My 2015 Movies: Hotel Transylvania 2 (#28)


The first Hotel Transylvania blew me away when I first saw it. It was very clever, funny and creative with a good story and lots of charm. I personally don’t understand all the hate it gets. Maybe people threw it under the bus strictly for Adam Sandler’s presence. Or maybe they just weren’t into family friendly movies. Either way, I still enjoyed it and couldn’t wait to see where they went from there.

Since Mavis and Johnny’s marriage in the last film, the two continue to live in Hotel Transylvania with Dracula, and the monsters live in harmony with humans. Mavis and Johnny eventually have a child named Dennis who is half human and half vampire. Unfortunately, Dennis has yet to grow his fangs, meaning he may be fully human. To make matters worse, Mavis is considering moving out of the hotel to keep Dennis out of harm. So, Drac and the gang take Dennis on a trip which they think will make him grow his fangs and convince Mavis to stay.

This is a good movie with many of the first film’s original qualities. It has the same great performances, stellar animation and general charm. Is it better than the first film? No. At least to me this was a step down.

What I liked about the first Hotel Transylvania is the comedy. Those jokes were on point. While it is still a kid’s movie, it had a good amount of edge to it. This of course makes sense since your working with monsters who are supposed to have threatening qualities. It’s one of those situations where Sandler’s mean-spirited humor really shines. That combines with Genndy Tartakovsky’s direction made that film hilarious.

In Hotel Transylvania 2, that’s missing. Whereas the first one had clever jokes with a few gags, the second one has gags with a few clever jokes. It comes off more corny than anything else. That might be because Drac and Johnny’s comedic chemistry is limited this time around, but it can also be boiled down to a story that doesn’t call for as many funny situations.

The story isn’t as simple as the last movie which might be a plus in some regards. However, it suffers from being too predictable and bland. I was into the story for the first two-thirds. By act three, the story fell apart a bit. It goes in a direction that felt more like an excuse to make the movie longer; and that part wasn’t even that funny.

Don’t think that I hate this movie, though. It still has a lot going for it. While the comedy doesn’t speak to me (an 18 year old), I can see this film being a laugh riot for children 12 and younger. This isn’t a bad story, either. Very interesting concepts that will keep your attention. And then there are the things that have no flaws to them, like the animation style and voice acting. Anyone who immediately judges this film for Sandler’s presence should know that these are seamless performances. You can’t tell who the actor/actress is unless you look it up. That goes also for Steve Buscemi, Selena Gomez, Cee-Lo Green and the rest of the cast.

This movie is worth seeing if you were a fan of the first or have kids to entertain. It’s a decent movie. I just personally found it inferior to the first one.

This is our second Sandler movie on this list (the first being Ridiculous 6). There is one left which I’ll get to eventually, so stay tuned.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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