My 2015 Movies: The SpongeBob Movie – Sponge Out of Water (#21)


As a kid, I was a huge fan of SponegBob, and I still am to an extent today. Like many people my age and older, my favorite episodes came from the first four seasons which really hold up. People give the new seasons a hard time for extremely valid reasons, but it’s still possible to find diamonds in the rough. Unfortunately, you’ll have to sit through the other 90% of constant slapstick and toilet humor to get there. The current state of SponegBob made me eerie of sitting through a second movie. I did end up seeing it out of curiosity, and rejoiced in the fact that this movie was as good as it was.

Antonio Banderes is a pirate reading a book about SpongeBob to talking seagulls. (Don’t ask, just accept). On an average day in Bikini Bottom, Plankton tries yet again to steal the Krabby Patty formula from Mr. Krabs. During one of his attempts where SpongeBob tries to stop him, the formula mysteriously vanishes from both of their hands. The formula’s disappearance brings Bikini Bottom to pandemonium. With the whole town going crazy and no clue where the the formula may be, SponegBob and Plankton try to find the secret formula through the power of “tee-amwork”.

Putting this movie above Inside Out didn’t seem right to me. I watched it again to make sure, and I’m pretty confident in my decision. It’s not the best animated movie of the year by any means. But it’s fun and that’s all I needed.

What I feared was walking into a movie filled with gross-out humor and SponegBob’s annoying traits being mistaken for charm. However, this took a lot of notes from the original seasons that were so enjoyable. You get the best of both worlds here. The blend of clever jokes from the early seasons mixed with the balls to the wall tone of new really works. A lot of the humor comes from the situations, best described as nonsense done right, and the animation.

The trailers have great emphasis on the above-water, CG scenes. If that’s giving you Smurf or Chipmunks vibes, fear not. Those CG scenes account for 20% of the movie. The other 80% is traditional hand-drawn animation. No disrespect to the CG scenes which are great, but when traditional animation is as rare as it is nowadays, it’s refreshing to see. The animation itself is just like the show, just with a higher budget. It’s quite frankly beautiful even when what it’s showing is outlandish and trippy.

The story is very basic and formulaic to the show, but it’ll never bore you. It goes in weird directions that will keep the entire family invested, even if it’s because you’re trying comprehend why there’s a giant dolphin in space. It takes a meta approach that keeps it from being straightforward. They accomplish this with the Antonio Banderes scenes which are admittedly kinda weak. Though, they do make the story interesting. That’s reason enough for me to like them.

I’m so happy to say this movie was good. The last thing I wanted was for this movie to be garbage, but Nickelodeon brought their A game (for once). If you’re a parent whose kids love SponegBob, an older fan with nostalgia for SpongeBob, or someone with access to hallucinogens (you’ll thank me later), this movie is for you.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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