My 2015 Movies: Paranormal Activity – The Ghost Dimension (#33)


I think I did a pretty good job in 2015 of heeding people’s warnings. I didn’t see many bad movies this year. Even this particular movie I didn’t despise, though it’s not that great of a film. So, this will be my final entry on the “negative” side.

Taking place sometime in the Paranormal Activity chronology (I couldn’t be bothered to look up the placement), we get the same frickin plot as always. This time it’s in 2013 with an upper-middle class family who notice some very strange activity occurring throughout the house. This phenomenon may or may not be linked to the young daughter’s “imaginary” friend Toby and these strange VHS tapes the father finds and watches. Could the tapes be linked to an alternate dimension out to get their daughter?

I honestly don’t remember too much about this movie, so this may be a bit unfair. I almost took this movie out of the countdown because of it. However, I decided I remembered enough to at least give a rough overview.

Did I like the movie first off? Not entirely. I wouldn’t see it again, but I am prepared to say this is one of the better Paranormal Activity movies I’ve seen in recent years. My history with Paranormal Activity is on and off. I never saw the first one besides a couple scenes. I saw 2 and 3, walked out of 4, never bothered with 5 and then we have this one. I thought I wouldn’t finish this one either, but I sat through.

The movie does suck you in at the beginning. I wasn’t going to finish, but I just couldn’t bring myself to leave the room. That’s more than I can say for 4. It’s probably because the family in this one is actually a bit more competent than previous families. The number of idiots here was narrowed down to about one. I never hated these characters.

I also thought this movie was well acted. I can at least say that’s been a consistent element of the series. The acting was never awful as far as I remember. In this particular case, I gotta give a major shout out to Ivy George, the actress who played the little girl. She was excellent… and sometimes scary. In fact the only scene that scared me had her in it. So, thumbs up.

Unfortunately, it’s Paranormal Activity. Most of the same problems that plagued previous films still remain. It relies on jump scares and nothing else. While it builds an interesting tone and story, it’s a note for note rehash of the same story. It’s structurally the same every time which adds to the neverending parade of unoriginality  this series constantly suffers from.

This film does at least try to be better in many regards. The concept of the ghost dimension is actually interesting. The way they incorporate the VHS tapes to what’s going on is actually unsettling (in a good way). However, as long as they stick to retelling the first film over and over again, this series can’t creatively move forward with those interesting concepts.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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