My 2015 Movies: Home (#30)


I didn’t have a Dreamworks movie on the countdown last time. Didn’t want to see Mr. Peabody & Sherman, never saw the first How to Train Your Dragon, and I saw Penguins of Madagascar in 2015. This year I made it a priority to see the only Dreamworks movie out.

It looked promising from the trailers. Just the fact that Jim Parsons was in it sold me. Looked cute and had a couple good jokes. While this film didn’t blow me away, I still found it a very fun movie.

An alien race called the Boov, on the run from another more hostile race of aliens called the Gorg, discover a suitable hiding place populated by a supposedly simple race. They commence a friendly takeover of this planet, Earth, moving the humans to certain parts of the world while they move in. Everything was going smoothly for the Boov until one Boov named Oh made a colossal mistake. Intending on sending a mass text to all the Boov for a housewarming party, he accidentally sends the invite to the Gorg. Oh is now wanted. He eventually meets a teenage girl named Tip, the only human who escaped relocation. The two work together in order to locate where Tip’s mother was relocated to.

This was a cute movie with a nice story and simple concept. People like to compare Dreamworks to Pixar, rightfully so, but I think what separates them is their approach. Pixar tries to be the great film while Dreamworks tries to be the fun movie. Instead of trying to be technically brilliant, Dreamworks aims to be the movie you have a good time seeing. Home is no exception.

The best part of this movie is the character of Oh, played by Jim Parsons of Big Bang Theory fame. His voice and character fit the lovable, happy-go-lucky, weirdo alien really well. It’s a fish out of water type character that many can get behind. On that same note, Rihanna does a great job as Tip. She’s highly relatable and likable protagonist. She certainly gives the most emotional performance.

The art style is also fantastic. Very vibrant and colorful for a Dreamworks movie. The Boov race does allow for a lot of cool looking animations: the changing colors, squishy quality, exaggerated expressions, etc. Dreamworks’ usually takes a realistic approach to their human characters which is still present here, but interacts well with the Boov characters.

You might be wondering why this movie ranks this low on the list. It’s of no fault of the movie, and I do like it. It’s just that I personally found the movie somewhat forgettable. I know I’ve said this a lot the past couple entries, but it’s true. While funny, this movie has few lasting jokes. I legitimately forgot I saw this movie. Granted, when I did remember it, I remembered it fondly. I also remembered that I liked it fine. Though, as far as Dreamworks movies go, this one is a bit weaker than their other films.

I think this movie is definitely worth seeing with your children. You’ll all have a good time and laugh throughout. Maybe it’ll stick with you better than me. For the purposes of this list, however, this is where it stands.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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