My 2015 Movies: Pitch Perfect 2 (#24)


Chick flicks are a sensitive subject for us guys. We don’t discuss it much, but it’s an unwritten fact of life that while there are many chick flicks we’re bound to hate, there are exceptions to the rule. It’s hard to describe which ones men are allowed to openly enjoy, but I believe the key commonality is that none of them have love as their central theme. We don’t do love triangles and melodrama. Oh, and the movies have to be funny. Those are the reasons guys like Mean Girls, Clueless and Pitch Perfect. And now we can add Pitch Perfect 2 to the list.

Three years after the Barden Bellas won the ICCA championships, they’re on top of the world. That all changed one day during a performance for the President where Fat Amy had a wardrobe malfunction on stage. The world now hates the Bellas and are suspended from the ICCA’s. The only chance the Bellas have to be reinstated is to win the World Championship of A Capella, which is a worldwide acapella competition. No American group has ever won the championship, though. The Bellas recruit their one new member and strive to get ready for the competition.

Is this movie better than the first one? In some ways yes. I consider this movie at least on par with the first one. That being said, let me discuss my stance on the first film real quick.

I thought Pitch Perfect was a decent film. My sister was obsessed with the movie, and I can see why. Me, I liked it, but I wouldn’t want to see it too often. The story was fine, it had a lot of good jokes, entertaining characters and charm. The music is impressive and makes for exciting scenes, but it’s not like I’m in love with the covers. I feel about the same way about Pitch Perfect 2, perhaps even saying it’s a bit better.

It’s to be noted that these films are comedies. The plot is oftentimes not the main draw of these movies; the jokes are. For this movie, I think the story matters just a bit more here than it did the first film. Their position this time around has a big effect on the sequence of events throughout the movie. Nothing wrong with that, though, especially since the story isn’t bad. Just standard.

The humor is where this movie shines. I thought this movie was a great time. Sure, it’s hit and miss at times, but most of them work and none of the running jokes outstay their welcome. Where the bulk of the jokes lay is in these characters who remain the single best part of this series. Fat Amy, Bumper, the two commentators, all these characters are still hilarious. And this movie has Key in it, who makes everything better.

The acapella scenes are also to be admired. They’re high-energy, fun and even intense at times. I think the international approach was a major benefit to this movie. You see different styles, mainly those from the German group, which is just what the film needed to stand out from its predecessor.

I had a good time with Pitch Perfect 2. It’s not the best comedy by any means, but it’s exactly what it needed to be- something worth watching if you like the first one.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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