My 2015 Movies: The Divergent Series – Insurgent (#31)


I was surprised how much I enjoyed the first Divergent in 2014. It wasn’t the love story with occasional action and a Twilight-style tone I thought it was going to be. The film told a compelling story and told it well. I liked it so much, in fact, that I was really looking forward to what the next film would bring to the table. I’d consider it a step down, but still watchable.

Following the events of Divergent, our heroes now exist outside the walls of the faction city. The Divergents are being hunted down by the Erudite leader, Jeanine, who intends on using them to open a five-sided box which holds data capable of either supporting or destroying the faction system. Only a Divergent can open the box, and a specific kind of one at that.

The story is still consistently captivating. It’s an interesting concept that goes in good directions. Our characters are well realize and three dimensional. I don’t recall myself hating any of the characters unless the story calls for me to hate them. For example, Miles Teller’s character has to be annoying and unlikable because that’s his character.

This film is also beautiful. The technology that exists in this world allows for great visual possibilities. That VR type machine they hook the Divergents into to open the box, that’s where you’ll notice the quality in this film’s effects. In addition, the fight scenes are well-done and intense. Heck, the action scenes are the funnest parts of this movie.

Notice I mentioned this being a step down, at least for me. What separates Insurgent from Divergent is its memorability. Whether or not you liked the first film, the story at least sticks with you to a point. I remember how the general story goes and can recall key events. Writing this overview right now, I struggled remembering what occurred in this movie. I even forgot how the movie ended until I had my memory jogged. Once I remembered the whole box concept, I instantly remembered everything. However, this should speak to the effect this movie leaves on the viewer.

This is just my view of this film. I hear a lot of people say this was an improvement over the first film. I can see why. This film is much more action-packed than the first, giving it more of a fun vibe. I’d be on that side, too, if only I remembered much of the action.

Would I recommend seeing is? Sure. Provided you like the first one there’s no reason you won’t like this one.

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