My 2015 Movies: Get Hard (#32)


As I said last time, the rest of these movies won’t be too much on the negative side. There are three phases to this countdown: movies I wouldn’t see again, movies I would see again, and the few in the middle-ground. Middle-ground films aren’t bad, but my chances of watching them again are slim. We’re in that period as of right now.

Get Hard stars Will Ferrell as a wealthy, snobby businessman. Everything was working out for him until he is falsely accused of fraud. He is sentenced to jail with just a couple weeks to get his affairs in order. He meets Kevin Hart, a common-man who washes Ferrell’s car. Convinced that Hart has been to jail previously, Ferrell is prepared to pay him for “jail training”. Once Ferrell goes to jail, he wants to be ready. Despite not being an ex con, Hart agrees for the money and attempts to train him.

This movie does have a great concept, and even the story is competent. Ferrell and Hart have great comedic chemistry, and both have a good amount of time to shine here. As for humor, the movie has its moments. The method of which they simulate prison life for Ferrell is humorous. I remember laughing a lot throughout the movie. This of course has to do with me being a fan of these two actors.

My problem with Get Hard is very simple: I don’t remember much about it. As I was writing the synopsis above, my memory was slowly being jogged. Even then I still don’t recall much of what was said or the majority of its jokes. This movie simply didn’t stick with me. This doesn’t mean the movie is bad. It just means that it’s only funny in the moment. The absence of a stand-out joke can sink a good comedy unfortunately. That’s why the film is ranked a bit on the low side.

Had I seen more bad movies this year, this movie wouldn’t appear as low as it does. It’s not your fault, Get Hard. It’s just that you are one of a lot of decent and good films I saw this year.

This was one of two 2015 films for both of these two actors, and I think this was the lesser film for both of them. Ferrell is doing fine with Daddy’s Home, which I hear good things about. Can’t speak for that film unfortunately, but I can speak for Hart’s other 2015 film. We’ll discuss that another time.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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