My 2015 Movies: Tomorrowland (#16)


In all honesty, this is the entry I dreaded writing about the most. It’s not because I have a controversial opinion of it or that I didn’t like it, but because it’s so hard to talk about. So if the synopsis makes no sense, just know that I tried my best.

Based on the Disney theme park attraction, Tomorrowland is a separate dimension where technology and imagination can thrive. Very few people know about it or are even allowed to enter, but those who do emit very specific qualities. Qualities that Casey Newton happens to have. When Casey touches a pin she found one day, she gets a glimpse Tomorrowland. Determined to know what she saw, she enlists the help of inventor Frank Walker to get some answers and enter Tomorrowland.

If my description seems a tad vague, that’s intentional. This is one of those movies that rely on mystery, or at least that’s how the film was built up. Even if I were to give you a revealing synopsis, it’ll take too long to explain. That’s because this movie has one of the most original stories I’ve seen in years.

Each year, there’s always that one film that tries to reinvent the wheel, and Tomorrowland was that film last year. It defies traditional storytelling and cliches almost entirely. This could be a dangerous direction to go, but Brad Bird knew what he was doing. The result was a refreshingly original tale about a wonderland where anything is possible. Sure that doesn’t sound new, but the originality comes from how the story is told rather than what the story is. For the purposes of this countdown, I won’t go much further.

The only downside I have regarding the story is that it gets too complicated for its own good at times. This isn’t a problem for a majority of the movie, but it becomes prevalent towards the third act. In fact the overall direction the film takes around the third act is a bit of a let down. It gets kinda preachy and draws itself out with unneeded exposition. However, I still wouldn’t call it a bad ending.

Alongside the film’s creative storytelling, it also makes creative use of CG and set-pieces. Tomorrowland as a place is beautiful, reminiscent of a futuristic Oz. The technology presented throughout the film is out-of-the-box and awesome; especially the weapon design. Action scenes are fun, often fast-paced and excellently choreographed. The film’s visual style walks the fine-line between vibrant and reserved which I like.

And then you have the acting. I can’t name a bad performance in this film, though the only ones you’ll fully remember are the three leads: Britt Robertson, George Clooney and Raffey Cassidy. All three pull off excellent performances and work off each other well. My hat goes off especially to Cassidy, who for her age provides the most impressive performance of the three. Though that doesn’t diminish the awesome contributions of all the actors here.

I can understand how people wouldn’t like this movie, but I can appreciate it for trying to be different. And in my mind, the film was one of the most brilliant films of the year. Don’t judge it too quickly. Give it a chance and maybe you’ll like it as much as I do.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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