he’s… kinda cartoony, but still! Spider-Man!

Those who were with me for a while know that I was endlessly hyped when Spider-Man was announced for the MCU. (In fact, that same reaction post was made exactly one year and one month ago today). Spider-Man is my favorite superhero for those who don’t know, and all I’ve wanted for a while was to see Spidey alongside the likes of Captain America and the like. And here he finally is showing his face and yanking Captain America’s shield from above him.

A couple things about this display of awesomeness. First, excellent entrance and introduction. It tells us just enough about him and his involvement in the Civil War. We know that he’s on Iron Man’s side, or more like his trump card against Captain America. We reaffirm his young age in comparison to the other heroes, and get a brief taste of his wit. We also know that he’s at least a little skilled at this point, which will make for excellent fight scenes with Spidey.

Okay, I dragged this out long enough. What do I think of his costume?


At first, I wasn’t digging it. I wasn’t expecting him to look so animated. He’s by far the most vibrant of all the heroes in this movie, even compared to Captain America, Iron Man and Ant-Man. I was actually expecting something in between the designs of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield; the best of both suits’ qualities so to speak. And sure, this is kind of close to Maguire’s suit, but it leans a little towards, honestly, the Electric Company’s version. Just a little bit.


However, the more I got to looking at it, the more used to it I’m becoming. I’m a lot more accepting of it now than I was previously, especially when helped by another comparion I was shown:


Like it or not, this is the closest design to the comics than any other version, particularly in the most controversial part of the costume: the eyes. They auto-adjust similar to what would happen in the comics (I’ve been told). This is probably complements of Tony Stark for joining his team, but I’m just speculating. The point is I see what they were going for.

Either way, I can now confidently say I like Spidey’s look for now. I’m sure that when we see it in action, all of out worries will disappear. Or hey, maybe this will be a similar case to Captain America’s suit, which started out ridiculous looking but then got an upgrade. Only time will tell. I’m just glad to see him here.

Ironically, this puts me in a pretty awkward position. Being a Team Cap guy myself, I am now forced to root against my favorite superhero. I can’t fully win can I?

So I believe that’s everything I have to say about this trailer. Overall, I’d say this is one of Marvel’s best made trailers in a while. I can’t wait to not only see it but to let you guys know how much I loved it when the time comes.

What did you guys think of the new trailer, of Rhodey’s chances of survival or of Spider-Man’s inclusion in the movie? Let me know in the comments, because I love discussing these things with you guys!

Before I go, I also wanted to publicly acknowledge that this is the 200th post on The Ranting SBox blog! Thank you to everyone who has ever given my content and my blog the time of day. I love making posts for you guys and engaging with whoever comes across my stuff, and I hope to continue for as long as the world can tolerate me.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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