My Thoughts on Nintendo Direct (3/3/16)


It’s time for another Nintendo Direct. It’s been quite some time since the last Direct and quite some time since we had any Nintendo news that wasn’t NX rumors and speculation. In this Direct, which many consider a bit of a let-down, we basically got a roundup of Wii U and 3DS games coming in the first half and even end of 2016. I personally liked the presentation even though there wasn’t too many big announcements. But what they did announce was enough to hold me over until their undoubtedly huge show at E3.

As always, I’ll go over most of the announcements from the Direct and give my brief thoughts on each. I won’t go over everything, because I wasn’t interested in everything from the show. If you want a full list of announcements from the Direct, check out this page.

The first game shown was Star Fox Zero, which has a concrete release date of April 22. Hell yeah! The gameplay shown off looks as fun as always. As for new information, Miyamoto showed off that each level has secret paths which allow for multiple ways to complete the game. Amiibo compatibility will exist in the game with features including an Arwing pallet change. Pretty nifty announcements for a game I’m already excited about.

Star Fox Zero will be sold in two formats: either standalone or bundled with a second game. That game is Star Fox Guard, a new game based on one of Miyamoto’s Wii U tech demos from years ago. It looks cool, but not my kind of game. I will give it a shot if the bundle’s price is right.

They touched on Pokken Tournament again. While there’s nothing new to report here, I will once again express how excited I am to give this game a shot. And the best thing about it is that it’ll be here in time for my birthday.

There were some updates for Splatoon which I don’t care about, but also for Super Mario Maker which I do care about. Mario Maker will include a couple new tool options including extending Thwomp pillars and key implementation (like in Super Mario Bros 2). Pretty cool additions that will make uploaded levels that much more interesting.

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games was shown for a little bit… and no one cared ever. Next! (Call me when Nintendo and Sega make something cool like a crossover platformer).

Here’s something interesting: A new Paper Mario! Paper Mario Color Splash is the fifth Paper Mario game and will- you guessed it- have emphasis on colors. As a person who isn’t into turn-based RPG’s, I’ll admit I always for some reason loved Paper Mario. I love Thousand Year Door, so I can’t wait to play this when it comes out. This was one of two big announcements from the Direct.

Tokyo Mirage Session #FE, a weird game that I think is an Atlus RPG based around J-Pop stars. Not gonna lie, I’m a little intrigued. When I get a bit more information, I’ll be glad to see if this game is for me or not.

The last Wii U announcement was a free-to-play Namco title called Lost Reavers. To what I understand, it’s a third person action puzzler where you and your online team hunt for treasure in a variety of maps. I want to try it out since this game has an open beta in the beginning of April. It looks fun provided there’s in-game chat… it’s sad that I even have to hope for that in 2016.

There was some amiibo news, the only one I somewhat care about being Mini Mario and Friends Amiibo Challenge. This free game on Wii U and 3DS will be a decent little time-waster. There was another amiibo announcement worth mentioning, but I’ll save that for later.

One question I’ve been asking for almost a year was, “What’s going to to replace Club Nintendo?” Well we got our answer, and its name is My Nintendo. We don’t know too much about it, but it’ll incentivize you for “interacting with Nintendo products” as they put it. Whether that means actually playing the games or just buying them is unclear. I signed up today and will be looking forward to learning more when information comes my way.

And the rest of the show covered 3DS games, starting strangely with the Virtual Console. Starting today, you can now download SNES games on your 3DS game of which we already know nine of them. Need I explain more about how much ass this news kicks? No? Okay, next!

They talked about Fire Emblem Fates and their third storyline Revelations in which you can “Refuse to choose a side”. This news isn’t for me, as I’ve yet to try Fire Emblem. Hopefully this news is huge for other people, though.

Dragon Quest VII is being remade for 3DS, and I once again can’t comment on it due to not playing Dragon Quest before.

Bravely Second: End Layer, another game I don’t care about. However, I will wholeheartedly applaud this game’s collector’s edition. That artbook is huge!

Disney Art Academy. Yawn!

Okay, here’s a little something: Hyrule Warriors Legends. While I’m not getting this game due to already owning it on Wii U, I do like that if you do buy Legends, you can transfer those new characters to the Wii U version. That’s pretty cool!

Monster Hunter Generations looks really fun. I probably won’t buy it until I finish Monster Hunter 3 on Wii U, but I can’t say this doesn’t look fun.

Rhythm Heaven Megamix, another series I never played, but does look at least a little fun. Rhythm games are cool if you get the right one, so I might actually try this.

For those of you bored halfway through the Direct, here’s a game with horse sex in it. Pocket Card Jockey is Game Freak’s newest game where you race horses, whose speed depend on your performance in solitaire. And yes, you can breed the horses. Not a game I’m adamant about, but one that looks interesting enough after a sale.

I just remembered I wanted to play the first Azure Striker Gunvolt game when I saw its sequel in this Direct. And now that it’s discounted, I just might.

I give props to this Nintendo Direct for having the balls to talk about Metroid Prime: Federation Force again. I think they handled the showcase pretty well, all things considered. I’m still not buying the game, but I do think this showing made people a little less mad about it now. Now let’s just hope Prime 4 is a NX launch title.

And last but not least, Kirby: Planet Robobot. I didn’t think I’d be intersted in another Kirby game, but I am. Why? Because this game has frickin mechs in it and that’s pure excellence! This just may be the greatest thing to happen to Kirby ever. Yes playable Meta Knight on Wii was pretty cool, but this… wow! I’m in.

With the announcement of this Kirby game also came the unveiling of the newest amiibo line-up. This line-up will include remodeled Kirby, Meta Knight and King Dedede figures as well as the first Waddledee amiibo. They look really cool, and I may pick up Kirby at the very least.

All in all, this was a decent show by Nintendo. I can understand being underwhelmed by the Direct, since there wasn’t that much to it. But depending on what you were looking for from the event, you’ll find that this was a pretty good appetizer for what’s to come at E3.

Do you agree? Let me know in the comments what you thought of the show and what some of your highlights were.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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