My 2015 Movies: Entourage (#18)


Up until a few months ago, the only person in my house who had seen the Entourage series was my dad. Once he saw that this movie was coming, he convinced me and my family to give the show a try. We ended up marathoning the show in a little over a month. Literally, we saw this movie right after we saw the series finale. Sure it got mixed to negative buzz, but we were to into the show to care. And we ended up walking out with a smile on our faces and an heir of satisfaction.

Like the show, Entourage follows a movie star named Vincent (Vinny) Chase and the childhood friends he hangs around with at all times: his friend/manager Eric (E), his other friend/driver Sal (Turtle), and his older less successful brother Johnny (Drama). The unofficial fifth member of Vinny’s group is his successful, anger-stricken, outspoken agent Ari Gold, who recently became a studio head. The film starts eight months after the events of Season 8. Vinny is given a new film under Ari’s studio where Vinny will both act and direct. When the film goes overbudget, Ari must appeal to the film’s producer and his annoying son.

This is my second time talking about this movie since its release. In my full review of this film, I pointed out that this movie is flawed but enjoyable depending on who you are. I still stand by much of what I said there. Seeing the film again recently solidified my opinion that this film is competent and enjoyable for what it is.

This movie is one you will love or hate immediately. Much of it’s negative reviews stemmed from the humor style which the show carries over from the show. It’s very profane, sexually-charged, “bro-humor” as I’d like to call it. Not all the jokes are this way, but this is the most prominent humor type here. This is why many people will dismiss the movie and its characters as misogynistic and douchey.

I can’t convince you to find the film funny, but I can say that if those jokes bother or offend you this movie isn’t for you. This is for people who can handle those kind of jokes- mainly the Entourage fanbase.

Entourage fans will be right at home here. Between the returning characters and the theme song sequence (yes, this movie has a theme song sequence), everything that made the show fun and addicting is back in full force. And just in case it’s been a while since you’ve seen the show, they recap everything in the beginning.

The biggest flaw I can say about this movie lays in its structure. This doesn’t give off the vibe of being one cohesive movie. It feels much more like four separate episodes duct-taped together. It’s not a horrible way to go about an Entourage movie, but the lack of cohesion makes the plot appear more hectic than it actually is. Also, the cameos in this film come off as forced. I mean much more forced than in the show.

Is this movie for everyone? No. This film is much more for Entourage fans than any other demographic. Even when I complain about the format, if you think of it more like a Season 9 than a cohesive film, it’s much better. Non-followers of the original show have a 50/50 chance of liking this movie. Avoid this film like the plague if you hate the show. If you’re looking to get into the show, I recommend watching the show first.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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