My 2015 Movies: The Last Witch Hunter (#27)


Some of you might be asking if we’re out of the middle-ground yet. Yes, we’re almost there. One final movie and then we can talk about movies I really liked. And what better way to lead into that category than with The Last Witch Hunter?

Vinn Diesel plays a witch hunter from the Middle Ages. On a hunt for the witch who caused the Black Plague and caused the death of his family, Kaulder successfully defeats the witch. In doing so, Kaulder is cursed with immortal life. 800 years pass and Kaulder continues to hunt and find witches, particularly of the evil category. (He only kills the evil ones and scolds the innocent ones). When confronted with the murder of his friend, he goes on a journey to find the witch responsible.

Is this a good movie. Absolutely not! This film has a lot of problems from writing to effects to acting. But hell if I said I wasn’t entertained watching this movie.

This is one of those movies that dances with both sides of the coin. You know that this film is technically bad, but you’re having a lot of fun with how ridiculous it is at the same time. To me, a movie can be considered good if it knows what it wants to be and succeeds in that area. If this movie was trying to be just a dumb action movie, it succeeds.

Let’s tackle the downsides first. The story has a good concept and bad execution. I wouldn’t call the story bad, because it goes in directions that, in a good movie, would be fantastic. Even the order of events seems to fit. The problem is how it’s presented to us. It chooses to take itself too seriously. Had this movie been striving to be just fun and riveting, it would work. You know, kinda like what Fast & Furious does (or, let’s be honest, did). Even when Fast & Furious takes itself seriously, its uplifting tone maintains the movies’ fun feel. That’s what this movie bad and Furious 7 good.

Let’s also not forget the CGI. It’s not that the effects are ugly. This movie’s use of colors is impressive and beautiful. It’s just not used in a way that’s believable. Your mind does get used to it after a while, but it takes time.

However, there’s a reason this movie isn’t too low on the list. Despite all of my complaints, it’s utter ridiculousness and cheese is what makes this worth revisiting. I’ve talked about how this movie’s story is poorly executed, but it’s done in such a way that you have to love it. There are two types of bad stories: ones that fail to captivate and ones that fail to achieve. This movie is of that second category. It doesn’t come off the way it wants to, but it’s not a boring story. I was totally invested in Vin Diesel and Elijah Wood going on adventures and hunting witches. I was into the action scenes. I was into most of the characters. Even if all of the above are technically bad, it’s hard not to be invested.

In short, this movie is so bad it’s good. If for any reason you come across this movie for free, it’s worth the watch for the hell of it.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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