My 2015 Movies: Fantastic Four (#34)


As previously mentioned, we start our countdown in ascending order. Unfortunately for us, ascending order means worst first. Thus we start with my least favorite movie of the year.

Fantastic Four is the third attempt at bringing the famous Marvel comic to the big screen. In this rendition, our four heroes are recruited by a renowned scientist looking to create a teleportation device to an alternate dimension. Upon going to this alternate dimension, they are unintentionally infused with super powers and must team up to save the world from their former comrade, Doctor Doom.

By now, we all are aware how what could’ve been the interesting new take on this series, which hasn’t had much critical or financial success in previous films, turned into the single most notorious film of 2015. In addition, anyone who wanted to know about this film’s developmental drama between Josh Trank and Fox should know about it by now. And there are countless reviews telling you the laundry list of reasons you should avoid this movie.

Here’s the thing, though. I don’t think the movie was that bad. I most certainly don’t hate this movie like some people do. I’m not defending the movie by saying this, but I wouldn’t call it unwatchable.

Keep in mind, I watched this movie shortly after release when the bad press for this movie was at its strongest. My expectations were to the floor, and that’s probably the only way to enjoy this movie.

The film is bad, though, and that’s inescapable no matter where your expectations lay. Unfortunately, all of those problems exist in the writing. It’s clumsy, inconsistent and boring among other things. The story is very broken, especially in that joke of a final act. Character’s are one-note and unrealized, especially when discussing the villain, Doctor Doom T-100’s beta model with a scarf.

Above all, this film’s greatest sin is being so joyless. I get that they were going for a gritty and dark style, but they forgot the key to making even that type of movie work. The fun. Even The Dark Knight, a comic book movie which was also gritty and dark, was fun. The hero was charming, the villain was funny, the action scenes were fun. This is where Fantastic Four fails. It tries to be straight-laced and serious and nothing else. These aren’t blockbuster qualities, and that’s what makes this movie fail.

The result is an action movie with an identity crisis where nothing happens and there’s nothing to be invested in.

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