My 2015 Movies: The Peanuts Movie (#15)


Each year, and especially this one, the Oscar nomination list is met with some form of controversy. That’s because snubs are inevitable. Among other notable snubs for this year were Straight Outta Compton for Best Picture and Will Smith for Best Lead Actor. But to me, there was no bigger snub than that of The Peanuts Movie not being nominated for Best Animated Film. Well for what it’s worth, at least it gets my award for best animated film of the year.

Nothing ever went right for Charlie Brown. He isn’t liked by many of the neighborhood kids, and all of his plans go haywire. But he decides to change that one day when an interesting Little Red-Haired Girl moves to town, who he quickly develops a crush on. With a chance at a clean slate, Charlie Brown makes it his mission to impress her in a variety of ways. Who knows? Maybe then he’ll have enough courage to introduce himself.

When the film was announced and before we had any clue what it would look or be like, you couldn’t put my expectations any lower. Unfortunately in today’s adaptation-heavy industry, you have to anticipate the many ways a company can mess something up. Then the trailers started surfacing. The animation style put me at a ease a bit, as it wasn’t typical CG. All that was left was to actually give it a chance, and it blew me away.

Reason #1 of why Blue Sky Studios is bae: They didn’t try modernizing or bastadizing the Peanuts. You can mess with a lot of properties and get away with it. But anyone who tries to ruin the fundamentals of what makes Peanuts wholesome and wonderful would have to be burned alive by me. I don’t have to do that, though. The way they handled everything from the story and setting is quintessential Peanuts.

The story is a combination of old Peanuts scenarios and classic tropes. While that may sound uninspired, I think it was best to stick to the stories that made the Peanuts classic in the first place. It helps achieve the Peanuts’ wholesome and funny nature. The film also achieves a sense of timelessness. The setting, similar to the original Peanuts cartoons, is made so that it can take place anywhere and at anytime. There are no pop culture references or out-of place pop songs. It was the right way to go in all honesty.

And I also can’t say enough nice things about the animation. It captures the look and feel of the Peanuts, while also achieving a sense of modernism. The film is CG, but it’s animated in such a way that it appears 2D instead of 3D. They even went as far as to match the frame rate with that of the old cartoons. It’s not your average CGI, and that gives the movie its stylistic edge over other animated films in the past few years.

Really, what makes this film so good is that Blue Sky went out of their way to make this film right. It’s those small and subtle touches throughout that makes it feel like one long Peanuts special. It’s a love letter to fans of the show (aka everyone) and a treat for whoever decides to give it a shot.

If you need more convincing, click here for my full review of the movie.

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4 thoughts on “My 2015 Movies: The Peanuts Movie (#15)”

  1. As an old guy with a young child, I was hesitant about this one after growing up with A Charlie Brown Christmas and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Your review has convinced me to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

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