My 2015 Movies: The Wedding Ringer (#14)


January gets a bad rep, rightfully so, of housing some of the crappiest films of the year. So, while others look to January with contempt, I welcome it gladly. That’s because in mid-January of every year for the past couple of years a new Kevin Hart film releases. I’m actually a huge Kevin Hart fan, so I along with my family made it a point to make Wedding Ringer our first film of the year. And what a way to start 2015!

Doug is getting ready to marry his girlfriend named Gretchen. All is going well until he realizes he doesn’t have a best man. With no friends or family in his life to fill that role, Doug discovers one final option: hire his best man. He seeks out “The Base Man”, a secret best man for hire named Jimmy, who Doug hires to be his imaginary long-time friend, Bic Mitchum. According to Jimmy, though, Doug is a very challenging case known as a “Golden Tusk” (be Doug’s best man, attend all of his events, and provide seven groomsmen all without being caught by Gretchen’s family). He reluctantly agrees.

To what I understand, this movie wasn’t well received critically, and I don’t really get why. I thought the movie was funny, the premise was well-executed for the most part, and the comedic chemistry among actors was strong. However, I’m a fan of Kevin Hart’s humor style. This may make-or-break this movie for a lot of people. You have to either like or accept Kevin Hart’s comedy to enjoy this film. Do that, and you’re in for a treat.

Personally, I find comedies pretty difficult to discuss, because I don’t like giving away a film’s jokes. So without getting too into it, this film was a riot from beginning to end. I truly mean that, because I remember being in a packed theater on opening weekend where everyone was laughing non-stop. The joke variety is pretty well balanced here, with instances of performance comedy, sarcasm, situational humor, (occasional) toilet humor, and fast-paced banter. This gives a film a pretty wide comedic range, and therefore a low barrier of entry to get into it.

The story isn’t anything special, but it’s a good concept that makes for a serviceable story. It’s engaging even in this film’s most cliche moments and does a good job never being dull. It also has a good flow and pace. I once heard someone say this film goes downhill after the halfway point, but I liked the second half fine. This is a story that’s almost 100% character-driven, and I love those kinds of stories for comedies.

Which brings me to my favorite aspect of this film: the performances. Our comedic duo is Kevin Hart as Jimmy and Josh Gad as Doug. These two work off each other incredibly well, and no one can deny that. Kaley Cuoco is also great as Doug’s fiance, Gretchen. Admittedly, I wish she was given more jokes to say, but she still does a good job. And all the supporting actors from Gretchen’s family to the groomsmen and beyond were all great as well.

I can see how this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this was my favorite comedy of the year. I’d highly recommend this to anyone as long as you like the concept and the main actors. It’s fast-paced, consistently funny and an overall good time.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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